WEST Prep Celebrates Pharmacy Technician Day

This photo is Mrs. Jn Paul and her Pharm Tech 7 students celebrating Pharmacy Technician Day. Mrs. Jn Paul began our Pharm Tech program when Westwood High School transitioned into WEST Prep and this will be her first certified and employable class. These students will be completing a 7-course program in 4 years by having double block classes annually. The students have shown commitment and endurance and deserve this celebration with their teacher.

IRSC Career Day at PBPA

The Stallions of PBPA had the opportunity to listen to several departments from Indian River State College. On October 15th, IRSC presented to all of the students at PBPA about the wonderful opportunities available to our students. Representatives came and shared from the following departments: Career Services, Workforce Education (Air Conditioning, Cosmetology, Design Technology, Welding, Barbering, Carpentry, Automotive), Business, Health Science, Nursing, Public Service and CCAMPIS. Postsecondary education can be for ALL. PBPA is looking forward to future events with IRSC .    

PSLHS JROTC Travels to South Fork

The Port St. Lucie High School Army JROTC Jaguar Battalion attended their first away Raider challenge at South Fork High School, on Oct 16th.  Schools throughout St. Lucie, Martin, Okeechobee, and Palm Beach counties participated in the meet. The Raider competition consisted of 5 events: a 2.8-mile run, 1-mile Litter carry, obstacle course, tire flip, and constructing, and crossing a rope bridge. The Jaguar Battalion Males captured 1st place overall and our Females placed 2nd.

It’s a LIVE DAY Thing!

Mosaic Digital Academy Middle School students came to campus for an engaging and fun-filled learning experience with peers and their online teachers. Our on-campus days are affectionately called “LIVE DAYS” and oh boy did it live up to its name! Dr. Purnell’s English Language Arts lesson delved into characterization since students are working on writing their own stories in 7th and 8th grade in their online course. Dr. Purnell brought in several pairs of shoes, and students were asked to choose a pair from the lineup to develop a character based on that pair of shoes. From leopard cowboy boots … Read More

SLW Centennial Navy JROTC Provides Color Guard for Navy League Treasure Coast Council Meeting

  The SLW Centennial NAVY JROTC provided a Color Guard for the Navy League Treasure Coast Council.  The Navy League hosted their first meeting of the fiscal year at the Quail Valley River Club in Vero Beach, Florida, celebrating the 246th birthday of the U.S. Navy on Tuesday, October 19th at 11:30 AM. The theme of the event was the “Evolution of Naval Special Warfare and a US Navy Seal Museum Update.” The Guest speaker was CDR Grant Mann, USN SEAL (ret.) and Executive Director of the Navy Seal Museum. The Color Guard was manned by Cadet Senior Chief Petty … Read More

Math is Larger Than Life at Weatherbee Elementary!

Students in Ms. Squire’s third grade class add multiples of 5 to a large interactive multiplication chart. This display is placed for all students to see daily in the main hallway. Teachers and staff ask students math facts as they pass by the chart.      

Cross Curricular Connections at WEST Prep

Mrs. Hoots, a first year educator and Art teacher at WEST Prep, has been collaboratively planning with many different departments on campus to infuse art and content across our STEAM campus. Showcased here is a collaboration between the African American Studies and the Literacy Committee. Through the African American Studies lens, they read about coded quilts and their use in helping escaped slaves navigate the Underground Railroad. The Literacy Committee helped design a Writing to Learn element to synthesize the unit and practice reading and writing skills. Students further examined Faith Ringgold’s contemporary quilts and the Drawing classes used geometric … Read More

SLW Centennial NAVY JROTC Provides Stunning Backdrop for Seniors at Senior Night!

  The SLW Centennial Navy JROTC provided a beautiful 50 State Flag backdrop and walkway to honor all of the SLW Centennial senior athletes that will be graduating this year. All Senior Athletes from bowling, cross-country, and golf had the honor of having their names called and their future plans read.  They also got to walk down with family members to receive flowers from Principal Andrea Popwell. SLW Centennial High School Senior Night occurred on Friday, October 8th, at 6:00 PM before the varsity football game against Forest Hill High School. The presentation of colors was performed by Cadet Seaman … Read More

Oak Hammock K-8 Celebrate Unity Day

Students and staff at Oak Hammock K-8 wore orange to make a unified statement against bullying.  The middle school students celebrated Unity Day by promoting kindness, acceptance, and inclusion and to send a visible message that no one should ever experience bullying and to pledge to end bullying.  Students in grades K-5 created a unique banner to make a powerful statement that Oak Hammock K-8 is a Bully Free Zone.

Mariposa Elementary Celebrates National Book Month

In celebration of National Book Month, Mariposa Elementary is implementing Get Caught Reading! The incentive program encourages our students to pick up a book and read during their spare time. They are recognized with a ticket, which is then dropped in a box. Names are pulled every Friday for great books and prizes!  Congratulations to our first group of students who Got Caught Reading! Angeliz Ocasio (5th grade), Noah Teague (4th grade), and Tristan Di Salvo (4th grade) are some of the lucky ones who were chosen to win more books and prizes.

Jaguars Lead the Way!!!

The Port St. Lucie High School Army JROTC Jaguar Battalion attended an away Raider challenge at Camp Tanah Keeta, hosted by Jupiter High School, on Oct 23rd.  Schools throughout St. Lucie, Martin, Okeechobee, and Palm Beach counties participated in this meet. The Raider competition consisted of 5 events: a 1.7-mile run, 1-mile Litter carry, Gas can carry, Tire Flip, and constructing, and crossing a rope bridge. The Jaguar Battalion Males and Females captured 1st place overall.

Weatherbee Students Learn About Empathy

First graders at Weatherbee completed a wrinkled heart activity to highlight the SEL (Social Emotional Learning) theme for October, empathy. While listening to a read-aloud, students wrinkled their heart to see the impact it had each time a negative word or action occurred. The class discussed the importance of thinking before speaking and word choice to preserve their hearts and the hearts of others.

Lakewood Park Elementary Celebrate “Of the Years”

Lakewood Park Elementary is very proud of our “Of the Years” for the 2021-2022 school year. Please give us a hand in recognizing the following individuals that bring pride to our Falcons. Ms. Byrd – Outstanding First Year Teacher Mrs. Brissett – Teacher of the Year Mrs. Garcia – Distinguished Minority Educator Mrs. Jackowski – School-Related Employee of the Year

SLW Centennial’s Unified Bowling Team Advances to State Competition

SLW Centennial’s Unified team is made up of 5 amazing athletes: Jason Chi Ho Zhang, Ryle Sacchi, Emmanuel Dolcine, Lesly Aparicio, and Brandie Gibbs. Each of these athletes gave it their all on October 13th and made their way to States. Congratulations to our Centennial Unified Bowling team for their advancement to States Bowlings on November 4th.

Oak Hammock K-8 Students Unified During Bullying Prevention Month

Oak Hammock K-8 students participated in weekly activities to display unity and support for Anti-Bullying Month. Students on the 7th grade Raptors team, created the #BlockShade activity, where they focused on the importance of saying no to bullying and yes to kindness and friendships. Students not only worked together to participate in Stomp Out Bullying: Crazy Socks & Shoes Day, they also participated in Team Up Against Bullying: Team Jersey Day. Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade created pathways to Stomp Out Bullying.      

SGAET 8th Graders “Think Win-Win”

Mr. Nicks’ 8th grade homeroom students were given a weekly STEM challenge: determine the number of balls in a large box. Students were given 5 minutes to plan their approach while keeping in mind the Leader in Me habit of “Think Win-Win”. The students were then given a 5 minute timer to execute their plan. The rules of the challenge stated that students must keep all the balls off the floor and that after the 5 minutes was up, all the balls must be in the box. The students used excellent teamwork to divide and conquer the task with some … Read More

“My Life in Symbols”: Fort Pierce Central High School Drawing Students Honor Keith Haring’s Legacy

  Inspired by Keith Haring’s style and influence, Drawing 2 students at Fort Pierce Central completed murals and t-shirts with their own symbols representing their life. Keith Haring commented on themes that were relevant to New York City’s fluidity in the 1960’s, such as teen drug use, greed, and building a community. Students picked themes that were broad enough to be felt collectively, such as power, tragedy, or control.  Students drew inspiration from their own personal experiences to make their symbols personal to them, while still executing them simply, consistent with Haring’s style.     Keith Haring changed the art … Read More

PSLHS Raider Meet

The Port St. Lucie High School Army JROTC hosted the Annual PSL Raider challenge on Saturday, October 9th. Ten schools throughout St. Lucie, Martin, Okeechobee, and Palm Beach counties competed. The Raider competition consisted of six events: a 2.5 mile run, 1 mile litter carry, HUMVEE push, fitness test with carrying sandbags, constructing and crossing a rope bridge, and tire flip. The Jaguar Battalion male and female teams placed 1st overall. Congrats to a job well done as they compete next week at South Fork High School.