Lakewood Park Elementary Celebrate “Of the Years”

Lakewood Park Elementary is very proud of our “Of the Years” for the 2021-2022 school year. Please give us a hand in recognizing the following individuals that bring pride to our Falcons. Ms. Byrd – Outstanding First Year Teacher Mrs. Brissett – Teacher of the Year Mrs. Garcia – Distinguished Minority Educator Mrs. Jackowski – School-Related Employee of the Year

SLW Centennial’s Unified Bowling Team Advances to State Competition

SLW Centennial’s Unified team is made up of 5 amazing athletes: Jason Chi Ho Zhang, Ryle Sacchi, Emmanuel Dolcine, Lesly Aparicio, and Brandie Gibbs. Each of these athletes gave it their all on October 13th and made their way to States. Congratulations to our Centennial Unified Bowling team for their advancement to States Bowlings on November 4th.

Oak Hammock K-8 Students Unified During Bullying Prevention Month

Oak Hammock K-8 students participated in weekly activities to display unity and support for Anti-Bullying Month. Students on the 7th grade Raptors team, created the #BlockShade activity, where they focused on the importance of saying no to bullying and yes to kindness and friendships. Students not only worked together to participate in Stomp Out Bullying: Crazy Socks & Shoes Day, they also participated in Team Up Against Bullying: Team Jersey Day. Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade created pathways to Stomp Out Bullying.      

SGAET 8th Graders “Think Win-Win”

Mr. Nicks’ 8th grade homeroom students were given a weekly STEM challenge: determine the number of balls in a large box. Students were given 5 minutes to plan their approach while keeping in mind the Leader in Me habit of “Think Win-Win”. The students were then given a 5 minute timer to execute their plan. The rules of the challenge stated that students must keep all the balls off the floor and that after the 5 minutes was up, all the balls must be in the box. The students used excellent teamwork to divide and conquer the task with some … Read More

“My Life in Symbols”: Fort Pierce Central High School Drawing Students Honor Keith Haring’s Legacy

  Inspired by Keith Haring’s style and influence, Drawing 2 students at Fort Pierce Central completed murals and t-shirts with their own symbols representing their life. Keith Haring commented on themes that were relevant to New York City’s fluidity in the 1960’s, such as teen drug use, greed, and building a community. Students picked themes that were broad enough to be felt collectively, such as power, tragedy, or control.  Students drew inspiration from their own personal experiences to make their symbols personal to them, while still executing them simply, consistent with Haring’s style.     Keith Haring changed the art … Read More

PSLHS Raider Meet

The Port St. Lucie High School Army JROTC hosted the Annual PSL Raider challenge on Saturday, October 9th. Ten schools throughout St. Lucie, Martin, Okeechobee, and Palm Beach counties competed. The Raider competition consisted of six events: a 2.5 mile run, 1 mile litter carry, HUMVEE push, fitness test with carrying sandbags, constructing and crossing a rope bridge, and tire flip. The Jaguar Battalion male and female teams placed 1st overall. Congrats to a job well done as they compete next week at South Fork High School.

Sleeve Up, Don’t Wait!

Sponsored by the Education Foundation and made possible by private donations, students who show proof of full vaccination for COVID-19 to school administration during the month of October will receive a $25 Walmart gift card while supplies last. SLPS continues to encourage all eligible individuals age 12 years old and older to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

Weatherbee Teacher Recognized For Service To Our Country Following 9/11

Saint Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara and Chief Hester stopped by Weatherbee Elementary School on October 12th to present Mrs. Lynnea Lockwood with a laminated copy of a recent newspaper article highlighting her service to our country in the days following 9/11. Mrs. Lockwood was a Communications Specialist in the Army and retired as a Sergeant after spending four years in Iraq. She now teaches Exceptional Student Education at Weatherbee.

Mariposa Elementary Celebrates Literacy at Barnes and Noble

Mariposa Elementary celebrated literacy with a reading night at Barnes and Noble. The Barnes and Noble evening was a huge success with so many of our family and students participating. Thank you to all who came, supported, and participated that evening. Mrs. Whitaker read two stories and the children were very involved and excited to experience their first read-aloud with their new principal. She was amazing reading “Gustavo the Shy Ghost” by Flavia Drago and “You Matter” by Christian Robinson. Our parents and students were very generous in supporting two programs during the book fair that evening. Thank you for … Read More

Gaines Academy & Alpha Phi Alpha Participate in Clean-Up Day

On Saturday, October 9, 2021, Wynsten Dessources(student) and Ms. Kelly Lynch(teacher) from Samuel S. Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies joined Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. to participate in Fort Pierce Community Clean Up Day.  Mr. Dessources is an 8th grader and is Vice President of the Student Council Lighthouse Team.

Palm Pointe Artists Show Appreciation for Healthcare Workers

Palm Pointe middle school artists learned about geometry and helping the community! Discussions were had on how the pandemic has tremendously affected healthcare workers. Artists decided to create a sculpture of thanks for their nearby hospital, Cleveland Clinic at Tradition. They brainstormed and problem-solved on how to create a cube out of paper rectangles. Then, they constructed collectively a 3-dimensional heart made out of 115 cubes. Each artist wrote a personal thank you and words of encouragement for the healthcare workers on hearts that were attached to the cubes to make the art interactive. Palm Pointe artists experienced the tremendous … Read More

Lakewood Park Elementary Celebrates Fire Pup Day

Fire and Life Safety Educator Stacey Carter, Fire investigator Joe Cox, and Arson K9 Camy went to visit the students in grades K-5 at Lakewood Park Elementary last week. They explained how Camy is beneficial to the Fire District and also introduced them to Dusty the Dragon. Dusty’s a great teaching tool for Fire Safety. His skit goes well with this year’s Fire Prevention theme, Learn the sounds of Fire Safety.  

Advanced Manufacturing Preapprenticeship Virtual Visit

Treasure Coast High’s (TCHS) Advanced Manufacturing pre-apprenticeship program virtually visited to hear important highlights of the Industrial Manufacturing Technology Apprenticeship. On Microsoft Teams, TCHS Instructor Phil Depuy and his Advanced Manufacturing students stayed in their classroom to listen and ask questions of Dawn Riccardi at CareerSource Research Coast, Jim Brann, and Bobby at The Porch Factory in Fort Pierce. Big thanks to Treasure Coast Manufacturer Association (TCMA) who were instrumental in coordinating these presentations!

D.Y.G.A.R Event

On Saturday, September 11th, the Port St. Lucie High School JROTC Jaguar Battalion participated in the “Do You Give A Ruck?” event. This honor guard’s purpose was to remember the victims of 9/11 and to ensure their voices are still heard.  The PSLHS JROTC cadets assisted in the setup, marched a mile in remembrance, and helped the vendors tear down at the end. It was a great success for a worthy cause.

Lakewood Park Elementary Start Safety Patrol with Deputy Kasey

Deputy Kasey and Mrs. Livingston held the 2021-2022 Safety Patrol induction ceremony on Friday. Students took an oath and will report for duty on Monday morning! Students had to write an essay and get a recommendation from two teachers before being selected. They will serve as respectful, responsible role models who will help ensure everyone is safe at school.   

SGAET Wave Action

Samuel S. Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies 7th grade science students used models and manipulatives to learn more about waves and their properties. Students rotated through activities using manipulatives such as tuning forks, springs, and rope to help them process concepts regarding the parts of a wave, wave interactions and model longitudinal and transverse waves. Their teacher, Mr. Breedlove,  used a wave simulation model to help students identify various properties of mechanical waves. The wave simulation demonstration had students mesmerized at how a wave disturbance can be slowed down and investigated!

SLWK8 Students Learn All About Electric Potential

St. Lucie West K-8 students in Dr. Wardwell’s 8th grade Science classes had a “hair-raising” experience by learning all about electrostatic energy! They used the Van de Graaff generator which is an electrostatic generator that uses a moving belt to accumulate an electric charge on a hollow metal globe on the top of an insulated column, creating very high electric potentials. It produces a high voltage direct current (DC) electricity at low current levels. SUPER JAWSOME, SHARKS!

Character Analysis Across Writing and Film Genres at CAST

Fourth Grade students in Ms. Denman’s class have been learning that writers can tell the same story in more than one genre, such as a drama, novel, or short story. As an extension of this unit, students were tasked with comparing and contrasting characters’ words and actions in one of their favorite stories to the movie version. Students had a great time digging deeper into character analysis, not only across writing genres, but also in the film genre!

SLW Centennial AICE Marine Students Explore the Indian River Lagoon

Ms. Willems’ AICE Marine Science students participated in “A Day in the Life of the Indian River Lagoon,” an annual citizen science project where environmental partners, students, and teachers collaborate to simultaneously collect scientific data at sites along the 156 mile stretch of the lagoon. A great learning opportunity for the students.