CDC Issues New Travel Guidelines

If you are planning on traveling in the coming weeks or months, please review the updated travel guidelines from the CDC. Domestic Travel: Domestic Travel During COVID-19 | CDC International Travel: International Travel During COVID-19 | CDC When Not To Travel: When NOT to Travel: Avoid Spreading COVID-19 | CDC Safe Travel Tips: Safer Travel Tips for Families with Unvaccinated Children | CDC  

PSL Rotary Club Partners with Palm Pointe

Nancy Oldham & Larry Breault, members of the Port St. Lucie Sunset Rotary Club, brought copies of the US Constitution for 7th Grade Civic students. Mrs. Lulkin and Mrs. Wright received them along with Mrs. Newsome. We are so appreciative, and the teachers are excited to share these with the students especially as they have been learning about the constitution this year.

Attention: Incoming 9th Graders Interested in High School Band!

Attention: Incoming 9th Graders Interested in High School Band! Please click on this link to learn all about the High School Band Programs. This newsletter is meant to provide incoming freshmen and anyone interested in being a Band Member with information about the various Band programs in Saint Lucie Public Schools. Everything you need to know about Band at your school in the upcoming year is at your fingertips. You can take a peek at what is going on at the other high schools in the county too. We look forward to having you as a part of our … Read More

CAST Student Interviews Fort Pierce Mayor

CAST’s Virtual Media Arts Students used their time outside the classroom to their advantage this past month as students learned to film Interview segments with friends, neighbors, and family members. One student, Sterling Prettelt, did an exceptional job in her interview and even got Fort Pierce Mayor Linda Hudson to join her for an Interview! Sterling, with team “Broadcast News” (4th Period’s class moniker) asks Mayor Hudson about her role as mayor, and what it entails. Sterling also asks about the mayor’s impact on the city of Fort Pierce, as well as some personal questions about her pets! Head over … Read More

Passion for Art at Oak Hammock K-8

Oak Hammock K-8 would like to congratulate Derick Calero for having his artwork chosen and displayed in the office of The Florida House of State Representatives, State Representative, Dana Trabulsy, District 84, at The Capital in Tallahassee. State Representative, Trabulsy stated in her communications, “It brought stunning color to my home away from home and was admired by all.”   The Osprey family would like to congratulate Derick on this great accomplishment.  His artwork is an authentic expression of his amazing talent and his passion for art.

Pharmacy Technician Pre-Apprentices Connected with IRSC’s Apprenticeship

Students from Mrs. Julie-Anne JnPaul’s Pharmacy Technician program at Fort Pierce Westwood Academy: The WEST Prep Magnet, attended a virtual session with Indian River State College (IRSC).  Dr. Jessica Fulton from IRSC spoke with the graduating seniors regarding opportunities for them to continue on their academic-career path as Pharmacy Technicians.  This session included a presentation, question and answer segment, and students were able to leave the session with knowledge and plans for their future!    

CAST Comic Strip Creations

Third grade students in Ms. Voke’s virtual class explored comic strips: how to write them, how stories are told within them, and how the illustrations progress through each frame. Students created their own comic strips during this week-long unit. They shared their creations with their classmates, and they gave each other feedback on how to make their work better.

Hands-on Fun at CAST

Kindergarten and first grade students in Mrs. Roberts’ class practiced their word work skills with shaving cream! This tactile learning experience helped students with sight words, word families, and more!

COVID Vaccinations for Individuals 12 Years of Age and Older

May 14, 2021   DOH-ST. LUCIE TO BEGIN ADMINISTERING THE PFIZER COVID-19 VACCINE TO INDIVIDUALS 12 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER   Contact: Nicole Rodriguez | Public Information Officer | (772) 284-0308 St. Lucie County, FL — The Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie County (DOH-St. Lucie) will begin administering the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to individuals 12 years of age or older. The Pfizer vaccine was previously authorized for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration for individuals aged 16 and up. “DOH-St. Lucie is thrilled to offer Pfizer vaccine for children 12 years of age or older because … Read More

Interactive Scavenger Hunt at CAST

Ms. Battle’s 8th grade ELA class completed an interactive vocabulary scavenger hunt. Words and their definitions were scattered around the classroom for students to find the corresponding match. “Fun activities like this make it easier to remember important vocabulary.” -Emily Church 8th grader  

White City Moon Munchies

5th graders at WCE participated in a STEAM Design Challenge to create a solar oven prototype that could cook a “Moon Munchie” (aka s’more) using only the energy from the sun. Using what they learned throughout the school year on energy and the nature of science, students harnessed solar power to reach temperatures up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit! From designing their solar oven to collecting and analyzing data, and finally enjoying their s’mores, students proved that this STEAM Challenge was no match for them.

CAST Pollinators

During CAST’s recent Stop & STEAM event, second grade students in Mrs. Simmon’s class focused on the “S” part of STEAM by creating hand pollinators and designing their own flowers. Then they used the hand pollinators to simulate how pollen is transferred to flowers by insects. This culminating activity aided their learning on living things and the relationships between plants and animals.

LPA Senior Nichapa Dancharnjitt Awarded the Frank Froehling Scholarship

LPA Senior Nichapa Dancharnjitt has been awarded the Frank Froehling Scholarship for 2021. It is an award given to one senior girl and one senior boy tennis player on the Treasure Coast who shows combined excellence in athletics, leadership, academics, and community service.  The award was presented by Elizabeth Froehling (widow of former ATP professional Frank Froehling) and Aldo Burga who represent the Treasure Coast Tennis Foundation.

Farm to Table at CAST

CAST kindergartners and first graders had their first garden to classroom experience! Students harvested grape tomatoes, sweet basil and Italian oregano this week from their garden. Then they contacted our friends at Big Apple Pizza, and they made pizzas with the ingredients from the Little Sprouts Garden here at CAST!  Students also read realistic fiction stories such as “Pizza at Sally’s” and made thinking maps about the stories they read. What a fun, rewarding and delicious experience!  

Making Music at Oak Hammock K-8

Oak Hammock K-8 6th grade virtual band students’ final project for the year taps into their creativity and ingenuity. Students were asked to create their own musical instruments from household items such as jars, cups, bowls and pots.  The students filled their items of choice with smaller objects to create different pitches, rhythms and dynamics. After participating in a lesson about various types of whales and their songs, students were asked to use their created instruments to emulate whale songs.  The ESE Self-Contained students took special interest in this project as they were are having a great time creating their … Read More

SLW Centennial Navy JROTC Honors School Resource Officers

  On Thursday, May 13th, 2021, the SLW Centennial High School’s Navy JROTC honored their School Resource Officers (SRO).  The SLW Centennial Commanding Officer, Cadet Lieutenant Commander Gregory Vetrano (left) presents Deputy Sheriff Garland Heath from the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, with an American Flag Plaque signed by all of the NJROTC Cadets.  While the Senior Naval Science Instructor, Lieutenant Victor Aponte (right), presents Police Officer Adrienne Pietrzak from the Port St. Lucie Police Department, with her own American Flag Plaque signed by all of the cadets in the NJROTC as well. The American Flag Plaques were purchased by … Read More

Biotechnology Virtual Lab with Keiser University

The Industrial Biotechnology program (Mr. John Williams’ students) at Treasure Coast High School (TCHS) collaborated with Keiser University’s Biotechnology department.  This virtual lab session was led by Dr. Weir of Keiser University to provide a simulated lab experience for the TCHS students preparing for their Biotechnician Assistant industry certification exam.

Virtual Math Scavenger Hunt at CAST

Ms. Voke’s virtual 3rd grade class from CAST explored ways to find examples of math outside the actual math book.  They used magazines, newspapers, ads from the mail and any other resource they had in their home to complete a scavenger hunt of pictures of “math items.”  They created their template from folded paper and copied the items to be placed on the scavenger hunt page.  Some items for their search included examples of a bar graph, an analog clock, a quadrilateral, a fraction, and an item used to measure liquid or mass. When they found their items, they cut … Read More

CAST & Project Lead the Way

Kindergarteners and first graders at CAST worked through a Project Lead the Way project during Stop & STEAM week. Students learned first about the structure and function of our body and different body parts such as the heart, lungs, and stomach. Students examined bones closer by recreating an X-ray image. Then they designed a cast to protect a broken bone that was strong, light, comfortable and water resistant.

Sam Gaines Academy Kinder Kites

At Samuel Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies, Kindergarten is celebrating the last days of this school year by popping a balloon a day. Inside each balloon is a STEM activity. Today, Kindergarten students made a kite out of a paper bag and went outside to fly them.