SGAET 8th Graders “Think Win-Win”

Mr. Nicks’ 8th grade homeroom students were given a weekly STEM challenge: determine the number of balls in a large box. Students were given 5 minutes to plan their approach while keeping in mind the Leader in Me habit of “Think Win-Win”. The students were then given a 5 minute timer to execute their plan. The rules of the challenge stated that students must keep all the balls off the floor and that after the 5 minutes was up, all the balls must be in the box. The students used excellent teamwork to divide and conquer the task with some students examining the box while others attempted to mathematically calculate the area of the box in order to estimate the amount of balls inside. After finding that the balls in the box were not all the same size, students had to change their approach. After finding a small box with very small balls, students noticed that there was a number written inside. This number was the exact amount of total balls in the box. Students rushed to get all the balls back into the bin before the 5 minute timer went off and made their successful guess.