CAST Shape Constructions

First graders at CAST constructed two-dimensional shapes out of pretzels and marshmallows. Students identified whether the pretzel or marshmallow was the side or vertices and then identified how many sides and vertices each shape had! What a yummy math review!  

Math Manipulative Practice at CAST

Kindergarteners at CAST are learning the correct way to use their math manipulatives. They read stories about the do’s and don’ts of manipulatives such as teddy bear counters, snap cubes, and dice! They practice how to use them, so they are successful when it is time for math!

CAST Dance Students Tracking Their Progress

CAST middle school Dance students participated in a quarterly fitness test to measure their flexibility, strength, and stamina. This practice helps them with Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind so they are ready for their upcoming performances!

Magnificent MSE Students

Students in Mrs. Eibl’s second grade class read THE MOST MAGNIFICENT THING this week in class. It’s about a girl who has a plan to build something but she can’t get it just right! She overcomes obstacles and manages her emotions in order to finally build The Most Magnificent Thing. Students had fun planning, designing, and building their own projects!

Oak Hammock K-8 7th Grade Raptors Keep It Simple

Students on the 7th grade Raptors team at Oak Hammock K-8, welcome the start of the school year by creating personal and academic goals. The overarching theme for this school year is #WorkHardBeNice. Students discussed what it meant to them and how they could incorporate the theme into their academics and Social & Emotional Learning. As a team focus, they are determined to never give up and to work hard and be nice as they help each other achieve the goals as displayed on the bees throughout their learning environment. Ospreys Soar Together!

NPK-8 3rd Graders Lead the Way with Team Building Activities

The first week of school can be hectic. Kids forget their backpacks, how they are getting home, and even how to get to their classroom. Somehow teachers manage to keep them learning and on task from the very start. The secret? Building relationships. Rosa Apostolico, a third-grade teacher at Northport K-8, knows the importance of starting students off on the right track to help set the tone for the rest of the school year. Part of her method is for students to build relationships through teamwork. The project was called the “No Peeking” challenge. This challenge was performed behind their … Read More

Team Building with 5th Graders at Mariposa Elementary

At Mariposa Elementary, 5th graders focused on team building by participating in “The Great Chain Race!” Students pictured are: Abigail Negron, Jaxson Plantier, Paetynn Brayboy, Tajmoore Cooper, E’va Lewis, and Daniel Rodriguez Villalba

Collaborating & Creating at Oak Hammock K-8

As a first-day back-to-school team building lesson, students in Ms. Savanello-McQuay InD homeroom class at Oak Hammock K-8 were engaged in learning the importance of working together #OspreysSoarTogether. The class read the story, The Most Magnificent Thing, by Ashley Spires and discussed the importance of not giving up and having enthusiasm about their projects. Students collaborated in groups to create their “Magnificent” things; they were successful in constructing a bowling alley, a classmate’s favorite dessert—pie, and a hand glider.

It Was a Great First Day of School at Lakewood Park Elementary

It was a great first day of school at Lakewood Park Elementary. Community members including Lakewood Park United Methodist Church, St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, and St. Lucie County Fire District participated in our Tunnel of Hope. We welcomed our students with positive posters and words of encouragement. We know that all of our students will have a great 2021-2022 school year. #FalconPride #FalconKind #FalconPromise

Childhood and Covid-19 Vaccines

Did you know that the St. Lucie County Health Department offers both Childhood Immunizations and Covid 19 Vaccines (age 12 years old and older) without an appointment throughout the week?  They also provide Covid-19 testing free of charge!  Please call 772-462-3800 for more information.  

Welcome Back to School!

Please visit the district’s webpage at to find all of the information you need as we head back to school!  

SRE #LearningAdventureCamp

Our Cranes had an awesome first week of #LearningAdventureCamp at SRE. Students are experiencing inquiry-based-learning at a very high level by engaging, exploring, explaining their learning, elaborating, analyzing, , and evaluating.

Summer Camp Fun at CAST

Mrs. Gamez’s soon-to-be second graders are loving every minute of summer camp! They wore hats to beat the heat while they took their learning outside to make solar crickets during a STEM project!  

Introduction slide for MSAP Symposium

MSAP Schools Back to School Symposium: Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead

Hundreds of educators from Creative Arts Academy of St. Lucie, Fort Pierce Westwood Academy and Samuel S. Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies attended the 4th annual MSAP Back to School Symposium on Monday July 26th at the Indian River State College McAlpin Theater.  Attendees enjoyed a morning filled with celebrating the growth and successes of the MSAP Magnet schools.  School district and community leaders spoke to the power of innovative education, energizing educators for the start of the academic year. St. Lucie Public Schools Superintendent, Mr. E. Wayne Gent kicked off the event with a warm welcome and a note … Read More