“My Life in Symbols”: Fort Pierce Central High School Drawing Students Honor Keith Haring’s Legacy

  Inspired by Keith Haring’s style and influence, Drawing 2 students at Fort Pierce Central completed murals and t-shirts with their own symbols representing their life. Keith Haring commented on themes that were relevant to New York City’s fluidity in the 1960’s, such as teen drug use, greed, and building a community. Students picked themes that were broad enough to be felt collectively, such as power, tragedy, or control.¬† Students drew inspiration from their own personal experiences to make their symbols personal to them, while still executing them simply, consistent with Haring’s style.     Keith Haring changed the art … Read More

The Art of Zentangles: Promoting Mindfulness Through Art

Students and¬†adults alike are actively searching for a positive way to manage the stressors that come with a new school year. Through art, specifically a process modernly referred to as Zentangling, students can learn to be more mindful of the present moment. Zentangling, the act of doodling or tangling various lines and patterns, began in Ancient India and has been widely adopted into art practices and therapy today. Primarily, Zentangling is used to calm the mind, and the benefits are endless: better sleep, stress reduction and anxiety, and it encourages mindfulness and aimlessness. With the process being relatively portable, Zentangling … Read More