SLW Centennial High School’s NAVY JROTC Provides Stunning Backdrop for Homecoming Court Festivities

The SLW Centennial High School NAVY JROTC participated in the homecoming festivities during the varsity football game versus Jensen Beach High School on Friday, September 24th, 2021. Not only did the NJROTC Unit provide a stunning backdrop for the SLW Centennial Homecoming festivities, but they also provided a Color Guard for the Varsity Football Game, a Parking Detail to park all the visitors in the most efficient manner, and also manned and sold items in the Concession Stands on both the Home and Visitors side. It was a very busy weekend for the SLW Centennial Navy JROTC unit this weekend! … Read More

SGAET Investigates the Atmosphere

6th grade students in Ms. Blackburn’s Science Resource were able to recreate the layers of the atmosphere. This was a great hands-on activity to help show students how some layers are thicker or heavier than others and how they act upon one another.

Constitution Day at SGAET

SGAET Fourth graders culminated their unit on the U.S. Government by welcoming our very own Military Mom, Ms. Patterson, as a guest speaker on Constitution Day! Students gained insight and celebrated with great pride through Nearpod, trivia, and more patriotic fun and games.

TCHS AFJROTC Patriot’s Day Ceremony

Treasure Coast High School’s AFJROTC Cadets participated in honoring Patriot’s Day with a flag folding ceremony as well as a retirement of American Flags no longer serviceable. Each Cadet learned the true meaning behind each fold of the flag and was able to experience just how mesmerizing a flag folding ceremony could be. The United States is the only country who folds its flag in such a manner, and it is important to teach future generations the significance of this tradition. Each fold of the flag holds a different meaning and with these, it touches the hearts of each American … Read More

Port St. Lucie High School’s Blood Drive

On Wednesday, September 8th, Port St. Lucie High School Jaguar Battalion conducted their first Blood Drive of the year. The Blood Drive ran smoothly, and we are thankful to have had the opportunity to benefit the community. Thanks to the JROTC Cadets, faculty, and members of OneBlood, we were able to donate enough blood to save over 150+ lives.

SLW Centennial Navy JROTC Takes Field Trip to Kennedy Space Center

  The SLW Centennial Navy JROTC took an educational Field Trip to the Kennedy Space Center on Thursday, September 16th, 2021. The unit had an outstanding time learning the history of the “space race” by starting their field trip at the Heroes & Legends building featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. The Tour continued to the Apollo/Saturn V Center where they learned about the challenges associated with landing the first man on the moon. They concluded their field trip at the Journey to Mars exhibit, where they learned NASA’s challenges in developing human colonies not only on closest celestial … Read More

Gaines’ Turtle Rehab

Students in Ms. Blackburn’s 6th grade Science Resource class are learning about turtles, their habitats, and threats against them. The photo shows students measuring and weighing their turtles to see if they need to be brought in for rehabilitation. Students got to use the same equipment that marine biologists use on the turtles and loved doing it. This great hands-on activity is through the Traveling Trunk Program.

Gaines’ AVID Program

SGAET AVID students are practicing their verbal communication skills by describing an unknown image to their partner. Partners are working on active listening and asking specific, clarifying questions in order to produce accurate results. Groups were able to reflect on any barriers to communication and improve their accuracy at recreating the provided images with each new attempt. Students also became more comfortable asking specific questions when they were confused, as well as attempting multiple different descriptions in order to connect with their partners. AVID students will keep building these collaborative skills over the next few weeks as they start to … Read More

Gaines’ Tadpole Learners

The students in the self-contained unit are reading books and collectively raising tadpoles. They are interacting with the various texts and learning by doing. The most recent lesson focused on students creating their own life cycles. The class can not wait to see the baby frogs!  

Gaines’ “Kinder” Giants

Kindergarten Colts were real Scientists as they used magnifying glasses to observe the world around them. Then, they recorded their observations. By the end of the day, our littlest Colts felt like giants looking through the magnifying lens!                                        

SLW Centennial Navy JROTC Assists in POW/MIA Ceremony

On Friday, September 17th, 2021 the SLW Centennial Navy JROTC assisted the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #566 in their annual POW/MIA (Prisoners of War / Missing in Action) Candle Lighting Ceremony in remembrance of those veterans that were and might still be captures as well as those veterans that are missing in action while performing their duties during times of war.  Holding the American Flag was SLW Centennial Navy JROTC’s Executive Officer Cadet Lieutenant Aidan Rossell, the yellow Vietnam Veterans of America’s Flag was held by SLW Centennial’s Navy JROTC’s Armory/Weapon’s Officer Cadet Petty Officer Third Class Devin Borut, … Read More

Allied Health Educators Participate in Advanced Level Training

Allied Health educators from Fort Pierce Westwood Academy: The WEST Prep Magnet and Port St. Lucie High School attended a professional development session surrounding the newest manikin technology purchased for their campus. To meet the needs of students training at the next level, our Career and Technical Education students are going to use these manikins to have simulated learning directly in their classrooms. These manikins are able to simulate advanced training for vital signs, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), automated defibrillator (AED), to an Electrocardiogram (EKG).  These advanced manikins will even allow the allied health students to engage in a conversation from … Read More

SGAET STEM Challenge

Fourth graders at Samuel S. Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies worked individually while talking each other through a recently timed STEM challenge. Given a few resources, a limited amount of time, their own knowledge about science and chocolate, and a partner close enough to exchange their thinking with, they were able to design and engineer an insulator that would protect a Hershey’s kiss from melting in the hot sun!  Each design uniquely demonstrated our students’ talent and success. After one hour in the hot August sun, very little melting took place!

NPK-8 3rd Graders Lead the Way with Team Building Activities

The first week of school can be hectic. Kids forget their backpacks, how they are getting home, and even how to get to their classroom. Somehow teachers manage to keep them learning and on task from the very start. The secret? Building relationships. Rosa Apostolico, a third-grade teacher at Northport K-8, knows the importance of starting students off on the right track to help set the tone for the rest of the school year. Part of her method is for students to build relationships through teamwork. The project was called the “No Peeking” challenge. This challenge was performed behind their … Read More

Introduction slide for MSAP Symposium

MSAP Schools Back to School Symposium: Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead

Hundreds of educators from Creative Arts Academy of St. Lucie, Fort Pierce Westwood Academy and Samuel S. Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies attended the 4th annual MSAP Back to School Symposium on Monday July 26th at the Indian River State College McAlpin Theater.  Attendees enjoyed a morning filled with celebrating the growth and successes of the MSAP Magnet schools.  School district and community leaders spoke to the power of innovative education, energizing educators for the start of the academic year. St. Lucie Public Schools Superintendent, Mr. E. Wayne Gent kicked off the event with a warm welcome and a note … Read More

Pharmacy Technician Pre-Apprentices Connected with IRSC’s Apprenticeship

Students from Mrs. Julie-Anne JnPaul’s Pharmacy Technician program at Fort Pierce Westwood Academy: The WEST Prep Magnet, attended a virtual session with Indian River State College (IRSC).  Dr. Jessica Fulton from IRSC spoke with the graduating seniors regarding opportunities for them to continue on their academic-career path as Pharmacy Technicians.  This session included a presentation, question and answer segment, and students were able to leave the session with knowledge and plans for their future!    

SLW Centennial Navy JROTC Honors School Resource Officers

  On Thursday, May 13th, 2021, the SLW Centennial High School’s Navy JROTC honored their School Resource Officers (SRO).  The SLW Centennial Commanding Officer, Cadet Lieutenant Commander Gregory Vetrano (left) presents Deputy Sheriff Garland Heath from the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, with an American Flag Plaque signed by all of the NJROTC Cadets.  While the Senior Naval Science Instructor, Lieutenant Victor Aponte (right), presents Police Officer Adrienne Pietrzak from the Port St. Lucie Police Department, with her own American Flag Plaque signed by all of the cadets in the NJROTC as well. The American Flag Plaques were purchased by … Read More

Biotechnology Virtual Lab with Keiser University

The Industrial Biotechnology program (Mr. John Williams’ students) at Treasure Coast High School (TCHS) collaborated with Keiser University’s Biotechnology department.  This virtual lab session was led by Dr. Weir of Keiser University to provide a simulated lab experience for the TCHS students preparing for their Biotechnician Assistant industry certification exam.