St. Lucie Public Schools Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

First Lady Casey DeSantis announced that the theme for Hispanic Heritage Month will be “Celebrating Hispanic-American Community Leaders and Champions” and released information regarding the student art and essay contests and Excellence in Education awards. Hispanic Heritage Month is recognized and celebrated in the United States from September 15 to October 15. St. Lucie Public Schools will be celebrating through a social media campaign highlighting Hispanic Heritage Facts and notable people of Hispanic descent. Student Contests GOVERNOR RON DESANTIS’ AND FIRST LADY CASEY DESANTIS’ HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH ART AND ESSAY CONTESTS Art Contest (Grades K-3) Governor Ron DeSantis’ and First Lady … Read More

SLPS Expands COVID-19 Testing Sites in Partnership with Allied Health

In an effort to provide easy access for employees, students, and their families to COVID-19 tests, St. Lucie Public Schools has partnered with Allied Health to offer both PCR and Rapid tests free of charge.  Currently, there are four locations open Monday through Friday at Manatee Academy, Fort Pierce Central High School, Port St. Lucie High School, and Lincoln Park Academy. In order to return healthy students to school as soon as possible,  asymptomatic students who have been quarantined for exposure at school can return to school on day 5 of their quarantine with a negative PCR or rapid test. … Read More

TCHS AFJROTC Patriot’s Day Ceremony

Treasure Coast High School’s AFJROTC Cadets participated in honoring Patriot’s Day with a flag folding ceremony as well as a retirement of American Flags no longer serviceable. Each Cadet learned the true meaning behind each fold of the flag and was able to experience just how mesmerizing a flag folding ceremony could be. The United States is the only country who folds its flag in such a manner, and it is important to teach future generations the significance of this tradition. Each fold of the flag holds a different meaning and with these, it touches the hearts of each American … Read More

Sharks Learn About Myoglobin Through “Diving Dolphin” Experiment

Students at St. Lucie West K-8 School in Mrs. Binns, Mrs. Dahms, and Mrs. Morales’ 4th and 5th-grade classes did an experiment during Science Resource with Mrs. Ramonas entitled “Diving Dolphin” in which they learned all about myoglobin stored in our muscles. After processing the information, they made connections to their learning of whales, seals, and dolphins. The Scientific Method was used and the comparison of data was shared between groups. JAWESOME JOB, SHARKS!                        

Port St. Lucie High School’s Blood Drive

On Wednesday, September 8th, Port St. Lucie High School Jaguar Battalion conducted their first Blood Drive of the year. The Blood Drive ran smoothly, and we are thankful to have had the opportunity to benefit the community. Thanks to the JROTC Cadets, faculty, and members of OneBlood, we were able to donate enough blood to save over 150+ lives.

SLW Centennial Navy JROTC Takes Field Trip to Kennedy Space Center

  The SLW Centennial Navy JROTC took an educational Field Trip to the Kennedy Space Center on Thursday, September 16th, 2021. The unit had an outstanding time learning the history of the “space race” by starting their field trip at the Heroes & Legends building featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. The Tour continued to the Apollo/Saturn V Center where they learned about the challenges associated with landing the first man on the moon. They concluded their field trip at the Journey to Mars exhibit, where they learned NASA’s challenges in developing human colonies not only on closest celestial … Read More

Gaines’ Turtle Rehab

Students in Ms. Blackburn’s 6th grade Science Resource class are learning about turtles, their habitats, and threats against them. The photo shows students measuring and weighing their turtles to see if they need to be brought in for rehabilitation. Students got to use the same equipment that marine biologists use on the turtles and loved doing it. This great hands-on activity is through the Traveling Trunk Program.

Exploring The Declaration of Independence at Oak Hammock K-8

Students in Mr. Sparacio’s 7th Grade Civics class took an interactive approach to learn about the Declaration of Independence.   Students watched a parody music video, “It’s Too Late to Apologize Declaration” as they created the Ultimate Break Up Letter to King George the III annotated to the song’s lyrics.  The students were engaged in their learning while analyzing the ideas and complaints set forth in the Declaration of Independence.  They were challenged to work collaboratively to describe how English policies and responses to colonial concerns led to the writing of the Declaration of Independence.

Gaines’ AVID Program

SGAET AVID students are practicing their verbal communication skills by describing an unknown image to their partner. Partners are working on active listening and asking specific, clarifying questions in order to produce accurate results. Groups were able to reflect on any barriers to communication and improve their accuracy at recreating the provided images with each new attempt. Students also became more comfortable asking specific questions when they were confused, as well as attempting multiple different descriptions in order to connect with their partners. AVID students will keep building these collaborative skills over the next few weeks as they start to … Read More

Gaines’ Tadpole Learners

The students in the self-contained unit are reading books and collectively raising tadpoles. They are interacting with the various texts and learning by doing. The most recent lesson focused on students creating their own life cycles. The class can not wait to see the baby frogs!  

Gaines’ “Kinder” Giants

Kindergarten Colts were real Scientists as they used magnifying glasses to observe the world around them. Then, they recorded their observations. By the end of the day, our littlest Colts felt like giants looking through the magnifying lens!                                        

SLW Centennial Navy JROTC Assists in POW/MIA Ceremony

On Friday, September 17th, 2021 the SLW Centennial Navy JROTC assisted the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #566 in their annual POW/MIA (Prisoners of War / Missing in Action) Candle Lighting Ceremony in remembrance of those veterans that were and might still be captures as well as those veterans that are missing in action while performing their duties during times of war.  Holding the American Flag was SLW Centennial Navy JROTC’s Executive Officer Cadet Lieutenant Aidan Rossell, the yellow Vietnam Veterans of America’s Flag was held by SLW Centennial’s Navy JROTC’s Armory/Weapon’s Officer Cadet Petty Officer Third Class Devin Borut, … Read More

Squeaky Clean!!!

On Saturday, September 18th, the Port St. Lucie High School JROTC Jaguar Battalion conducted their first car wash of the school year at O’Reilly’s located off US-1. Cadets were placed in different teams such as the wash team, dry team, and sign-holding teams. The cadets raised over $1000 which will offset field trips, military ball, and competition costs. It was a great success and a good way to give back to our community.  

Teacher of the Year is an Ace!

The Teacher of the Year, Lauren Kappler, from West Gate K8, expertly threw out the first pitch at the Back to School with St. Lucie Mets baseball game on Friday, September 10th. This event was sponsored by the St. Lucie County Chamber of Commerce. She was joined by her family and Terissa Aronson, President/CEO, St. Lucie County Chamber of Commerce.   Great job Lauren!  

Allied Health Educators Participate in Advanced Level Training

Allied Health educators from Fort Pierce Westwood Academy: The WEST Prep Magnet and Port St. Lucie High School attended a professional development session surrounding the newest manikin technology purchased for their campus. To meet the needs of students training at the next level, our Career and Technical Education students are going to use these manikins to have simulated learning directly in their classrooms. These manikins are able to simulate advanced training for vital signs, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), automated defibrillator (AED), to an Electrocardiogram (EKG).  These advanced manikins will even allow the allied health students to engage in a conversation from … Read More

Exploring Poetry at Oak Hammock K-8

Ms. Alexis’ students on the 7th grade Raptors team at Oak Hammock K-8, created a poem about the fall season. The students were to write their poems and work with their shoulder partner to analyze the impact of rhymes and other repetitions of sounds (e.g., alliteration) on a specific verse or stanza of a poem. This was not an easy task (though they thought it would be initially). It was, however, very fun to do. Students had a great time creating their poetry and the top poems were selected to create a ‘Poetry Corner’ for the 7th-grade hallway bulletin board.