Interactive Scavenger Hunt at CAST

Ms. Battle’s 8th grade ELA class completed an interactive vocabulary scavenger hunt. Words and their definitions were scattered around the classroom for students to find the corresponding match. “Fun activities like this make it easier to remember important vocabulary.” -Emily Church 8th grader  

CAST Artists

Middle School Visual Arts students created a marbled painting.  They experimented with different water to paint ratios that had different viscos and fluid consistencies.  To do so, they poured their paint mixtures onto their canvas and manipulated it back and forth to create amazing looking patterns.  

Third Graders at CAST Learn About Space Using Legos

Third grade students in Mrs. Roti’s class were excited to bring the Mars rover landing to life! While learning about Earth in space and time, students began by watching clips of how the Mars rover was built to sustain space travel. Students teamed up as scientists to design and build their own Mars rovers out of Legos.                      

Stop and STEAM Event has 4th Graders at CAST Excited About Local Florida Attractions

  During Stop and STEAM week, Ms. Denman’s fourth grade class studied the effects of tourism on the Florida Economy. Students were tasked with creating their very own travel brochures as they learned about the types of attractions that help Florida’s Economy. From the East Coast Railroad founded by Henry Flagler, to the latest Club Med Resort, students created brochures on a number of wonderful and unique Florida destinations.  Students illustrated their brochures, created event and show schedules, and even brought in samples from their attraction.  

CAST Performers Host Courtyard Flash Mob

CAST students in grades 3-8 hosted a spectacular Flash Mob in the courtyard for many to enjoy. The band, art, music, instrumental, dance, and media arts students collaborated to showcase their creativity. Congratulations on an amazing show!

CAST Students Prepare for Upcoming Flash Mob

                      5th-grade students in Mrs. Murphy’s dance studio are rehearsing their choreography for an upcoming Flash Mob performance on campus. Meanwhile, in Ms. Swabon’s art class, students are creating Brazilian Carnival masks as a part of the Flash Mob costumes.  

CAST Students Share Their Love of Reading

To kick off literacy week, students at CAST shared their favorite book and explained why they enjoy reading it. The book recommendations encouraged learners to have conversations about different genres.    

CAST Students Launch Learning in STEAM Activity

Sixth graders at CAST created catapults using a variety of objects for a Stop and STEAM event on campus. They practiced the Nature of Science standards as they understood how to make adjustments to their catapult designs to reach the desired effect. “I was really impressed that many of my virtual students were able to build great catapults with items found in their home!”- Mrs. Albers

CAST News Anchors Highlight MLK Day

    Although the Martin Luther King Jr. parade was canceled this year due to COVID, media arts students at CAST highlighted clips from the parade that occurred last year. The morning news anchors created a special message about the power of togetherness in celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.