West Gate K8 Celebrates Excellence

The West Gate K8 annual distinguished award winners were announced, as voted on by their colleagues. Please congratulate the following amazing educators: Diana Steiner – School Related Employee of the Year, Monique Rivas – Distinguished Minority Educator of the Year, Todd Millett – Outstanding First Year Teacher of the Year, and Victoria Randolph – Teacher of the Year.

West Gate K8 Makes Progress on Campus-Wide Gardening Project

The gardening project made some progress over the summer! We had our first crop of tomatoes and beans, yardlong beans, and students in summer school were able to taste them. The school district maintenance department installed a spigot for us to access water closer to the garden area. Thank you for enduring the high heat to make this happen. Safety first! We also received a generous donation from our PTO and the supplies we ordered have already arrived. The next steps include the art students continuing to add color to the area and the leadership classes and student council will … Read More

West Gate K-8’s Educational Garden is Getting a Facelift

West Gate K-8 faculty and staff are partnering with UF IFAS Family Nutrition Program, PTO, SLPS Child Nutrition Services, and the Department of Health to RE-vitalize the campus garden. Our goal is to provide farm-to-table experiences for all of our students with an emphasis on healthy living.   We received our first donations and are on our way to a beautiful educational space on our campus. We kick off the project on Saturday, April 22nd, Earth Day.  Pictured are Michelle Estrella (ELA teacher), Victoria Randolph (Interventionist), Lucille Nembhard (Para), Kim Moore, and Jennie Buntin (UF). Absent are Evan Jones (OT), Jason … Read More

Dr. Sam Gaines and WEST Prep Students Discuss Fort Pierce History

Dr. Sam Gaines, local businessman and former School Board member, invited students from Fort Pierce Westwood Academy WEST Prep’s African American History class to tour his childhood home and business and share stories of local history. The students were mesmerized by the depth of historical accounts Dr. Gaines has and the familial knowledge of multiple generations of residents. Dr. Gaines shared his memories of a segregated Fort Pierce and the progress through his lifetime. Stone Brothers Funeral Home was a beautiful, antique-filled setting with historical relics of death certificates, ledgers, and furniture since 1917. Pictured below from left to right: … Read More

WEST Prep Sweeps St. Lucie County Fair Ag Awards

The time and effort our Ag panthers put in each year is impressive and this year it all paid off. While all exhibitors from FFA and 4H from across the area did an incredible job, WEST Prep swept the top awards and we could not be more proud of them. Grand Champion Heifer- Philip Black Reserve Grand Champion Heifer- Reed Blankenbaker Sr I- Grand Champion Grooming- Philip Black SR I- Reserve Grand Champion Grooming- Allison Kohler Sr I- Reserve Grand Champion Showmanship- Allison Kohler Sr II- Grand Champion Grooming- Reed Blankenbaker Sr II- Reserve Grand Champion Grooming- Elizabeth Rufo Sr … Read More

WEST Prep FFA Food Booth at the St. Lucie Fair

Fort Pierce Westwood Academy: The WEST Prep Magnet came out in solidarity to support the FFA/Ag students and their tremendous efforts showing their steer, swine, and small animals. St. Lucie County School Board members Debbie Hawley and Troy Ingersoll joined proud Principal Joseph Lezeau and the Admin team with several panthers in the food booth at the fairgrounds. The food booth is the largest fundraiser for the Agricultural program and it is no wonder why. The bbq served is excellent and the customer service is always stellar.

WEST Prep Students Spread Love through Service Projects

All homeroom classes were charged with brainstorming, designing, and implementing community service projects. Several classes created Valentine’s Day cards for the elderly and their teachers delivered them for them. Showcased here are cards from Ms. Hoffman’s, Ms. Owen’s, and Ms. Tillman’s classes. Ms. Tillman’s classroom had several groups and one named themselves the “KCP Post-Its”. The K is for Kindness, the C is for Compassion, and the P is for Poverty. They developed a mission statement and will be doing monthly projects moving forward.

WEST Prep’s Popup Spa Day

WEST Prep celebrated their faculty and staff by having a PopUp Spa party for self-care and relaxation before they left for the winter break. There were several stations that panthers could choose from to tailor their self-care wishes. Station set ups included vision boards, coloring, sensory, stretch/yoga, massage, infused water and facials.

WEST Prep Celebrates Pharmacy Technician Day

This photo is Mrs. Jn Paul and her Pharm Tech 7 students celebrating Pharmacy Technician Day. Mrs. Jn Paul began our Pharm Tech program when Westwood High School transitioned into WEST Prep and this will be her first certified and employable class. These students will be completing a 7-course program in 4 years by having double block classes annually. The students have shown commitment and endurance and deserve this celebration with their teacher.

Cross Curricular Connections at WEST Prep

Mrs. Hoots, a first year educator and Art teacher at WEST Prep, has been collaboratively planning with many different departments on campus to infuse art and content across our STEAM campus. Showcased here is a collaboration between the African American Studies and the Literacy Committee. Through the African American Studies lens, they read about coded quilts and their use in helping escaped slaves navigate the Underground Railroad. The Literacy Committee helped design a Writing to Learn element to synthesize the unit and practice reading and writing skills. Students further examined Faith Ringgold’s contemporary quilts and the Drawing classes used geometric … Read More

WEST Prep PBIS Gets a New Look

The Fort Pierce Westwood Academy: The WEST Prep Magnet PBIS Team created a PBIS T-shirt and Logo Contest to allow students to showcase their artistic and design talents. There were 13 students who submitted artwork and the judges had a challenge to choose the one to represent the T-shirt for the 21-22 school year. The Winners of the contest are: 2nd Place tie to Rayna Duzart (Grade 12) and Bella Gentry (Grade 9). Each will receive a $50 gift card. 1st place is Jaime Espinoza Hurtado (Grade 10) and he will receive a $100 gift card. Congratulations to all of … Read More

WEST Prep Leadership Students Begin a New Senior Tradition

Student Government and Student Council planned, organized and executed a field day event for the senior class of 2021. Students groups were paired with other teams to compete in activities that included relay races, obstacle courses, tug-o-war, and kickball games. Students were also competing against a Faculty and Staff team for a chance to win the overall field day. In the end, the Faculty and Staff team WON but the seniors put up a great fight!  

West Prep Top Ten Celebrated

Fort Pierce Westwood Academy: The WEST Prep Magnet hosted a celebratory luncheon for the Class of 2021 top ten students. 1 – Kevin Vanderneut Jr. 2 – Samuel Porter 3 – Ellyn Delano 4 – Neriah Nicholas 5 – Allen Lin 6 – Merissa Spence 7 – Mya Forestal 8 – Leigh-Ann Spalding 9 – Kailynn Webb 10 – Patrick Kloeckner

WEST Prep Biology Students Participate in Scientist in Every Florida School

Mrs. Merlyn Mathew partnered with Dr. Samantha Brooks, an Associate Professor and Researcher of Equine Physiology at the University of Florida, to deliver an interactive showcase of her genetics research to high school Biology students.  Dr. Brooks also shared her educational journey that led her to her eventual career path. The virtual TEAMs meeting was educational and directly aligned to content standards for the quarter. Students engaged by asking great questions which furthered their understanding of genetics and biotechnology. The program entitled SCIENTIST IN EVERY FLORIDA SCHOOL is a free program that connects educators and scientists together to integrate current … Read More

WEST Prep Class of 2021

Despite the pandemic, the WEST Prep class of 2021 took a class picture. While maintaining safe social distancing, Brick and Mortar and MySchool students were able to connect and capture a memory for their senior year.  It is more important, now more than ever, to promote social connections.

WEST Prep Selected as a Finalist in the STEM Excellence awards

The Steam Advocates, with the help of several teachers and students, applied for an international award from the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) in “STEM Excellence.”  They have been selected as 1 of 3 high school finalists from across the country! This is an amazing accomplishment for Fort Pierce Westwood Academy: The WEST Prep Magnet. The faculty and staff are dedicated to the implementation of the STEAM school initiatives and this award would not be possible without their hard work for our students’ success. Below is the link to the video portion of our application.