St. Lucie School Board adopts texting while driving proclamation

Communications giant AT&T and over 200 other companies are urging drivers to pledge not to text while driving. September 19, 2013 was designated as a national “Drive 4 Pledges Day”. Drivers across the country were asked to sign pledges to refrain from texting while driving. The St. Lucie County School Board adopted the “Drive 4 Pledges Day” proclamation at its September 10, 2013 meeting. Pictured, from left, are Assistant Superintendent Dr. Mark Rendell, School Board Chair Debbie Hawley, Deputy Sheriff Shirley Lindstadt, AT&T Regional Director Cathy McKenzie, AT&T Strategic Account Manager Nancy Vinez. Standing behind the group is Superintendent Genelle … Read More

Allapattah Flats third graders enjoy science for fun

Third grade students at Allapattah Flats K-8 School have been studying scientific investigations. To get the students excited about science as well as to practice the scientific procedures, teachers and students conducted a scientific investigation using Diet Coke and Mentos. The students enjoyed seeing the experiment and it reinforced their skills and encouraged them to hypothesize, write detailed steps, and write a conclusion. Pictured are students from Amy Rittenhouse’s class.

Mariposa Elementary fifth grade students are exploring scientists

At Mariposa Elementary, fifth grade students are applying their knowledge of the tools of measurement. Student scientists in Kathleen Guntow’s class are learning to use measuring tools. Pictured, David Diaz, left, and Ludwica Romero work together to measure mass with a spring scale and are applying their new knowledge to a spray water bottle.

Fort Pierce Central culinary students experience lifetime learning trip

Fort Pierce Central (FPC) High School culinary students, from left, Micah Bowen and Madison Moon attended the Annual Heritage Harvest Festival in Charlottesville, Virginia Sept. 6 and 7 at Monticello, the historic home of Thomas Jefferson. Culinary instructors Peggy Ash, third from left, and and Barbara Schwenger chaperoned the students and secured funding for this opportunity of a lifetime! Thanks to private backer Daniel Silvis and the Cobra Café, these students participated in such demonstrations as Master Gardeners, lectures and workshops in organic gardening, sustainable agriculture, and seed swap, to name a few. Thomas Jefferson is an American Political Icon … Read More

Allapattah Flats families learn about Title I programs, curriculum options

Allapattah Flats K-8 School recently held its annual Title 1 and Curriculum Night. Parents and students were treated to a pasta dinner and given a Title 1 presentation. After the presentation, parents were then able to break out into different sessions held by grade groups and departments where they could learn about what their students were going to be learning and participating in throughout the school year.  Pictured, from left, are teachers Mallory Ziegler, Nicholas Spagnuolo, and Ann Hartman.

Allapattah Flats students test household items for fire safety

Allapattah Flats fifth grade students use the steps of the scientific method to determine which household items, such as nail polish remover, vinegar, and tiki torch fluid, would continue to burn when put in water. This activity enhanced students’ learning about scientific inquiry and also prepared them for creating their own scientific investigations. Pictured is a demonstration by fifth grade teacher Kenya McGriff.

Palm Pointe students learn about the legend of apples

While learning about people of the past, kindergarten students at Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition dressed up like Johnny Appleseed. Together, students created a timeline of the important events in Johnny Appleseed’s life. After they finished their timeline, students enjoyed all kinds of treats made from apples. Pictured is Ariana Costanzo, kindergarten teacher, as she talks to her class about Johnny Appleseed.

Fairlawn Students Support Troops

Fairlawn Elementary students in Shirley Helton’s Fifth Grade class are corresponding with troops in Afghanistan. Students are sending care packages and hand-written notes to the soldiers. They also e-mail and skype with the troops giving them words of encouragement and asking many questions about life in Afghanistan. Pictured are Clark Emerson and Austin Jensen loading the care boxes with necessities and goodies.

Super Scientist Lab Day at Palm Pointe

The fifth grade students at Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition participated in a Super Scientist Lab Day.  Through seven different investigations, the students learned about chemical and physical changes.  Each of the fifth grade teachers conducted a different experiment showing either a chemical or physical change.  The teachers rotated through each of the seven fifth grade classrooms to demonstrate their specific experiment so that all the students observed each of the experiments.  Pictured from left is Lindsay Hudson, teacher, Ani Ramsingh and Anthony Balam.  

Northport K-8 bowls for kids sake and wishes Judi Miller a happy birthday

Northport K-8 School administration, teachers, staff and families participated in Bowling For Kid’s Sake recently at SuperPlay.  The event raised $36,000 to benefit Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Saint Lucie County.  Just a few of the many programs that assist the children of Saint Lucie County include  site and community based mentoring and literacy opportunities. The event also gave all a chance to help celebrate the CEO of Big Brothers, Big Sisters Dr. Judi Miller’s birthday.  Dr. Miller is a long time champion of the children and families of Saint Lucie County.  Northport K-8 School participants and cheerleaders thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to once … Read More

Southport Middle School’s Algebra & Geometry Parent Night

Southport Middle School held an Algebra and Geometry Parent Night on September 24th.  Math teachers, Adrian Mendoza, Jenna Woods, Principal Lydia Martin, and Math Coach Kathleen Manchester helped students solve their math problem during the “Amazing Math Race”. The parents and students were given important information and resources regarding the honors classes their students are taking. The students then participated in an “Amazing Math Race” contest! The students were given problems that went along with their course and when answered correctly received a clue that would take them around the school to get their next problem. It was so much … Read More

Manatee Academy Third Graders Skirmish Over Stories – S.O.S.

Excited third graders at Manatee Academy show off their books at the first Skirmishes Over Stories (S.O.S.) for the 2013-14 school year.  Students read from a list of ten books, come to the Media Center for lunch, get prizes for answering questions correctly about those books and enjoy Mrs. Remington’s World-Famous brownies!   The Tournament of Champions will be on December 4th.  S.O.S. is a precursor for 4th and 5th grades Battle of the Books.


On Tuesday, September 17 four Culinary Institute of America (CIA) chefs presented CIA at St Lucie West Centennial High.  Over 92 high school students from St Lucie West Centennial (SLWC), Fort Pierce Central, and Martin County High participated in four workshops: Chef Donald Sedivy-CIA Graduate and local Chef working in prestigious Private Clubs demonstrated a Garde Manger appetizer (chopped fresh veggies showcasing Florida tomatoes, mangos, avocados, and lump crab meat); Chef Harrison Kantor-2013 CIA graduate prepared an ethic dish of Falafel with Tahini Sauce; Chef Arnym Solomon-CIA Trustee Emeriti prepared Caribbean Style Stews; and Chef Jacqui Pressinger- CIA Assistant Director … Read More

Principals Selected for Prestigious Academy

Three St. Lucie principals were selected to participate in the Florida Department of Education’s Commissioner’s Leadership Academy conducted by the Council for Educational Change.  The Academy is made up of 25 of the highest performing principals in the state of Florida.   The intent is to build upon the skills of proven leaders so that they can serve as role models and coaches for others. Participants will return to their districts able to expand their area of influence and improve others’ ability to increase student achievement.  Southport Middle School Principal Lydia Martin and Palm Pointe Educational Research School Principal Debbie Snyder … Read More

VPK Gold Seal Award

The School Board recognized various school sites for their award winning VPK programs. The schools that were awarded the VPK Gold Seal Award are Bayshore Elementary, C.A. Moore Elementary, Ft. Pierce Magnet School of the Arts, Lakewood Park Elementary, Lawnwood Elementary, Northport K-8, Mariposa Elementary, Parkway Elementary, Samuel Gaines Academy, Savanna Ridge Elementary, St. Lucie Elementary, Weatherbee Elementary, and White City Elementary.

Middle School Zero Robotics Challenge

St. Lucie County middle school students from Southern Oaks and their teachers were recognized for achieving first place in the national competition of the Zero Robotics Challenge held on the International Space Station on Tuesday, August 13, 2013. The students recognized were Jaeger Johnson, April Vasquez, Maria Blaszkiewicz, Grisel Cabrera, Hansly Ledger, Michael Lefrancois, and Brooklynne Pimpo. The teachers who facilitated the teams are Kevin McInerney and Brian Jones. Also pictured are School Board Chair Debbie Hawley, Superintendent Genelle Yost, and Assistant Superintendent Kerry Padrick and Principal Lisa Sullivan. Congratulations!

Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) Presentation

Marcella Bianco, Wellness Program Manager FL Department of Health, along with two SWAT youth members, Vance Taylor and Victoria Binner gave a presentation to the School Board on September 10, 2013. SWAT members, SWAT advisors and partnership members were recognized for their accomplishments with the new Tobacco Free Environment Policy #2.90 that was recently passed on July 23, 2013.

Vocabulary Practice Fun!

Wadson Charmant, Owen Morgan, and Dylan Torello in Mrs. Moreira’s 8th grade reading class at Westgate K-8 are involved in an active game of $1,000,000 Pyramid. Some friendly competition  makes learning challenging vocabulary words more fun!

Northport k8 school integrates fine arts to support student achievement

Northport K-8 School middle grades Art instruction has been deemed an integral facet in educating the school’s children. Students in grades K-8 enter Valerie Niewieroski’s art class with hopes of fun and color, but Mrs. Niewieroski offers so much more to the students. A plethora of studies have proven that an excellent fine arts school program enhances motor skills, builds language development, strengthens problem solving and critical thinking skills as well as offering a vital outlet for self expression and inventiveness. Studies have also proven a direct correlation between art, music education and higher academic achievement. A report by Americans … Read More

Constitution Day at Palm Pointe

Seventh grade students at Palm Pointe Educational Research @ Tradition enjoyed listening and learning to guest speaker, attorney Tanya Fender. She came to talk to them about the Constitution, rights and responsibilities.  The students later were able to ask questions and discuss the information.  It was a very informative and educational experience for the students.