It’s a LIVE DAY Thing!

Mosaic Digital Academy Middle School students came to campus for an engaging and fun-filled learning experience with peers and their online teachers. Our on-campus days are affectionately called “LIVE DAYS” and oh boy did it live up to its name!
Dr. Purnell’s English Language Arts lesson delved into characterization since students are working on writing their own stories in 7th and 8th grade in their online course. Dr. Purnell brought in several pairs of shoes, and students were asked to choose a pair from the lineup to develop a character based on that pair of shoes. From leopard cowboy boots to fancy patterned high heels and beat-up Nike sneakers, those stories got pretty interesting as students started to bounce off ideas with their tablemates!
With Mrs. Shovan, things always get lively even for Math class! Students participated in a Math review through station activities with the content covered in Module 1 and 2 in their online courses. After 10 minutes at each station, each student and their partner enjoyed an exciting “minute to win it” activity as a brain break before starting the next station.
Mrs. Linton engaged students in different Science lab activities, then students worked together to create graphs with the lab results. The fun didn’t stop there….. students also did a blubber lab, extracted DNA from strawberries, looked at how light is reflected, absorbed, and transmitted through gummy bears, observed conservation of mass using baking soda-filled balloons and vinegar bottles, and tested pH.
Mrs. Wilson-Lorange had students participate in a Bill of Rights Review and then a Bill of Rights Bingo game. Students then examined Amendments 1-10 and worked together to outline which five were the most important to them. The amendment every student agreed was most important was the first amendment. They addressed how important it is to know your rights. Finally, they used the Bingo Game to review different scenarios. It’s a live-day thing and you just have to experience it to know what it’s all about! #MosaicOwls #LiveDay #MiddleSchoolRocks