Lakewood Park Elementary Students Were Trained To Be An Assistant Principal

Lakewood Park Elementary students can earn Falcon Bucks every day for being Respectful, Responsible, and Safe. They have a chance to shop at the PBIS cart every week to spend those “bucks”. Some of these students chose to use their Falcon Bucks to purchase a ticket to be the Assistant Principal for 30 minutes. They were trained to be an Assistant Principal by walking with our Principal, Mrs. Walukiewicz, and helping her with some of her responsibilities. The Assistant Principals in training led the Pledge of Allegiance and Kids at Hope Pledge, signed thank you cards, visited classrooms, and assisted … Read More

Lakewood Park Elementary Students Decorate Holiday Cookies for Their PBIS Event

Students at Lakewood Park Elementary had an opportunity to use their Falcon Bucks today for a Holiday Cookie Decorating and Movie Party. Mrs. Keim, former LWP teacher, and our volunteer, baked all of the cookies for students to decorate. Students decorated their cookies with icing and sprinkles. While they were decorating they watched a holiday movie and at the end played holiday games. We are so proud of our Falcons for being Responsible, Respectful, and Safe.

Lakewood Park Elementary Celebrates the Annual Vocabulary Parade

Lakewood Park Elementary held its Third Annual Vocabulary parade on Wednesday, October 27th. Students and teachers dressed as a variety of words from math and reading terms to science and social studies vocabulary words. All participants paraded during lunchtime and shared their words and definitions. This event is meant to reinforce what the students have learned in the classroom—another great day at our school. Go Falcons!!!!

Lakewood Park Elementary Celebrate “Of the Years”

Lakewood Park Elementary is very proud of our “Of the Years” for the 2021-2022 school year. Please give us a hand in recognizing the following individuals that bring pride to our Falcons. Ms. Byrd – Outstanding First Year Teacher Mrs. Brissett – Teacher of the Year Mrs. Garcia – Distinguished Minority Educator Mrs. Jackowski – School-Related Employee of the Year

Lakewood Park Elementary Celebrates Fire Pup Day

Fire and Life Safety Educator Stacey Carter, Fire investigator Joe Cox, and Arson K9 Camy went to visit the students in grades K-5 at Lakewood Park Elementary last week. They explained how Camy is beneficial to the Fire District and also introduced them to Dusty the Dragon. Dusty’s a great teaching tool for Fire Safety. His skit goes well with this year’s Fire Prevention theme, Learn the sounds of Fire Safety.  

Lakewood Park Elementary Start Safety Patrol with Deputy Kasey

Deputy Kasey and Mrs. Livingston held the 2021-2022 Safety Patrol induction ceremony on Friday. Students took an oath and will report for duty on Monday morning! Students had to write an essay and get a recommendation from two teachers before being selected. They will serve as respectful, responsible role models who will help ensure everyone is safe at school.   

LWP Teachers and Staff Get Pie in the Face

Students raised money last week for PBIS incentives. Students placed their donations in the jar(s) of the teacher/staff member(s) that they wanted to see get a pie in the face. The winners of this contest were: Mrs. Walukiewicz Mrs. Gomez Deputy Duren Ms. Steward Ms. Fisher Mrs. Rivera The pie-ing took place in the cafeteria on Thursday, September 9. Three students from each class had the opportunity to purchase a ticket to attend. Tickets cost 30 Falcon Bucks. In addition, one student from each grade level got to pie a teacher/staff member. All other students watched via TEAMS.

It Was a Great First Day of School at Lakewood Park Elementary

It was a great first day of school at Lakewood Park Elementary. Community members including Lakewood Park United Methodist Church, St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, and St. Lucie County Fire District participated in our Tunnel of Hope. We welcomed our students with positive posters and words of encouragement. We know that all of our students will have a great 2021-2022 school year. #FalconPride #FalconKind #FalconPromise

Lakewood Park Elementary Showcases Their Resource Classes

Lakewood Park Elementary students are lucky to be able to participate in different resource classes. Students at Lakewood Park Elementary participate every week in drama class. In Ms. Gardner’s drama class, students do a variety of activities appropriate to their age level, including gameplay, acting out scenes, and improvising skits. Ms. Gardner integrates student knowledge and understanding of drama with the study of other academic subjects.   Students at Lakewood Park Elementary participate every week in art class. Mrs. Pettit has designed this class to provide an opportunity for art students to explore the fundamentals of art and to work with a variety of traditional and new … Read More

Lakewood Park Elementary Students Learn Through Math Manipulatives

Students in Ms. Quintero’s second-grade class are using manipulatives to learn about shapes. Students are learning about the names of each shape based on the number of sides. The use of manipulatives helps students hone their mathematical thinking skills and helps students connect ideas and integrate their knowledge so that they gain a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

MySchool Fourth Graders at Lakewood Park Earned a PBIS Event

Lakewood Park Elementary MySchool fourth-graders enjoyed a PBIS event using Microsoft OneNote and TEAMS. Ms. Beaumier keeps track of student and class behavior using  Falcon Bank. Once the students have earned a certain amount of Falcon Bucks they get to choose what activity they want to do by voting with Microsoft Poll.  Students choose to design and build a virtual Gingerbread house. #FalconPride #FalconKind #HeartOfThePark

Vocabulary Parade at Lakewood Park Elementary

Lakewood Park Elementary students and staff showcased vocabulary words in our Vocabulary Parade during Spirit Week. Students were able to create posters and/or costumes representing a word they learned during the first nine weeks. An abundance of creativity was on display as students shared their costumes on stage during lunchtime in the cafeteria. This was a fun opportunity for students to share new learning.