Students Compete for Title: Chefs of Tomorrow

ST. LUCIE COUNTY — Today’s Iron Chefs have nothing over the talented student chefs who will be competing for tasty votes during the 3rd Annual Culinary Showcase on Wednesday, December 9, at the City of Port St. Lucie Civic Center on US Hwy One. From 5 pm to 7 pm, the public is invited to sample the cooking creations from the St. Lucie Public Schools’ five high school culinary arts programs (Fort Pierce Central, Fort Pierce Westwood, Port St. Lucie, Treasure Coast, and St. Lucie West Centennial High Schools) and two middle school programs (Northport VPK-8 and St. Lucie West … Read More

Fort Pierce Central High School to Be Inducted Into Super Bowl High School Honor Roll

ST. LUCIE COUNTY — On Wednesday, December 2, 2015, Fort Pierce Central High School (FPCHS) will accept the Super Bowl Honor Roll Wilson Golden Football — a symbol of distinction bestowed upon the school on behalf of Robert Weathers (FPCHS Class of 1978) and the National Football League (NFL). The induction ceremony in which FPCHS will become part of the community of schools that have contributed to Super Bowl history will take place during an in-school basketball game. Select high schools across the country will receive a commemorative Golden Football produced by Wilson for each player or head coach who … Read More

School Board Members Reflect on the Year with WPSL 1590

After students perform holiday selections for the annual WPSL Christmas Kids Concert, Carol Wyatt of WPSL 1590 highlights arts in education and much more as she and School Board Members reflect on the year.  They share their thoughts on the accomplishments of St. Lucie Public Schools including the selection of a new superintendent, the Speakers Bureau, the performing arts, @ccess Now, and the celebrations of students and staff.

WPSL Christmas Kids Concert

Lincoln Park Academy’s students perform for the annual WPSL 1590 Christmas Kids of St. Lucie County Concert. Superintendent E. Wayne Gent speaks with Greg and Carol Wyatt of WPSL 1590 about the opportunities for students in St. Lucie Public Schools on the annual Christmas Kids show. School Board Members share their thoughts on the accomplishments of St. Lucie Public Schools including the selection of a new superintendent, the Speakers Bureau, the arts in education, @ccess Now, and the celebrations of students and staff.

Savanna Ridge Students and Staff Raise Money for PTO Turkey Fundraiser!

Students at Savanna Ridge Elementary raised money during a recent PTO fundraiser whereby the winners wore turkey costumes for the day. Mr. Clements (5th grade teacher) and Mrs. Fletcher (2nd grade teacher) were good sports and wore turkey costumes for the day since they were the ones who raised the most money for the fundraiser.   They are pictured with the SRE Morning News Team members and Savanna Ridge’s PTO President Ericka Goyes after they announced it on the Morning News Show.

Weatherbee Receives Gold PBIS Model School Award

Weatherbee Elementary School has once again achieved Gold Level Model PBS School status. Recently, Dr. Lurana Hillard presented the PBIS team with a certificate of success for the 2013-14 school year along with gold pins for all faculty and staff.  Pictured is the PBIS team accepting the award.

Frances K. Sweet First Graders Make Butter

Students from Mrs. Cindy Langel’s 1st grade class are comparing life now with life in the past.  After learning about how people in the past prepared food, the students used heavy whipping cream to create homemade butter. The students were then able to share their butter with their families during their classroom feast. Pictured from left to right are Luis Rivera, Denzel Wright, Kyra Burton, and Nancy Thomas.

Frances K. Sweet Has Fun at Their PBIS Event

Frances K. Sweet celebrated the last day before the Thanksgiving holiday by having their monthly PBIS event. Ms. Marla Liberatore’s 3rd grade class brought in their favorite games to play with their friends. Students enjoyed playing board games like Monopoly, Sorry, and Hedbanz, and card games like UNO and Crazy Eights. Everyone enjoyed spending their Starbucks to play with their friends at this event. Pictured from left to right are Latrice Elliott, Lauren McEwen, and Jenna Franklin, while they played Monopoly.

Weatherbee Fall Reading Challenge Ends With a Pie in the Face

On Monday, November 24th, the Weatherbee Fall Reading Challenge ended.  570 students read 10,379.123 words and earned a total of 7,785 points.  The top students in each class received the honor of throwing a cream pie at their teacher!  Pictured is Katelynn Justice pieing her teacher, Mrs. Melanie MacPherson, as teacher Mr. Ed Strivelli looks on.

Allapattah Flats’ 2nd Graders Measure Up!

Ms. Mellion’s 2nd graders used rulers they created to measure all around their classroom. Students worked in groups to create a list of classroom objects along with height (inches) in their Math Interactive Notebooks. They are currently working on measuring the length of objects by selecting and using appropriate tools such as rulers, yardsticks, meter sticks, and measuring tape.

Pen Pals Make Great Mentors at Mariposa Elementary

At Mariposa Elementary, Mrs. Michelle Smith’s 2nd grade class teamed up with Mrs. Theresa Delancy’s 3rd grade class for writing!  Every 2nd grader has a 3rd grade pen pal who acts as a writing mentor.  After reading the story The Plump and Perky Turkey, students were asked to imagine that they were a turkey! Together with their pen pals, students had to come up with reasons as to why the turkey should not be eaten on Thanksgiving! Tahlia Sugrim and Abigail Santiago are showing their hard work. The students had a blast! Afterwards, they celebrated by creating their own Thanksgiving … Read More

Northport Hosts Inwater Research Group

Marine biologists, Mr. and Mrs. Mott from the Inwater Research Group, presented a stimulating enrichment program to the 6th-8th grade Northstar students about sea turtles. They showed specimens of turtle anatomy and related body structures to their function for survival in the ecosystem. Students considered characteristics of organisms as they identified the shared characteristics used for taxonomic classification of organisms. Students were encouraged to think about the impact humans have on the environment and share their ideas. Conservation and protection practices for threatened and endangered species were elicited from the students since we all share the responsibility of good stewardship … Read More

Northport Selects First Year Teacher of the Year!

We are so proud of our Northport K-8 School First Year Teacher of the Year! First, we are so glad that she chose teaching as her profession. It takes a very special person to be a classroom teacher. It takes grit, integrity, honesty, compassion, respect, knowledge, trustworthiness and an abilty to make a real connection with the kids. Second, we are thrilled that she chose Northport! Our ESE kids are winners and they deserve an awesome teacher. Megan and her family moved here from the state of Washington. Big Change! Please congratulate Megan Hill and be as supportive as you … Read More

MOA Senior Aneesa Dial Announced as Finalist in Florida’s Leader 4 Life Fellowship Program

In a surprise announcement, Aneesa Dial of Fort Pierce Westwood High School’s Marine and Oceanographic Academy (MOA), learned that she is one of 14 finalists for the Leaders 4 Life (L4L) Fellowship Program offered through the Take Stock in Children program at Indian River State College (IRSC). This is a prestigious statewide fellowship which is designed to provide highly motivated Take Stock in Children scholars who have demonstrated strong leadership skills, moral character, and academic success with the financial resources, services, and support needed to ensure student success throughout college. Six students will become “fellows” as winners of the L4L … Read More

“Parents: You Matter” Program Launches in St. Lucie County

“Parents: You Matter” Program Launches in St. Lucie County New Program Designed to Increase Parents’ Understanding of Drug and Alcohol Issues Today, the Title I Department of St. Lucie Public Schools in conjunction with local agencies announced the launch of a community education program designed to increase parents’ understanding and confidence in preventing and addressing drug and alcohol issues. The multi-media training program is designed to educate parents of teens and tweens about why kids use drugs and alcohol. Program topics cover: what parents can do to protect their children, tips on how to communicate with their kids, suggestions for … Read More

Families and Community Members Support Bayshore Student!

Bayshore Elementary School students, families and community members demonstrated an outpouring of support for Collin Cash, a fifth grade student at Bayshore who is battling Leukemia.  On November 21, 2015, Bayshore Elementary School hosted a yard sale with all proceeds being donated to help with Collin’s medical bills.  We truly thank everyone for the donations including certificates, baked goods, and yard sale items. The Cash family also would like to thank everyone who stopped by to offer their prayers and words of encouragement. To all who supported our efforts in easing the burden of Collin’s medical bills, we are forever … Read More

Manatee Academy Students Build Oyster Reef

For the second year, Manatee Academy 7th grade students have partnered with the Indian River Oyster Reef Restoration Project and the 4 H Foundation in building an oyster reef off Harbor Point Park in Ft. Pierce. The students use the natural water filtration ability of the oysters to promote a better water quality in the lagoon system. They have been involved in enrichment lessons that promote real world application of how humans impact the Earth’s water. The unit includes a series of research labs in oyster anatomy along with dissection and water quality testing. The students will return to the … Read More