Night of Family Learning at Oak Hammock K-8

Grade 3 through 8 Oak Hammock K-8 families participated in a collaboratively hosted event by Title 1 and the SLPS Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) department. The event focused on Social and Emotional Learning strategies to enhance the well-being at home during the FSA testing season. Participants learned how Oak Hammock is implementing SEL at school and rotated to different stations so students and their families could practice different strategies for use at home. The SEL Learning Stations focused on maintaining positive relationships through effective communication, mindfulness, emotional check-ins, and making connections with one another. Each family went home with … Read More

Oak Hammock K-8 Students Raise Autism Acceptance

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Oak Hammock K-8 students learn during SEL about Autism Awareness and Acceptance. Students in the 7th Grade Raptors team worked collaboratively, applying their SEL skills they have learned throughout the school year, to create an Autism Awareness Mosaic. Students also wrote a fact or a quote to help raise awareness and acceptance for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. The 7th Grade Raptors pod wore blue to help raise awareness and acceptance for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

Pie in the Face for Kids Heart Challenge

Oak Hammock K-8 elementary students were up for the challenge of smashing a pie in the face of Coach Branim. The Kids Heart Challenge is a fun and exciting event where students learn about their hearts while helping others by raising money for the American Heart Association. It prepares our students for success through physical and emotional well-being as they learned the importance of being healthy. This year, Oak Hammock K-8 had a total of 125 students in grades K-5 raise a total of $6,860.00. Students were challenged to raise $100 for the opportunity to smash a pie in Coach … Read More

Oak Hammock K-8 is Wild About Wildlife

Oak Hammock K-8, 7th-grade students participated in the Project Citizen District Showcase. We are excited for our students in Mr. Sparacio’s Civics class for having the project “Wild About Wildlife” place in the top three projects. Students collaborated to address the concern of losing the local habitat of native animals in the surrounding community due to the alarming rate of homes and business development. Students worked together to thoroughly research the policy to address their concern, identify a solution and develop an action plan through the Project Citizen Showcase. The Osprey family would like to congratulate the students for their … Read More

Oak Hammock K-8 Students Engaged in Learning from Blooklet

Students on the 7th Grade Raptors Team in Mr. Sparacio’s Civics class participated in a review on the Blooket platform. Students are engaged in a gamified learning platform where teachers host games through question sets. Blooket is an exciting new take on the modern classroom review game. It aims to match action with education to create the ultimate learning experience! Blooket is used as a trivia and review tool that allows educators to “level up classroom engagement”. During their review sessions, students had a friendly academic competition about the different types of laws and landmark supreme court cases that have … Read More

Oak Hammock Middle School Students Excel at the District STEM Fair

Oak Hammock K8 middle school students’ science fair projects were chosen as first-place winners for their grades at Oak Hammock. They then participated in the District STEM Fair at IRSC on February 11, 2022. We are so proud of their dedication and hard work! A special thank you to Ms. Seaton, STEM Coordinator, for representing Oak Hammock School! The Osprey family would like to congratulate: Renzo Clements, 6th Grader from Mrs. Glendenning’s class (Gulp, Gulp, Gulp, Drink More Water, Leave the Salt); Lucas Putnam, 6th Grader from Mrs. Glendenning’s class (Sugary Drinks Affect Teeth) Aydan Gale from Mr. Richards’s class, … Read More

Oak Hammock K-8 Girls on the Run Gives Back

Each season, with the guidance of Ms. Nancy Branim and Ms. Amber Martin, the Girls on the Run participants choose a project that positively impacts their community. The Girls on the Run participants at Oak Hammock K-8 converted an old newspaper dispenser into a Little Free Library. The girls beautified their Little Free Library by painting positive messages they learned throughout the program onto the old newspaper dispenser. The girls want to make sure all students feel inspired, valued and have access to a library that offers books that are free for all students.

Project Citizen at Oak Hammock K-8

Oak Hammock K-8 7th grade students in Mr. Sparacio’s Civics class understand the importance of taking care of their community. The students learned how to monitor and influence local public policies by participating in the Project Citizen project. The project provides a practical first-hand approach to learning about the complex system of government and how to monitor and influence change. Students collaborated to address the concern of losing the local habitat of native animals in the surrounding community. Students worked together to identify the cause of the problem, which is due in part to the increase in population and home … Read More

Launching Into Literacy Week at Oak Hammock K-8

Oak Hammock students, home of the Ospreys, soared to new heights during literacy week! Students participated in multiple dress-up days focused on literacy themes like “Reading Makes You Bright!”.  Students and staff dressed up in neon colors, read with flashlights, and participated in reading outside.  Everyone enjoyed the “Dress Up Like a Book Character” to see themselves reflected in a character’s world!

Oak Hammock K-8 First-Grade Students Learn to Take Their Time

Students in Ms. Reynolds’s first-grade class incorporated a STEM activity to help identify and explain the moral of their text, When I Hurry. Students collaborated with their table partner to create and build a tower from toothpicks and mini marshmallows. This STEM activity gave the students an opportunity to demonstrate the lesson vocabulary: teamwork, problem-solving, cleverness, and strength. The Osprey family is proud of the student’s accomplishment and their ability to take their time and build their best tower.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for the SAC Members at Oak Hammock K-8

Oak Hammock K-8 is striving to support the emotional well-being of the entire Osprey family, including the families of students. During the January monthly SAC meeting, Ms. Cassey Change, SEL Specialist, and Ms. Lauren Kappler, Parent Educator, provided an overview of what Social Emotional Learning (SEL) means and how it could be used at home to support students. The SAC members, including parents and community members, participated in a welcoming ritual (greeting, celebrations, gratitude), a review of goals, discussed the importance of celebrating successes and ended the session with an optimistic closure. The presentation also provided an overview of available … Read More

Math is “Snow” Much Fun!

Oak Hammock K-8, 7th grade math students in the Raptors pod put a Florida spin on the new meaning to melting in the snow.  Students were engaged and challenged by their math teacher Mr. Ortiz, to take a different approach to solve for the circumference of a circle given the radius or diameter.  Building on their prior knowledge and skills, students made sense of the problems based upon real world application and persevered to solve them. Using appropriate mathematical tools strategically, the students gathered their data and applied the circumference formulas to find the circumference of each circle. Students collaborated to … Read More

Secret Santa’s Elf Delivery Service at Oak Hammock K-8

Ms. Quinn’s K-2 InD ESE class is using Secret Santa’s Elf Delivery Service as an opportunity to work on their communication and social skills. Each day the Oak Hammock student elves deliver gifts to teachers and take the opportunity to work on social skills.  Students are learning the importance of knocking before entering a room, looking in the direction of the person they are speaking to, introducing themselves and being polite and respectful. The student elves are bringing such joy to all those they encounter along the way.

Reading is Fun for Oak Hammock K-8 Students

Students in 7th and 8th grade at Oak Hammock K-8 were surprised to receive to 3-5 books from Scholastic Books. Ms. Gallick, their support facilitator teacher, raised funds with the help of friends and family to buy the students their own books. After weeks of waiting due to supply issues (and thousands of times asking Ms. Gallick, when will the books be arriving), the students were so excited to finally receive their books in time for Thanksgiving break.

Oak Hammock K-8 Students Discover Government at Work

Students in Ms. Tallman’s second grade class at Oak Hammock K-8 learned how to summarize a reading passage to build knowledge about the government from their weekly text.  Students collaborated with their group to identify relevant key elements that allowed them to answer detailed questions about the passage and identify the story elements. Students achieved their learning goal and were able to incorporate the text vocabulary to make oral and written elaboration about our government at work.

My Favorite Character, Pumpkin Style, at Oak Hammock K-8

Students in Ms. Pelchat’s InD homeroom class at Oak Hammock K-8, decided to enhance their book report project by creating a pumpkin character book report. Each student used a pumpkin to recreate their favorite character from a book they read in class. Students identified the character, character traits and designed a pumpkin to be reflective of their character. Students were given the opportunity to present their project and share what they learned about the character to their peers.

Oak Hammock K-8 Celebrate Unity Day

Students and staff at Oak Hammock K-8 wore orange to make a unified statement against bullying.  The middle school students celebrated Unity Day by promoting kindness, acceptance, and inclusion and to send a visible message that no one should ever experience bullying and to pledge to end bullying.  Students in grades K-5 created a unique banner to make a powerful statement that Oak Hammock K-8 is a Bully Free Zone.

Oak Hammock K-8 Students Unified During Bullying Prevention Month

Oak Hammock K-8 students participated in weekly activities to display unity and support for Anti-Bullying Month. Students on the 7th grade Raptors team, created the #BlockShade activity, where they focused on the importance of saying no to bullying and yes to kindness and friendships. Students not only worked together to participate in Stomp Out Bullying: Crazy Socks & Shoes Day, they also participated in Team Up Against Bullying: Team Jersey Day. Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade created pathways to Stomp Out Bullying.      

Rewind & Be Kind: Deans’ Incentive Reward at Oak Hammock K-8

Students at Oak Hammock K-8 are learning to make good choices that can be rewarding. Each month, one student from each grade, who has not received a BIR or referral for the month, is randomly selected to receive a gift bag from the Dean’s office. Congratulations to the students of Oak Hammock who do the right thing. We are watching and catching you at your best!

Oak Hammock K-8 Second Grade Students Discovery of Biomes

Oak Hammock second grade classes had lots of fun exploring the different biomes. Students learned important facts about their favorite animals by engaging in research activities to recreate the animal’s habitat, identify the specific community of vegetation and wildlife. The students created their own habitat at home as a family project and wrote an informational piece in class based upon their research.  All students had the opportunity to present, explore and learn about the habitat of many different animals. Second grade, your teachers and the Osprey family are very proud of you!