Weatherbee Elementary students celebrate reading success

Students at Weatherbee Elementary celebrated as their Stampede into Reading Challenge came to a close.  Over 5200 books were read by students with top readers receiving a special photo from the Stampede Crew.  Pictured are top readers from Weatherbee’s fifth grade (from left ) Aaron Reed from Charles Cornyn’s class, Sebastian Johnson from Kim Brennan-Lee’s class, Brianna Snyder from Caroline Redding’s class  and Sara Robbins from Rachelle Miller’s class.  They are joined by Principal Michael Hitsman and Assistant Principal Dianne Young.  On horseback are Thomas Richards riding Levi and Emily Bullins riding Dreamer.

Allapattah Flats concert band prepares for year’s final concert

The concert band of Allapattah Flats K-8 School is preparing for its end of the year concert under the direction of Elyse Larkins.  In class, band members are working diligently to produce a good tone on their instrument by using air support.  With this technique, students will develop a high quality sound.  Along with learning the characteristics of tone of their instrument, band members are learning how to play their music expressively by using dynamics and phrasing.  Pictured, from left, Brenda Villarroel, Scott Barnhart, and Lindsey Allgire.                                

Allapattah Flats middle grades students create simple machines

Allapattah Flats K-8 middle grades students recently learned how erosion and deposition have formed the landscape around us.  Seventh grade students studied plate tectonics, while eighth grade students finished up space. To review and prepare for FCAT over the next couple of weeks, the students are doing labs.  Students completed a running lab where they found their speed, velocity, momentum, acceleration, force and work.  Students also created simple machines using a few household objects. Pictured are Tricia Allen, left, and Alexzandra Vericella completing the “make your own simple machine” lab.

Allapattah Flats girls basketball team scores big

Allapattah Flats K8 School  girls basketball team hosted the girls’ “A” Division county tournament recently. The girls team won both games giving up only seven points in two games and scoring 61. This has put them as the # 1 seed in the final four championships that will be played on April 14th at Fort Pierce Central High School. Pictured, front row from left, Natasha Peraza, Abigail Jimenez, Gracie Jimenez, and Rebekkah Peraza, Back row, from left, Nick Spaguolo, Brittany Gladden, Tiara Evans, Madeline Lawson, Kara Flynn, and Jud Allen Not pictured are Gabby Bather and Alexis Tabora.               … Read More

Bayshore Elementary second grade students learn about energy

Bayshore Elementary School second grade students have been learning about energy.  Students researched heat, sound, light and electrical energy.  Afterwards they created three dimensional models to exhibit their findings.  Pictured are Renee Immordino’s second grade students, from left, Jenassa Bynoe, Cameron Jackson, and Nico Mistretta.

Southport Middle School students have special movie screening

Southport Middle School students had the opportunity to see the “Hunger Games” movie on the opening weekend of the film.  Southport Middle media specialist Angela Mas secured a private theater screening at Regal 16 just for Southport students and families.  There were 130 tickets sold.  The “Hunger Games” book series by Suzanne Collins has been promoted by the eighth grade Language Arts department and the media center as well.  Students have been devouring the books and were excited about the opportunity to see the movie.  Several teachers, staff and parents accompanied students. Southport students made a great impression as their … Read More

Mariposa Elementary staff members run for wellness

Three Mariposa Elementary staff members recently ran the Torrey Pines Race for Research half marathon. The staff members participating in the race were, pictured, from left, Sue New, Christina Bondi and Michelle Graci.  Sue and Michelle ran their first half marathon and Christina ran her sixth half marathon. After running 13.1 miles, the ladies earned a Torrey Pines Half Marathon medal.

Northport K-8 kindergartners cultivate writing skills

Northport K-8 kindergartners in Megan Castiglia’s class  showed off their writing skills to parents and grandparents at a Young Authors mini program recently.  Students in Mrs. Castiglia’s class, affectionately known as Mrs. M.C.’s Little Hammers, wrote Young Author books following the school-wide rubric.  They also made a main character poster following in the footsteps of Dr. Seuss.  As students read their books aloud, parents moved to visit each student and hear the stories read aloud by the students.  Also on hand to listen to the students work were principal Glenn Rustay, assistant principal Bennie Montenegro, media specialist Lynne Gruszka, media … Read More

Palm Pointe families enjoy CSI Family Mystery Night

With almost 600 people in attendance, Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition’s CSI Family Mystery Night was a huge success!  Assistant principal Latricia Thompson and fifth grade teacher Michelle Powers organized the event, which encourages critical thinking and the scientific process skills.  There were many different labs set up for parents and students to test their observations, collect data and use deductive reasoning to do their investigation.  Families completed the different labs and eliminated “suspects” accused of stealing the Palm Pointe rocket.  CSI night incorporated drama and mystery in a realistic application of science investigations.  This was educational fun for … Read More

Bayshore Elementary students learn the importance of voting

Bayshore Elementary School is excited to announce that students in third through fifth grade had the opportunity to learn the civic importance of voting while participating in a mock election.  St. Lucie County’s Supervisor of Elections office provided voting booths, ballots and machine tabulators for students to use.  In conjunction with the Sunshine State Young Readers Awards program, students went to the polls to vote for their favorite Sunshine Book.  Students were excited for the opportunity to participate in the voting process and can’t wait until they can register to vote!   Pictured are fourth grade students Hannah Salik (left) and Andres … Read More

Book fair at Palm Pointe enjoyed by all

The Spring Book Fair at Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition had a tropical theme this year and students and staff were excited about all the choices in books. Pictured, from left, media clerk  Kathy Ferguson, media specialist Elsie Garber, and fourth grade students from Allison Snyder’s class Maria Prussing and Natalie Hernandez enjoy browsing through one of the books.

New board certified teachers recognized at school board meeting

Three new teachers achieving National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) status were recognized at the March 13, 2012, St. Lucie Public Schools board meeting. Pictured, from left, front row, are Hall Riediger, father to Jean Emerson, Alan Emerson holding daughter Grace with NBCT Jean Emerson, NBCT Theresa Brandifino, Joseph Brandifino, and Jill Prisco, president of the National Board Certified Teachers of St. Lucie County. Back row, from left, Garden City Early Learning Academy principal Teri Barenborg, Superintendent Michael Lannon, school board members Kathryn Hensley, Debbie Hawley and Dr. Donna Mills, school board chairman Carol Hilson, and school board member Troy Ingersoll.

Floresta Elementary students teach others about energy through music

Thanks to a generous grant from FPL in conjunction with N.E.E.D., students in Mary McCartney’s music class have been learning about recycling, conservation, and renewable energy sources through the fine arts of music and dance. To deepen and extend their own learning, and to enlighten others about this topic, students shared their knowledge through a musical performance at Floresta Elementary’s Spring Concert.

Northport K8 school staff competes in race for research

Northport K-8 School administrators and staff gave a big boost to literacy and offered a “Get Fit” challenge to students at the school.  Students participated in a reading marathon to read 5,000 books before race day.  The mission was accomplished, and Principal Glenn Rustay donned a pink tutu to complete the run.  Also dressed for the occasion were Assistant Principals Benigna Mentengro and Doug Shook, as well as ESE chairperson Sherri Yakovino, and several instructors.  Principal Rustay’s father and his son also competed in the Torrey Pines Race For Research with him.  The Get Fit For Literacy Challenge was a dynamic and exciting … Read More

Teachers participate in panel discussion at local Republican Club meeting

Northport K-8 Teacher of the Year Mala Woessner joined First Year Teacher of the Year Cheryl Salerno from Samuel Gaines Academy, and Distinguished Minority Teacher of the Year from Allapattah Flats Tekia Montgomery, in a panel discussion at the St. Lucie County Republican’s Club Dinner recently.  The dinner and panel was hosted by Mary Anne Patan, Republican Club president, and moderated by Dr. Mike Salerno from Barry University.  The discussion with question and answer period was dynamic with topics such as FCAT testing, homelessness in St. Lucie County, Project Citizen civics requirements and Arts in Education, as well as veterans … Read More

Windmill Point Elementary hosts family night with business partner

Windmill Point Elementary School and business partner, the Big Apple Pizza on Gatlin Boulevard, sponsored a Kids at Hope Night.  Families and the community were delighted as faculty and staff served guests their dinners.  Talented paraprofessional Sara Cruz and her husband did free face painting and balloon creations for all chidren.  The event was spearheaded by the Kids at Hope Committee organized by St. Lucie County’s Teacher of the Year, Mary Trubisky.  10% of all proceeds from the evening came back to our school’s Kids at Hope fund.  The fund is utilized for student incentives, awards and special events designed … Read More

Gaines Academy students tutor their peers

Kudos for Sam Gaines Academy AVID students for volunteering to tutor struggling students during seventh period, two days per week, for three weeks prior FCAT Writes! The awesome student tutors are, from left, Jesus Gill, David Osorio, Wayne Farmer, Allison Schiavi, Dana Bennett, Sherneice Robins, Bianca Castillo, and Shania Farmer.  Without the one-on-one tutorial ESE and ESOL student received by these outstanding and unselfish students, these struggling students would not achieve the writing scores they will achieve when test score come back.  Pictured, Sherneice Robin and Shania Farmer tutor Kenia Santizo Guerra, an ESOL student for the FCAT Writes test.

Gaines Academy students recognized for academic growth

Samuel Gaines Academy offers an after school tutoring program called A+ Tutor U.  Participating students were recognized with medallions and gift cards for the academic growth they have made in the program throughout the year. Pictured, top row from left, are Matt Roy, Yohan Purkiss, Jesus Cuevas, Kemmy Brianvil, and teacher Kimberly Masters.  Bottom row, from left, are Jesicca Pena-Altamirano, Tomarrow Flucker, and Tom Flucker.