PSLHS Outstanding Cadet Board

On Wednesday, October 6th, chosen cadets of the Port Saint Lucie Jaguar Battalion participated in the Outstanding Cadet Board (OCB). Two cadets from each company, a Let 1 and a Let 2/3, competed against each other on the OCB. They are also awarded points for proficiency on what they have learned in the program. Although every individual may not qualify for the outstanding cadet, all participants are awarded and recognized for their participation. This is done through promotion in rank and uniform decorations. For this semester’s board, our Let 1 winner was Cadet Private First Class Christian Garcia as well … Read More

SLPS Names Principal and Assistant Principal of the Year!

On Wednesday, October 6th, Superintendent Gent, Board Vice Chairman Dr. Donna Mills, Board Member Jack Kelly, Education Foundation Executive Director Thom Jones, Dr. Jon Prince, Dr. Kevin Perry, Latricia Woulard, and Lydia Martin made surprise visits to announce the Principal and Assistant Principal of the Year! Congratulations to Principal Felica Nixon from Lawnwood Elementary School and Assistant Principal Jaclyn Velhuis from Oak Hammock K8 who were selected to receive these distinguished awards!

SLW Centennial High School’s NAVY JROTC Provides Stunning Backdrop for Homecoming Court Festivities

The SLW Centennial High School NAVY JROTC participated in the homecoming festivities during the varsity football game versus Jensen Beach High School on Friday, September 24th, 2021. Not only did the NJROTC Unit provide a stunning backdrop for the SLW Centennial Homecoming festivities, but they also provided a Color Guard for the Varsity Football Game, a Parking Detail to park all the visitors in the most efficient manner, and also manned and sold items in the Concession Stands on both the Home and Visitors side. It was a very busy weekend for the SLW Centennial Navy JROTC unit this weekend! … Read More

VPK Learns “How to Be” a Friend at Mariposa Elementary

At Mariposa Elementary, VPK learned about friendship and how to make a friend. They also learned how to be a friend. Mrs. Bonilla’s lesson included how friends care for one another, how they are kind, and how they are loyal. Loyal was the word of the week and tied nicely into the friendship theme. The students then created friendship bracelets which included the first letter of their name. They were able to learn the letters of their friends’ names as well by looking at all of the friendship bracelets. The students really enjoyed learning what it means to be a … Read More

Weatherbee Announces Employees of the Year

We are excited to announce our Weatherbee Employees of the Year! Mrs. Jaymee Millett – Teacher of the Year Ms. Cindy Mercado – First Year Teacher Mrs. Francine Squire – Distinguished Minority Educator Mrs. Saily Belfast – School Related Employee of the Year Congratulations to All! Ms. Cindy Mercado, First Year Teacher Mrs. Francine Squire, Distinguished Minority Educator Mrs. Saily Belfast, School Related Employee of the Year

SGAET Investigates the Atmosphere

6th grade students in Ms. Blackburn’s Science Resource were able to recreate the layers of the atmosphere. This was a great hands-on activity to help show students how some layers are thicker or heavier than others and how they act upon one another.

Village Green awarded Whole Kids Foundation Garden Grant!

Village Green Environmental Studies School is excited to announce that we’re partnering with our friends at the Whole Kids Foundation for their Growing Healthy Kids campaign. Due to this generous grant, we will be able to maintain our school garden where our students have the opportunity to learn about growing healthy foods. Learn more about the amazing ways Whole Kids Foundation is #growinghealthykids at 🌱

Textile Design and Contemporary Crafts at CAST

Fifth Grade artists in Ms. Swabon’s Visual Arts class used the structural elements of art and the organizational principles of design to create their textile jewelry. They chose a color scheme and selected coordinating fiber loops, wire, and beads to complete their work of art. In addition, they studied and created their own weavings. Weaving is acknowledged as one of the oldest surviving crafts in the world. The tradition can be traced back to Neolithic times, while fiber twisting, the raw material needed for weaving to develop, further dates back to between 20,000 and 30,000 years ago.

Chemistry is a Snap at SGAET

At Samuel Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies, Mr. Nicks’ 8th grade Science class incorporated their knowledge of compounds, elements, and mixtures to complete a hands-on activity. The students used Snap Cubes to demonstrate the differences between compounds, elements, and mixtures (homogeneous & heterogeneous). The students then used their models to explain the reasoning for its construction.

Sharks Express Themselves During Social Emotional Learning

St. Lucie West K-8 students in Mrs. Ballenger’s 4th and 5th grade class created an “I Am…” board to help express self-awareness during their Social Emotional Learning (SEL) time. Each day they choose a word to help describe themselves, place it under their picture, and then share with their classmates and teachers. JAWSOME JOB SHARKS!

Rewind & Be Kind: Deans’ Incentive Reward at Oak Hammock K-8

Students at Oak Hammock K-8 are learning to make good choices that can be rewarding. Each month, one student from each grade, who has not received a BIR or referral for the month, is randomly selected to receive a gift bag from the Dean’s office. Congratulations to the students of Oak Hammock who do the right thing. We are watching and catching you at your best!

Freedom Week at CAST

Ms. Edwards’ Eighth Grade U.S. History class celebrated Freedom Week! Students learned about the purpose of the Declaration of Independence and why it was important. In addition, students analyzed the preamble to the Declaration of Independence and discussed how it still applies to us in everyday life. They ended the week with creating “resumes” for different signers of the Declaration of Independence. They had an awesome time!

Palm Pointe Artists Working Together

Palm Pointe artists studied the sculptural techniques of Chris Mason and learned about proportion and movement to create their uplifting designs. Using only wire and their hands, artists created climbing figures that symbolize working together to reach a goal.

FPCH Automotive Students Tour UTI and MMI Orlando

Students in the Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair program at Fort Pierce Central High School went on a Field Trip to the Universal Technical Institute (UTI) and Motorcycle Mechanic Institute (MMI) locations in Orlando. The students toured the automotive, marine, diesel, and motorcycle programs. They showed genuine interest, asked many questions, and a couple of students plan to enroll in the automotive program.

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