UFLI at Lakewood Park Elementary

Lakewood Park teachers have taken off with the implementation of our new phonics program UFLI. The interactive, quick-paced program is engaging for all participants. We look forward to analyzing the growth of our students since the inception of UFLI.  

Lakewood Park STEAM Classroom Makeover Reveal

Students and staff at Lakewood Park celebrated the grand reveal of their STEAM Classroom makeover this month. Lakewood Park Elementary was awarded a $50,000 grant from FPL this school year to be used towards STEAM Education and field trips for all students.  During the ribbon cutting ceremony, FPL conducted a generator building competition with some 5th grade students and took a tour of the upgraded STEAM Resource classroom.  A huge shoutout to FPL for making this day and this entire school year so special for our Falcons!  

Lakewood Park Elementary VPK Students Visit the Brevard Zoo

Lakewood Park Elementary VPK students visited the Brevard Zoo after completing our unit of study on animals. Students were able to deepen their knowledge of animals and their survival needs. They got to see what the animals’ habitats look like and how they differ for different animals. They had a wonderful time at the zoo field trip.

Everglades Literacy at Lakewood Park

Lakewood Park Elementary fifth-grade students are working hard on their endangered species activity. They enjoyed conducting research on the Everglades’ threatened or endangered species and created posters to inform others about their chosen species. This is just one way that Lakewood Park is integrating Everglades literacy into the curriculum and working towards becoming an Everglades Champion School!

Hands-on Learning at Lakewood Park

Third graders at Lakewood Park Elementary have been working hard at having FUN with math and science! From using points to create Sum Farms, creating their own manipulatives, and building model bridges during Stop and Stem Day to help Everglades’ animals avoid a highway, third graders have been exploring, smiling, and celebrating their way through this year’s math and science topics!

LWP Field Trip to the Smithsonian Ecosystem Center

Fourth-grade students at Lakewood Park Elementary had an incredible time at the Smithsonian Ecosystem Center. During this field trip, students visited the aquarium, explored the touch tank, and experienced seining. They enjoyed learning and interacting with ocean wildlife!

Lakewood Park 1st Grade Scientists

First graders at Lakewood Park are busy learning about the scientific method, using science journals and collecting artifacts to explore and record their observations. The students used different scientific tools to explore artifacts in nature after going on a nature trail walk around the school. They worked in teams on team building. They then learned to write journal notes about observations. They continued to use science journals to track the growth of two different beans. They made predictions and recorded changes as the plants grew.

Lakewood Park Elementary Students Visit the Oxbow Center

Third graders at Lakewood Park Elementary got to start their year off with a fun and engaging field trip to the Oxbow Center! There, students learned about invasive and native species of animals, got up close to some unique critters, discovered what keystone animals are and learned about pollinators through exploration.

Lakewood Park Elementary Mathematicians

All third-grade classes at Lakewood Park have been busy creating their own counting manipulatives in order to better explore mathematic concepts in a hands-on manner. These kid-made manipulatives are being used to reinforce multiplication and division concepts and will be brought out again soon when we explore rounding. Third-graders at Lakewood Park Elementary are exploring, learning, and creating their way to success!!

Lakewood Park Elementary Community Partnerships

Lakewood Park was honored to be selected by Big Apple Ministry for their student Back to School supply drive. Supplies were collected at St. Bernadette’s Catholic church during the entire month of July.  Principal Melrose had the honor of speaking at several services to thank Big Apple Ministry for choosing Lakewood Park and to share the great things about Lakewood Park students, teachers, and families. In the month of August, a Lakewood Park team went to collect the donated items from St. Bernadette’s and were completely overwhelmed by the generosity as they filled an entire school bus with supplies.  Once … Read More

Lakewood Park Summer Visits

Lakewood Park staff made some very special summer visits. Staff members hopped on a school bus and dropped off backpacks with summer supplies and food, as well as celebrated all students scoring a level 5! A huge shoutout to Transportation for supplying a school bus to transport our staff members, supplies, and yard signs!  Congrats to all our Falcons for their hard work this year preparing for state testing. We are so proud of you!

Westwood Jr ROTC Visits Lakewood Park 3rd Graders

Major Godfrey, Ms.Benton  and Ms. Witkamp joined ‘forces’ to bring Lakewood Park Elementary third graders and the Westwood JrROTC cadets together. Third graders planned for the visit by investigating what makes a good interview and preparing interview questions along with selecting books to ‘buddy read’ with the cadet he/she was paired with during their time together. After the ‘buddy read’ round robin, which gave students and cadets multiple opportunities to interview and ‘buddy read’, everyone came back for a debrief and Q&A. Third graders heard how important it is to be able to read and comprehend and cadets volunteered their … Read More

Orlando Science Center Visits Lakewood Park

On March 23rd, Orlando Science Center visited Lakewood Park Elementary. During the day, 4th and 5th grade students learned about potential and kinetic energy with real-life angry birds, explored the scientific method with mealworms, used coding to operate robots, and experimented with flying drones. In the evening, parents and students experienced 15 different STEM stations. From plants, to airplanes, to fractions, families had a blast!

Falcons Dive into Reading and Celebrate Literacy Week

Lakewood Park Elementary students, families, and community members enjoyed an engaging and fun-filled week for Celebrate Literacy Week.  Monday kicked off the week with community guest readers in each and every classroom.  Throughout the week students enjoyed buddy reading, themed dress-up days, and a Family Dinner and Literacy Night event. We would like to give a special shoutout to all of the community members and families that participated to make this a special week for our students!

Lakewood Park Stop and Stem Day

Falcon engineers had a blast participating in a schoolwide Stop and Stem day during our October Early Release day. Students worked through the Engineering Design Process; planning, designing, building prototypes, testing, analyzing, collecting data, and redesigning to make improvements. All students put to work their Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills to problem-solve and work collaboratively to complete their mission.

NEED Project Selects Morningside Elementary as Florida School of the Year

The National Energy Education Development (NEED) project congratulated Morningside Elementary for an outstanding energy education project and selected our school as the Florida School of the Year. The mission of the NEED project is to promote an energy conscious and educated society by creating networks of students, teachers, educators, and business, government, and community leaders to design and deliver objective, multi-sided energy education programs. Fifth graders completed a project that included learning and teaching others about the science of energy. Students hosted an energy expo at the Earth Day festival at the Oxbow center last weekend.

BlueJay Spotlight: Area Regional Transit Artwork

Morningside Elementary School fifth-grader Amelia Sides has always loved art, and now her art will be displayed on ART (Area Regional Transit)! Amelia’s watercolor painting, “River”, was chosen to adorn a new public transit bus or van in St. Lucie County. She attended a reception at the Civic Center on March 24th where her art was unveiled to the public. Be on the lookout for Amelia’s art moving around the county on a bus!

MSE Odyssey of the Mind Team is Heading to States!

Morningside Elementary Primary Odyssey of the Mind team built 3 vehicles and created a performance that solved a problem. They made their own set, costumes, and props. On February 12th, they competed in the Regional Competition and were awarded first place and will be heading to States in March! Huge Congratulations to Coach Mrs. LaChance and all our performers- Brody Diaz, Alex LaChance, Jayda Matthews, Benicio Tedesco, Devyn Tran, Pearl Wilks, and Ruby Wilks! We are so proud of you!