STAR Award Presented to Orlando Fargas

  St. Lucie Public Schools’ STAR program focuses on celebrating employees who demonstrate exceptional customer service in their endeavor to support the mission and vision of the District. Orlando Fargas was recognized as the recipient of this prestigious award during Tuesday evening’s Board meeting. Congratulations, Orlando! We appreciate all you do. Pictured from left are:…

Teachers are Learners at Fairlawn

Teachers gave up some of their summer break to take part in a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) training. Teachers worked together to create STEM Design challenges that allow students to solve real-world problems. They designed lessons that will give students the opportunities to collaborate with peers, design a model and test the model for…

Treasure Coast High School Student Leaders Participate in Penny’s Band Camp

Treasure Coast Titans marched into this summer’s Penny’s Band Camp with a strong student leadership team. The long-standing annual camp, held at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, was host to numerous bands seeking to hone leadership skills, refine fundamentals, and enhance specialized techniques. During the four-day camp experience, students studied with recognized music educators…

F. K. Sweet Summer Science Fun

Upcoming fifth grades had the opportunity to attend summer camp at F. K. Sweet. Students are learning and having fun all at the same time. Students explored force and motion using balloon race cars to demonstrate the forces surrounding us. Pictured, left to right, are Jacob Andreacchio and Larry Freeman.

White City Wildcats are Roaring Readers!

White City Wildcats are roaring readers! They took on the Action 100 program with amazing ambition and the results show their success. Students read at least one hour every school day and 30 minutes on non school days. The program was completed with the fidelity of steps being recorded daily and ongoing conferencing throughout the…

SLWK-8 Breakfast with the Mayor

On May 18, Mayor Gregory Oravec spent the morning enjoying breakfast and answering candid questions from Student Council Members. Mayor Oravec was gracious enough to spend much of the morning visiting with many of the students, and was presented with an honorary key to the school to commemorate his visit.

SLWK-8 hosts Summer School

Ms. Serrano’s ESY PK-1 Hearing Impaired class participated in an interactive review of their camping vocabulary words. This activity required students to identify items they would need on a camping trip. Once identified, students located camping items that were strategically placed in the classroom and packed it in the class duffel bag.