SRE STEM Vocabulary Parade

Savanna Ridge Elementary students participated in a STEM vocabulary parade this week. Students created posters and costumes to illustrate their vocabulary word. Families were invited to attend the parade and enjoy all of the student creativity.

SRE Literacy Empowerment Night

Families had a great time at Savanna Ridge Elementary for Literacy Empowerment Night. Families learned of different resources available to support literacy at home and enjoyed a great dinner by Texas Road House!  

Savanna Ridge Elementary’s Fall Math Competition

Savanna Ridge Elementary hosted our Fall Math Competition for grades K-5. Students in each grade level participated in the competition filled with grade-level math skill questions. Students enjoyed competing against their classmates and look forward to our upcoming Spring Math Competition.

SRE Fire Safety

Savanna Ridge Elementary Pre-K, VPK, and Kindergarten students enjoyed a fire safety presentation delivered by the St. Lucie County Fire District. Students were given an opportunity to use the fire hose and take a tour of a fire truck.

SRE 5th Grade Living Organisms Activities

Savanna Ridge Elementary’s 5th grade students in Mrs. Spencer’s class enjoyed learning about living organisms through various projects and activities. Celery Experiment – Explored the process of water moving upward through the plant’s stem and into the leaves. Human Organs – students researched human organs and their functions.  The students did this as a jigsaw activity and followed up with a video report. Plant Dispersal experiment – Sock Seeds Activity We used old socks to gather seeds in the field then we planted the socks. The procedure was to place an old sock on one shoe, walk around in the field … Read More

SRE Chuck E. Cheese Fundraiser Night

Savanna Ridge Elementary PTO hosted a Chuck E. Cheese fundraiser night on Friday, 9/15/23. Our Crane families and teachers had a great time together helping to raise funds for our school. We even had Chuck E. Cheese visit campus before the event!

SRE – Attendance Matters!

Savanna Ridge Elementary administration, along with Deputy Spencer, thanked every family that arrived with their children on time, by handing out sweet treats to each family. We appreciate all of our families and are proud of our daily attendance rate of 94%.

Savanna Ridge Elementary’s Grandparents/Caring Adults Day

In celebration of Grandparents Day, SRE welcomed Grandparents and Caring Adults to muffins and activities in their little Cranes’ classroom. Each classroom provided guests with entertainment varying from songs, read-alouds, to performances and crafts. SRE was excited to host this event and looks forward to many more family events this year!