VGE’s Odyssey Team

Village Green’s Odyssey of the Mind team competed over the past weekend at the regional tournament hosted by Treasure Coast High School. Blake Minouge, Silas Pemberton, Kason Liebe, Calissa Nick, Emily Rivera, Emma Conway, and Liam Currin are the seven fourth graders who competed in the Spontaneous problem. Thank you to Ms. Price, Ms. Angle, and Ms. Millard for their commitment to our Odyssey team!

VGE’s Fair Display

Village Green Elementary School’s students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade created a wonderful display for the St. Lucie County Fair. They have been working hard on their art projects for the past few weeks. Special thanks to Ms. Ankiel, Ms. Pelayo, Dr. Venzen, Ms. Harris and Ms. Price for putting this masterpiece together. We appreciate the time and dedication you spent on this project. We are so proud of our Manatees!

VGE’s Safety Patrol

The Village Green Safety Patrol members have been doing a fantastic job exhibiting leadership throughout our school. Mrs. Bergerman selected certain fifth-grade students for the Safety Patrol Program back in August and they have helped with many things around campus, including raising the flag, keeping an eye to make sure students remain safe, and assisting with morning drop off and afternoon pickup. Thank you to Mrs. Bergerman for leading this program and to our Safety Patrol members for being exemplary students, we appreciate your hard work and leadership!

Pop-Up Museum at Village Green Elementary

This year’s Mel Fisher Pop-Up Museum’s theme is “Florida’s Hidden History.” Media Specialist, Mrs. Sievers, has put together the 8 panels that the Museum consists of for her students to enjoy over the past few weeks. Students were able to learn about the fascinating history that comes from their own backyards here in Florida!  They can grow up to be archeologists and participate in excavations in the ground or in the water.  Students learned about all kinds of equipment that have been used in all of these discoveries and creations from sonar, radio waves, radar, x-rays, lidar systems, GPR and … Read More

Village Green Third-Graders are Out of This World!

Third-graders at Village Green Elementary are showcasing their science projects in the cafeteria this week. Students had to create a 3D model of the Earth and the Sun at the completion of their Space unit. They also had to turn in a report answering specific questions given by their science teachers. Their reports included information about daylight hours, different seasons, and what the sun is made of.  They did a terrific job on their projects and presentations!

Village Green Elementary Honors MLK Jr.

Mrs. Ankiel’s Kindergartners recently learned about the life and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The students learned about his powerful speeches and civil rights work. Mrs. Ankiel uses the teachings of MLK Jr to help her students learn to solve problems nonviolently and promote love and comradery in her classroom. The students read books, drew and colored a portrait, and participated in classroom activities to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

100th Day at Village Green

Kindergartens at Village Green Elementary School celebrated the 100th day of school this week! We had the cutest little 100-year-old students engaging in fun activities throughout the day. They practiced counting to 100 with fun and interactive math games. They also wrote about what they would do if they were 100 years old. They read 100 sight words and did 100 exercises throughout the day. They’re 100 days smarter and we are so proud of their growth!

Village Green’s Literacy Week

Village Green Elementary School had some special guest readers this week! Thank you to the Port St. Lucie Fire Department and Police Department for taking time out of their busy schedules to read to our students this week. Our students enjoyed their time with all of the volunteers who visited their classrooms and read to them. Our students also got to enjoy the nice weather and read outside with their friends throughout Literacy Week!

Village Green Scientists

Fifth-graders at Village Green were engaged in researching matters that matter in MATTER. During this lab research/investigation led by fifth-grade teachers, Dr. Thomas and Dr. Venzen, students learned and had hands-on experience with the method of water displacement, using and understanding how to read a thermometer, along with making hypotheses and predictions. Students learned that it was possible to find the volume of irregularly shaped items, such as a rock, marble, shell, curved shaped magnet and the like. Students enjoyed their experience as a team. Students also learned how to read a thermometer in efforts of better understanding temperatures in … Read More

Village Green Art Club

An Art Club has been created by teachers at Village Green to allow elementary students to tap into their creative sides! Students who have an interest in art now have an opportunity to explore arts and crafts beyond what is offered in the curriculum. VGE students are having a blast expressing themselves in different ways!

Santa’s Visit To Village Green

Village Green Elementary School’s PBIS Committee hosted a “Pancakes with Santa” breakfast for students and their families. Our Village Green community was able to spend a morning with Santa and his special elf while enjoying a delicious breakfast and fun Christmas crafts. It was a magical and festive morning!

Village Green Fire and Ambulance Demo

Village Green students had the opportunity to tour a fire engine and ambulance truck this week. Stacey Carter, from the Fire Safety Program, along with St Lucie County Firefighters, delivered an educational and interactive fire safety message to our students. The firefighters explained the equipment and tools carried on the trucks and the students learned how the equipment might be used in various types of emergencies. This was such a great experience for our students!

Village Green Thumb

Our first graders have a green thumb and are now able to enjoy the fruits (herbs) of their labor! Village Green’s first graders planted basil and cilantro seeds back in September and are now able to enjoy their first harvest. The students really enjoyed watching how a seed they planted can grow and thrive under the right conditions. We are very impressed by our little gardeners!

Village Green’s Media Specialist

Village Green’s Librarian, Janet Sievers, along with Librarians from around the county attended FAME-Florida’s Association for Media in Education.  This is Florida’s State Conference for Media Specialists.  FAME celebrated its 50th conference and it did not disappoint.  There were inspiring keynote speakers and many authors celebrating reading and sharing thoughts, ideas, experiences, and words of encouragement.  There were SSYRA authors who traveled from places as far away as California and overseas such as Cyprus.  Several sessions were offered and attended. We are so proud of our Media Specialist for continuing to learn and grow for her students!

Fire Safety at Village Green Elementary

Students at Village Green Elementary School were able to enjoy guest speaker, Stacey Carter, a Fire and Life Safety Educator from the St. Lucie County Fire District this week during their resource time. Stacey spoke to the students about the importance of having a working smoke alarm in their homes. She also discussed how each student should make a home fire escape plan with their families. Guest star, Dusty the Dragon, made an appearance as well! The kids really enjoyed learning all about fire safety this past week! Thank you Stacey for sharing your knowledge with our students here at … Read More

Butterflies at Village Green

Mrs. Price’s 2nd graders studied the metamorphosis of butterflies during their life cycle. The second graders were able to observe the changes butterflies go through from the egg to the adult stage and how butterflies develop different structures that help them meet their basic needs in very different ways. Once the butterflies became adults Mrs. Price and her students set them free in the Village Green Garden.

VGE Pumpkin Studies

Kindergartners at Village Green Elementary School learned all about pumpkins through literature, science, math, and even their taste buds! They participated in a pumpkin investigation, read stories about pumpkins, and dissected pumpkins. At the end of the day they were able to enjoy some tasty pumpkin treats!  

Veterans Day Performance by VGE 3rd Graders

Village Green Elementary’s third graders held their annual Veterans Day Musical on Thursday, 11/9. Music teacher, Dr. Cynthia Reynolds, did a fantastic job preparing the kids for this presentation that honored Veterans, their families, and their friends. It was enjoyed by all!

Village Green’s Media Specialist

Village Green’s Librarian, Janet Sievers, joined with others from across our district to attend the national school library conference in Tampa. It was exciting to meet people from around the country and learn how the library systems are run in all kinds of school districts.  One of the first sessions was a discussion with librarians from Tampa as well as North Dakota.  They were also able to meet up with New York Times best-selling author James Ponti who was also in attendance.

Village Green’s Annual Trunk or Treat and Boo Bash

Village Green’s PBIS team held their annual Trunk or Treat and Boo Bash on October 20th. Everyone had a great time at this family-fun Halloween event and fundraiser. We had more than 30 trunks for kids to trick or treat from and families were also able to explore the nature trail where a number of tables were set up for kids to visit and collect more candy! The Boo Bash dance was complete with a Haunted Hallway that spooked both the kids and adults!