Village Green’s PBIS Carnival

Village Green’s spectacular PBIS team hosted their annual End of Year Carnival for students who displayed positive behavior and met the school-wide PBIS expectations throughout the school year. Students and their families enjoyed an afternoon filled with bounce houses, interactive games, an obstacle course, dunk tanks, and even a petting zoo! Principal, Mrs. Boria was in the dunk tank, and Assistant Principal, Mrs. Drost was voted by students to get pied in the face. It was a fun event and we are so happy to be able to celebrate the end of a successful year!

Science Bowl at Village Green

It was a scientific event to remember at Village Green Environmental School as 5th-grade students participated in the annual Science Bowl. This is a true testament that these 5th graders are part of Village Green’s rising scholars, as they originally ended in a three-way tie between Mrs. Corley, Mrs. Smith, and Dr. Venzen’s Homeroom students. In the end, victory was achieved by Dr. Venzen’s “Patriotic Pioneers.” Congratulations to all of our scientific world changers! We are so proud of you!

VGESS 5th Grade Performance

We would like to congratulate the Village Green 5th graders for putting on an amazing performance last week! Thank you to Dr. Reynolds, Mr. Madden, and the talented students from Port St. Lucie High School who organized and directed the performances. Our 5th graders have been working hard since August and last week their dedication and hard work paid off! Well done World Changers!

Race to Success Fun Run

Village Green’s RACE TO SUCCESS FUN RUN! All students were able to participate in the fun color run hosted by Village Green’s PBIS team as a kick-off for a successful testing season! Students and families had a great time being active and enjoying the weather. Students who raised $100 or more through the MYBOOSTER fundraiser had the opportunity to pie a faculty or staff member in the face!

VGESS Lights It Up BLUE for Autism

Faculty and staff at Village Green Environmental Studies School were encouraged to “Light It Up Blue for Autism” on Friday, April 19th. VGESS is helping to spread kindness and increase autism awareness during the month of April.

VGESS Loves Mrs. Drost!

Happy Assistant Principal Week, Mrs. Drost! This week was a special time to appreciate and celebrate Village Green Environmental Studies School’s amazing Mrs. Drost. We celebrated her hard work and dedication. She is instrumental in providing support to our students, teachers, and parents, ensuring a positive and safe learning environment. Thank you for all you do! You are a World Changer!

Colorful Fun at Village Green

Celebrating the inventor of the Crayola crayon! Ms. Sievers, VGESS Media Specialist, read this book to students. The students were inspired by the story of Edwin Binney, the inventor of the Crayola crayon, and his love for art and color. They learned about the history of how crayons were created and how they have become a staple in art and creativity. As they colored their marine life masterpieces, the students were filled with excitement and joy. They were able to express their creativity and imagination through their artwork, just like Edwin Binney did with his invention of the Crayola crayon. … Read More

Village Green Space Explorers

Third graders at Village Green Environmental Studies School enjoyed an educational and fun field trip at the Kennedy Space Center. They spent the day touring the Visitor Complex where they learned about authentic NASA science, technology, engineering, and math! Our students came face-to-face with Space Shuttle Atlantis and they learned about some of NASA’s very own Heroes and Legends while exploring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. Students, teachers, and chaperones had an out-of-this-world experience during the behind-the-scenes NASA tour. It was a great experience for all!

Village Green Celebrates SLC Bus Driver

Village Green Elementary appreciates all of the St. Lucie Public Schools Bus Drivers who safely transport our children to and from school day in and day out. We recognized and celebrated all their hard work and dedication to the children this week. Each driver was surprised with a special treat each day this week. The bus drivers were greeted with coffee and breakfast, yummy treats, Village Green shirts, and cards of appreciation from our students. Thank you to all the bus drivers for all that you do!

VGE’s Annual Kickball Game

Village Green’s PBIS Committee hosted their annual students vs. teachers kickball to kick off Spring Break. Students got to enjoy extra outdoor time and watch a friendly, but competitive, game of kickball. Fifth graders who met PBIS expectations for the 3rd quarter played against faculty and staff while their peers cheered from the sidelines and enjoyed an icy treat to battle the heat. It was a close game, but the teachers stunned the crowd and came out on top!

Village Green’s PBIS Neon Dance

Village Green Elementary School’s PBIS Committee hosted a Neon Dance for students and their families on Friday evening. Students who met PBIS expectations for the 3rd quarter enjoyed a dance party complete with DJ T&T, black lights, face painting and yummy snacks! Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible! Our Village Green Families had a wonderful time!

Village Green Steps Up

Students are encouraged to build healthy habits at Village Green Elementary School! Once a week during their PE class they are given pedometers to track their steps. Students are provided information on the positive health benefits of physical activity. The challenge is to increase their steps every week in order to maintain good overall health. Students have enjoyed monitoring their steps and activity and tracking their progress. They have also been doing a wonderful job motivating each other to achieve their health and activity goals!

Celebrating Black History Month at Village Green

Mrs. Christopher, from Village Green Elementary School, celebrated Black History Month with students during their lunchtime with a fun game of Black History Trivia. Students in grades Kindergarten through fifth were able to participate and they had a great time learning fun and interesting facts about significant figures and events throughout history. Thank you to Mrs. Christopher for entertaining and educating our students and growing an inclusive and accepting community here at Village Green.

VGE’s Odyssey Team

Village Green’s Odyssey of the Mind team competed over the past weekend at the regional tournament hosted by Treasure Coast High School. Blake Minouge, Silas Pemberton, Kason Liebe, Calissa Nick, Emily Rivera, Emma Conway, and Liam Currin are the seven fourth graders who competed in the Spontaneous problem. Thank you to Ms. Price, Ms. Angle, and Ms. Millard for their commitment to our Odyssey team!

VGE’s Fair Display

Village Green Elementary School’s students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade created a wonderful display for the St. Lucie County Fair. They have been working hard on their art projects for the past few weeks. Special thanks to Ms. Ankiel, Ms. Pelayo, Dr. Venzen, Ms. Harris and Ms. Price for putting this masterpiece together. We appreciate the time and dedication you spent on this project. We are so proud of our Manatees!

VGE’s Safety Patrol

The Village Green Safety Patrol members have been doing a fantastic job exhibiting leadership throughout our school. Mrs. Bergerman selected certain fifth-grade students for the Safety Patrol Program back in August and they have helped with many things around campus, including raising the flag, keeping an eye to make sure students remain safe, and assisting with morning drop off and afternoon pickup. Thank you to Mrs. Bergerman for leading this program and to our Safety Patrol members for being exemplary students, we appreciate your hard work and leadership!

Pop-Up Museum at Village Green Elementary

This year’s Mel Fisher Pop-Up Museum’s theme is “Florida’s Hidden History.” Media Specialist, Mrs. Sievers, has put together the 8 panels that the Museum consists of for her students to enjoy over the past few weeks. Students were able to learn about the fascinating history that comes from their own backyards here in Florida!  They can grow up to be archeologists and participate in excavations in the ground or in the water.  Students learned about all kinds of equipment that have been used in all of these discoveries and creations from sonar, radio waves, radar, x-rays, lidar systems, GPR and … Read More

Village Green Third-Graders are Out of This World!

Third-graders at Village Green Elementary are showcasing their science projects in the cafeteria this week. Students had to create a 3D model of the Earth and the Sun at the completion of their Space unit. They also had to turn in a report answering specific questions given by their science teachers. Their reports included information about daylight hours, different seasons, and what the sun is made of.  They did a terrific job on their projects and presentations!

Village Green Elementary Honors MLK Jr.

Mrs. Ankiel’s Kindergartners recently learned about the life and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The students learned about his powerful speeches and civil rights work. Mrs. Ankiel uses the teachings of MLK Jr to help her students learn to solve problems nonviolently and promote love and comradery in her classroom. The students read books, drew and colored a portrait, and participated in classroom activities to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

100th Day at Village Green

Kindergartens at Village Green Elementary School celebrated the 100th day of school this week! We had the cutest little 100-year-old students engaging in fun activities throughout the day. They practiced counting to 100 with fun and interactive math games. They also wrote about what they would do if they were 100 years old. They read 100 sight words and did 100 exercises throughout the day. They’re 100 days smarter and we are so proud of their growth!