Character Analysis Across Writing and Film Genres at CAST

Fourth Grade students in Ms. Denman’s class have been learning that writers can tell the same story in more than one genre, such as a drama, novel, or short story. As an extension of this unit, students were tasked with comparing and contrasting characters’ words and actions in one of their favorite stories to the movie version. Students had a great time digging deeper into character analysis, not only across writing genres, but also in the film genre!

Textile Design and Contemporary Crafts at CAST

Fifth Grade artists in Ms. Swabon’s Visual Arts class used the structural elements of art and the organizational principles of design to create their textile jewelry. They chose a color scheme and selected coordinating fiber loops, wire, and beads to complete their work of art. In addition, they studied and created their own weavings. Weaving is acknowledged as one of the oldest surviving crafts in the world. The tradition can be traced back to Neolithic times, while fiber twisting, the raw material needed for weaving to develop, further dates back to between 20,000 and 30,000 years ago.

Freedom Week at CAST

Ms. Edwards’ Eighth Grade U.S. History class celebrated Freedom Week! Students learned about the purpose of the Declaration of Independence and why it was important. In addition, students analyzed the preamble to the Declaration of Independence and discussed how it still applies to us in everyday life. They ended the week with creating “resumes” for different signers of the Declaration of Independence. They had an awesome time!

CAST Animal Adaptations

Third Grade students at CAST learned how animals adapt to their environments to survive. After researching many different types of adaptations, they completed a science task card activity. Students then created their own animals to blend in with their classroom environment using camouflage.

PBIS is Poppin’ at CAST!

Creative Arts Academy students used their CAST cash to participate in their first PBIS event. Students enjoyed outdoor games, popcorn, and spinning the Wheel of Fortune for prizes!