Forces and Changes in Motion at SLWK8

Fifth graders in Mrs. Portee’s class prepared for their upcoming science assessment on Forces and Changes in Motion through an interactive and collaborative review. The microphone ball was tossed from one classmate to another as they broadcasted their answers to complete the review!  

SLWK8 Third Graders Conquer Academic Challenges as a Team

Third-grade students in Ms. Paries’ class were fully immersed in a dynamic Fear Factor style test prep activity. They collaborated in teams to complete academic challenges! Their enthusiasm peaked as they completed each challenge with their teams. They eagerly reached into the mystery bags for surprise rewards. It was a joy to witness their enthusiasm and hard work throughout the activity!  

Delicious Two-Dimensional Designs at SLWK8

Ms. Roberts’s second grade class learned about two-dimensional figures and their attributes. During their geometry lesson they used toothpicks and marshmallows to make their own 2-dimensional shapes. They found the perimeter and how many vertices each shape has!

SharkNation Strong at The Macy’s Believers Annual T1D Walk

Mrs. Quiles, Mr. Steckler (aka Mr. Jesse), and some of our jawsome students represented St. Lucie West K8’s SharkNation to support one of our very own T1D warriors, Isabella at the Macy’s Believers Annual T1D Walk today! We are so honored to have Isabella as part of our Shark family. Her fight is our fight! #SharkNationStrong  

Solar Eclipse View from St. Lucie West K8

Students in Mrs. Quiles & Ms. Lane’s 3rd-grade classes were excited to see a partial view of the solar eclipse. We had a special guest, our amazing Assistant Principal, Ms. Sexton. She showed us the pinhole method to safely view the solar eclipse!  

SLWK8 Sharks Scoot to Solve Liquid Word Problems

Third graders in Ms. Pepe’s class solved real-world problems using liquid volume by completing a scoot around the room! Students were given a multi-step word problem involving liquid volume. They had to fill a 140-liter fish tank using the liter amounts of 9,5, and 2. Each group elected one spokesperson to explain their thinking to the class, then they were challenged to solve the same problem using a different method!

St. Lucie West K8 Business Project Competition Finalists Win 1st and 2nd Place!

Business project competition finalists went to the district office and won first and second place in two categories. Ms. Tremblay’s culinary career students competed in the New Food Truck concept division and both teams earned first and second place! Jake Askew and Angel Castillo won first place with Juanito’s Latin Cuisine. Oscar Sanchez won second place with Mandos, a Mexican – African American fusion restaurant. Naaman Rolle and Denauli Scott won first place in the MS entrepreneurship category with an app to ease communications when gaming in different platforms. Kaylin Hilaire won second place in the same category with her … Read More

St. Lucie West K8 Annual Spring Carnival

Shark Nation kicked off spring with our annual Carnival! Student Council did an extraordinary job planning this incredible event! Clubs and grade levels set up fantastic booths with games, raffles, food, and fun. The foam party, bounce houses, dunk tank, and petting zoo were a hit!    

Strategic Sharks at St. Lucie West K8

Man Your Battle Stations! Fifth graders in Mrs. Portee’s class put their mathematical skills to the test. Students strategically placed their ships on the battlefield and took turns firing at their opponent’s fleet by naming their coordinates. Awesome strategies, Sharks!  

St. Lucie West K8 Scientific Sharks

Students in Mrs. D’Andrea’s 3rd grade Gifted Class discovered and investigated real-world examples of the three states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. Students identified the characteristics of each item and compared the item’s masses. Way to go, scientific Sharks!    

St. Lucie West K8 District Project Showcase

SLWK8 seventh graders presented at the District Project Showcase. They have been preparing since December by researching problems in their community and finding a public policy solution. Our students went through three rounds of judging to display their knowledge and hard work. Thank you to our incredible students and Civics teachers for all their dedication!

St. Lucie West K8 & Kona Read Across America

St. Lucie West K8, in conjunction with Kona Ice of White City, celebrated Read Across America. Mr. Walter read to Mrs. Richardson’s kindergarten class. Additionally, the class was given a Kona Ice along with other treats. We want to say a big Thank You to Kona Ice for donating their time to us and celebrating Read Across America Day!

St. Lucie West K8 STEM Fair

Shark Nation was well-represented at this year’s STEM Fair. Ten students were invited to showcase their projects during the event. Students had to explain their reasoning behind their projects to judges. While at Indian River State College, they had the opportunity to visit the Robotics and EMT labs. Thank you to Ms. Laurino for encouraging our students to think beyond today!

St. Lucie West K8 Celebrates Inventors’ Day

Inspired by the Award-Winning Show Shark Tank, Mrs. Balletta’s second-grade class celebrated Inventors’ Day by creating robots. Amelia Horn presented her Pencil Robot project which she constructed out of clay. Congrats to our future inventors!

St. Lucie West K8 PBIS Field Day

SLWK8 students had a blast at PBIS Field Day! Our sharks worked in teams to compete in several activities, including Tug of War, Water Sponge Relay, Hula Hoop Race, Basketball Dunk, Ball Bounce, and Water Balloon Toss!  

St. Lucie West K8 Earned AIM for 100 Award

SLWK8 earned the Aim for 100 Award for our percentage of increase in attendance on 12/21/23 from last year’s early release the day before winter break. The team was honored at the school board meeting and received a banner. Congratulations, Shark Nation!

Problem Solving Sharks

SLWK8 eighth-grade students in Mrs. Boham’s STEM class explored creative problem-solving by using limited resources to create a paper pallet to hold the most books. They could only use 3 sheets of paper and 10 cm of tape to complete the project. The students were able to support 39 books equaling 156 pounds. Way to problem-solve, Sharks!

Sharks Explore Careers in Construction

SLWK8 students in Ms. Boham’s STEM class explored careers in construction by building houses, adding lighting, and 1-point perspective drafting of an interior room. They started by designing a floor plan. They had to find a sq. ft cost for the state they would like to build in. They followed a template to make precise cuts, making walls and roof pieces to assemble their standing structure. Students then added paint and lighting to their 1-point perspective drawing to finish the house. We have many talented builders, designers, and drafters!  

SLWK8 Second Grade Scoot

Second graders in Mrs. Kauth’s class put their mathematical skills to the test. Students collaborated and completed a scoot around the room, practicing their coin-counting skills.