Celebrating Growth in Second-Grade

At Morningside Elementary, teachers encourage students to challenge themselves to learn more and grow more than they previously thought possible! In Mrs. Herrera’s second-grade class, students were caught celebrating their tremendous GROWTH in Reading and/or Math according to the I-ready diagnostic assessment. I ready is just one of the ways that students are encouraged to track their progress. When students take ownership of their learning and their success, they see that their hard work pays off in big ways! 💫⭐️✨Way to go BlueJays!

Engineering in Kindergarten at Morningside

At Morningside Elementary, teachers teach the engineering design process beginning in Kindergarten. These students in Mrs. Spurr’s MTSS stem group used materials to try to build the tallest tower that could stand on its own! 😍 By working with others, and thinking outside of the box, these amazing bluejays designed and then redesigned until they arrived at a winning structure.  The winner was a structure that was 18 inches tall!

Everglades Coin Challenge

Gold status Everglades champion school, Morningside Elementary, had a school-wide contest where students were asked to research an Everglades animal and plant and submit a design for the annual Everglades Coin Challenge. The school-based Everglades Committee had a challenging time choosing the winners. The winning submissions from each grade group are shown. The winning design will be made into an actual coin to be given to the Everglades Champion schools in the future. Way to lead the way, BlueJays!

Third Grade goes Wild at Morningside

Third-grade students at Morningside Elementary visited WILD Florida near Orlando. They observed the characteristics of different animals and compared their observations to their learning from science class. Students enjoyed their time “going wild” with friends and animals.

Goal Setting at Morningside

Plory’s Prize Patrol made the rounds at Morningside Elementary to reward all students who met their IReady goal for the month of January. Students at Morningside regularly set goals and then work hard to achieve them. By teaching students these real-world skills, we are teaching them to be proactive in their learning.

Learning has a Delicious Reward

At Morningside Elementary, learning has a delicious reward! Students in Ms. Moore’s third-grade AMP math classroom worked quickly to build their own pizza 🍕. They correctly answered a certain number of questions in order to”buy”  the toppings to make their pizza everything they wanted it to be! Extra cheese? Yes, please! That’ll be another three answers. 😂 Then, Morningside’s amazing cafeteria manager, Ms. Fran, took students on a “behind the scenes” tour of the kitchen so they could bake their tasty snack. Students enjoyed learning and found that it is good to “do the work” in class.

Interactive Learning in Second-Grade

Students in Mr. Beach’s second-grade class at Morningside Elementary participated in a learning carousel to deepen their understanding of place value through the thousands. Students worked in small cooperative groups to identify forms of numbers, analyze models, and infer how numbers would change based on the patterns they found. The second-grade teachers at Morningside understand that learning is always more fun with a buddy! Way to soar, Bluejays!

SOARing Behavior at Morningside

Positive Referrals for OUTSANDING BlueJays that demonstrate kindness and care for others!✨We are celebrating GOOD CITIZENSHIP and Positive Choices at Morningside!☀️Congratulations, Job well done to these Star Students!

Young Scientists Learn Research Skills at Morningside

Morningside Elementary students in Mrs. Eibl’s second-grade class refined their research skills when they spent time during their enrichment MTSS block researching an animal that lives in Antarctica or the region. After becoming the class expert on their habitats and animals, they integrated technology by creating a PowerPoint presentation and then building a replica of their habitat before sharing their skills and knowledge with classmates.

Fifth-Grade Writing is Colorful at Morningside Elementary

Fabulous fifth-grade teachers at Morningside collaboratively plan to engage students in the process of writing. Last week, students used color coding to write argumentative essays about whether zoos should exist. They analyzed different viewpoints and then wrote in order to express their viewpoints using evidence to back up their claims. Next, they were able to read their finished products with their buddy class. Learning sure is colorful at Morningside Elementary.

Full STEAM ahead

Students in Ms. Johnson’s STEAM Resource class are busy at work, preparing for the SLC Fair School Display! The SLC Fair is Feb 23-Mar 3. Be sure to stop by the School Display Building and cast your vote for Morningside!

For the Love of Literacy ❤️

We’re having way too much fun at Morningside Elementary during literacy week! 📚We’ve had superheroes visit campus, had fun with special guest appearances at Literacy Night, and even BINGO on the 100th day of school! We ended the week with a vocabulary parade and guest readers. We love fostering a love for reading in our community.  

Morningside Student Council Makes a Difference

Morningside Elementary student council regularly goes out of their way to spread kindness to their peers. They worked collaboratively to create colorful posters that were displayed throughout the school that reminded others to choose kindness. Posters were displayed as part of our week of kindness initiatives. Students are led by Morningside’s Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Panaccione.

Hands on Math at Morningside

Students in Mrs. Eibl’s second-grade class demonstrate their critical thinking skills while participating in hands-on math experiences during math stations. Students were observed using bills and coins as they counted, added, and exchanged dollars and coins to solve real-life math tasks.  There is always quality, rigorous work happening at Morningside!☀️

Champion School Leads the Way

As the first gold status school on the Treasure Coast and a champion of the Everglades, Morningside Elementary was proud to host this learning opportunity for teachers around St. Lucie County. The teachers participated in some of the activities designed for students in K-5 classrooms. They created posters of endangered Everglades animals, created a 3D representation of the watershed system, raced to match the animals with the habitats they are found in, and spent the morning learning about this essential part of our ecosystem.

Powerful Play in Kindergarten

Morningside teachers know that play is powerful! Students in kindergarten are enhancing their oral language development and vocabulary with Play with Purpose (PWP). Students read books and take on roles to enrich their play. PWP gives students a chance to model eye contact when speaking and listening, use correct language skills, explore other people’s viewpoints, and disagree in a positive way.

Measuring Up in Math

Students work cooperatively to apply real-life math skills during math class. Third-grade AMP students in Mrs. Moore’s class at Morningside Elementary used a measuring cup to create a healthy and tasty treat which was a great reward for their learning. Students were completely engaged and committed to working together to accurately read their measuring cups.

MSE Loves Our Deputy

Happy “National Law Enforcement Day”. Thank you Deputy Lindstadt for helping keep our school SAFE.💛💙☀️ Because of the Referendum money that the SLC voters renewed, and the coordination and collaboration of the SLC Sheriff’s office and SLPS, we are honored to have a SLC deputy on campus all the time watching and protecting our campus. We appreciate our school deputy.

Caught Being Good at Morningside

📣5th grade students at Morningside earn Positive Office Referrals. They were ‘caught being kind’ and we recognized them with cheers, class presentation, and a Kona Ice Swag bag! Which of our 5th graders will be recognized next?! 📣 #MSEshinesBRIGHT  #PositiveOfficeReferral  #CaughtBeingKind  

Fourth Graders Explore the 4 Principles of Flight

At Morningside Elementary, students in Mrs. Moore’s Fourth Grade AMP (Advanced Mathematical Program) class were engaged in graphing on a coordinate grid as they incorporated the four principles of flight (thrust, drag, weight, and lift) in their learning. Students have the goal of “rescuing the stranded hiker” at the top of the grid mountain. They had to apply these principles to rescue the climber without crashing into the mountain. All students worked cooperatively to apply their learning in order to achieve this goal. Students are encouraged to explore interests such as the principles of flight throughout their learning.