Morningside Ends the Year With Smiles

Wishing our Blue Jay Family an Amazing Summer Break! ⛱️Thank you to our entire Blue Jay community for a tremendous school year!!!!☀️We had loads of fun closing out our last days! Student vs Staff kickball games, PBIS carnival, graduation, and smiles and hugs until the last day. For our Blue Jays moving on to new chapters, we wish you all the very best in all to come, and for our returning Blue Jays we look forward to seeing you in August!…”Once a BlueJay always a BlueJay!”…Happy Summer BlueJay Family!!! Stay safe!

Jr Rangers at Morningside

It was an exciting day for Mrs. McKenna’s and Mrs. Eibl’s classes. After a school year of learning with Ranger Brendon and Ranger Karen about the habitats, animals, and plants that are found right here in our Florida State Parks, students were officially sworn in as Junior Rangers! We can’t wait to see the difference they make in years to come!

Morningside Celebrates their Shining Stars

Over the past few weeks, students and teachers have worked very hard to “show what they can do” on the third progress monitoring assessment of the F.A.S.T. Assessment. Although all students tried their very best, a perfect score is hard to achieve. Morningside celebrated the students who achieved this amazing task. The MSE prize patrol came out to their homes and surprised them with a sign and a ten-minute party. Congratulations again to: 5th grade Math – Mikhail, Liam, Ethan (4th grade AMP); 3rd grade math- Charolette; 5th grade science- Mikhail, Andrew, Emersen We are so proud of all our … Read More

Morningside Encourages Students to “Bring Their a Game” on State Testing Days

Morningside students brought their “A” game as we continued state testing. Teachers and staff wrote encouraging messages on home plates for our students to read on their way into school. Then, they lined the halls to cheer them on and get them excited about doing their best. We are so proud of our Blue Jays and all their hard work! They brought their “A game” and knocked it out of the park! ⚾️

Mathletes Earn the Top Scores at Morningside

Today we celebrated our Morningside Mathletes! The goal of the program is to build a love of math through challenging problems that promote critical thinking. The students showcase their talents through both regional and national competitions. Our Mathletes have worked hard to rise to the challenge and we couldn’t be more proud! “Math problems are no problem!”    

Morningside Takes on City Hall

Last week, Morningside’s Student Council visited the Port St. Lucie City Hall. They learned about several important jobs that keep our city safe and beautiful. They were excited to have conversations with people from traffic operations, trash pick-up and recycling, and District 1 Councilwoman Stephanie Morgan. They even saw a K9 demonstration from PSL Officers Gibbins and Miller. #FutureLeadersofPSL

Morningside Rolls Out the Red Carpet

Morningside rolled out the red carpet for a star-studded morning as we kicked off the start of state testing for grades 3-5. Teachers and staff wrote encouraging messages along the red carpet for students to read as they made their way to breakfast and class. It was quite an exciting morning, to say the least! Today, 4th and 5th-grade students completed their PM3 Reading Assessment. Way to go Blue Jays—keep making us proud! #MSEshinesBRIGHT

Morningside Connects to the Community

Our Everglades team wanted to spread the word about the importance of the Everglades ecosystem to our community. They used technology to help create information sheets based on the Everglades habitats. Tavola’s Pizzeria on PSL Blvd, a frequent supporter of Morningside Elementary students, agreed to allow us to feature these sheets at their pizzeria. We are so thankful for the community partners that join with us to celebrate the success of our students and help get the word out about the importance of the Everglades.  

Girls on the Run at Morningside Elementary

This Morningside Elementary (GOTR) Girls on the Run participated in the BETTER TOGETHER Run! They’ve worked hard all year and worked together to be their best selves. We are proud of our girls and their coaches! “We are BETTER TOGETHER”🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️🏃‍♀️

MSE Teams Up with PSLHS

Second-grade students at Morningside Elementary, in partnership with the Port St. Lucie Drama Department, present Reader’s Theater. During the past six weeks, MSE students received direction from PSLHS drama students. A love for literacy was promoted through a passion for the fine arts. We are thankful for these authentic opportunities to immerse students in learning! #MSEshinesBRIGHT  

Fourth Grade Rocks at Morningside

During science, our fourth graders have been learning about different types of rocks, weathering, and erosion. Today as a celebration for doing so well on their science unit assessment, students were allowed to open up their very own geode from Morocco. Inside the geode, they found quartz crystal. We analyzed the rocks, luster, color, hardness, streak, cleavage, and inferred the way minerals could have leaked into their rock. At Morningside, fourth grade always ROCKS, but today it also shined like a crystal geode!

Morningside’s PBIS Decade Day was a Success.

Students, teachers, and staff enjoyed our monthly PBIS event at Morningside Elementary. This month, everyone dressed up in clothing from their chosen decade to celebrate having awesome behavior! Morningside Elementary is a PBIS GOLD model school. The hard-working PBIS team really know how to put FUN and one-of-a-kind experiences in our school year. Way to represent Bluejays!

Morningside Principal Gets Pied for Attendance

Morningside’s principal is always finding ways to encourage students to show up! Recently, Morningside competed in a March Madness competition for perfect attendance. Grade levels who met their attendance goals each week earned points for their team. Then, the team with the most points (BEST attendance) for March, won the right to watch the “pie-ing” live. Fifth-grade students won that honor. Next, one student from each grade level  (and one staff member) with perfect attendance earned the right to pie their principal as a reward for perfect attendance. The kids had a great time and attendance improved. Mrs. Forman was … Read More

Engineering in K at MSE

Engineering at its finest in Mrs. Spurr’s kindergarten class at Morningside Elementary— Recently, students watched Mrs. Forman, our principal, get “pied” for students meeting their attendance goals. During Play with a Purpose, Emrys built a “pie school” where you learn how to pie the principal! Also, Mrs. Forman’s new favorite gentle pie thrower made a rocket and a rocket launcher in MTSS steam. The goal was to make something that can move or be moved.

STEAM at Morningside

Students at Morningside Elementary enjoy learning during their STEAM resource time. Students in third grade learned about the solar eclipse and drew a picture depicting what was happening in our solar system. There is always so much to learn and do at Morningside Elementary. 

Morningside Shines Bright

MSE Shines BRIGHT in the Solar Eclipse Light! Today, classes viewed the eclipse and recorded observations. Students then answered the essential question: Did Florida experience a Total Solar Eclipse? Then teachers were treated with an eclipse-themed lunch, SunChips, moon pies, Sunkist, and pizza pies. It was a sunny day for all. #MSEshinesBRIGHT

Pen Pals at Morningside

Mrs. William’s 5th-grade class at Morningside Elementary is writing to their pen pals! A student’s grandmother is a teacher in another county, and she teaches a younger grade. Through this experience, students are learning about someone who may be different than them but finding ways to share commonality through likes, dislikes, dreams, and fears. Today, students are reading their first letter and writing back. Pretty cool!

Morningside Turns Blue for Awareness

Morningside Elementary participated in the World of Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day. At Morningside, we believe that awareness brings understanding; understanding brings acceptance. #LightItUpBlue #AutismAwareness #neurodiversity #MSEshinesBRIGHT Did you know? -Autism is a bio-neurological developmental disability that generally appears before the age of 3. -Autism impacts the normal development of the brain in the areas of social interaction, communication skills, and cognitive function. Individuals with autism typically have difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions, and leisure or play activities. -Autism now affects 1 in 36 children. -Boys are four times more likely to have autism than girls. -Autism … Read More

Celebrating Math at Morningside

Students, teachers, and community members came together to celebrate math at the Publix at Rivergate Plaza this past week. Families and friends of Morningside supported students by completing a scavenger hunt where students had to answer math questions based on the different items in the Publix store. It was a wonderful community experience held by our math committee. Way to shine, bluejays!

Morningside Places at State Tournament

Three of Morningside Elementary’s Odyssey of the Mind teams competed at the state tournament last weekend. We are so proud of all of our teams for representing our school well. Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving competition where students completely take the lead and create the sets, props, costumes, and even the script without adult intervention. These teams work all year long to create a solution for one of the problems presented. Then at states, they are judged on their long-term solution, their spontaneous problem, and the creativity of their style. Additionally, one of the teams built … Read More