Palm Pointe Talent Show a HIT!

Palm Pointe students had a talent show last week. We were so impressed with the variety of acts. Students, sang, acted, shared their comedic talents and much more.  Everyone did an amazing job! Our students are stars!

Palm Pointe “Starbooks” Cafe Book Tasting

Palm Pointe 7th grade ELA students did a “Starbooks” Haunted Cafe Book Tasting on October 31st. Students rotated around to tables with different genres that they have already experienced in class. Students “tasted” or previewed the books by rating the front and back covers, reading the first couple of pages, and giving it an overall rating. Additionally, students got to indulge in some tasty hot chocolate!

Palm Pointe P.B.I.S. Lunch Incentive

Palm Pointe had their first Sit With A Friend day! Students who paid 10 Rocket Fuel were able to sit with friends from other classes during lunch time as a part of their P.B.I.S program.

Palm Pointe Assistant Principal Read-Aloud

Palm Pointe first-graders enjoyed Assistant Principal Mrs. Newsome stopping by for a Read-Aloud with their class! It is always fun to have guest readers partner with our classrooms.  Mrs. Newsome is a welcomed Guest Reader and always brings a spirit of enthusiasm and a love for reading.

Palm Pointe 5th Grade Super Science Heroes

This Friday, the Palm Pointe Fifth graders united in the name of science.  Led by superhero teachers and our special guest, Water Woman from the Port St. Lucie Utility Systems Education Program, we reviewed Heavy Hitter topics in preparation for the upcoming Statewide Science Assessments.

Palm Pointe 3rd Graders Read Around the World

Palm Pointe 3rd grade students read around the world this week! During the week, 3rd grade classes participated in reading rotations to “travel” around the world and prepare for the upcoming progress monitoring assessment. They read about a different country in each classroom they visited and then made a fun craft or a snack from that country! 70+ students also participated in the Read Around the World bootcamp on Thursday morning where they read about 4 additional countries and completed a jigsaw activity and booklet!

Palm Pointe Kindergartener’s EGGcelent 4-H Experience

The 4H farm gave an EGGcelent presentation to our Palm Pointe kindergarteners! Kindergarten will be hatching live chicks over the next 21 days. Students will learn about the chick’s life cycle and what living things need. We are so excited for this awesome experience! Thank you 4H Farm!

Palm Pointe 2nd Graders Learn about Butterflies

For the past 3 weeks, Palm Pointe second graders have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. Students researched and wrote about the 4 stages of a butterfly metamorphosis. Finally, students were elated to observe butterflies in their natural habitat. Our community field trip gave our kids the opportunity to witness the signs of spring through a scavenger hunt at the Butterfly Garden in Bedford Park.

Palm Pointe First Graders are “Down on the Farm”

First-grade students at Palm Pointe had a fun morning on the farm as they rotated through three stations – the Feeding Trough, Billy Goats Problem Solving, and Old MacDonald’s Farm, where students met Farmer MacDonald himself. It was a great morning of learning about farms, animals, and crops using our math and reading strategies!

Palm Pointe Art Students Create Recycled Material Masterpiece

Palm Pointe Middle School art students worked hard to create a beautiful recycling art project.  It took two months and over 900 water bottles all from our school, that would have gone in the trash/landfill. This gorgeous piece of artwork will be displayed at the Oxbow Ecocenter in celebration of Earth Day at their festival on April 22nd. There are expected to be over 7,000 attendees!  Way to go Mrs. Wessel and the Palm Pointe artists for turning trash into treasure!

Palm Pointe Kindergarten is Dino-Mite

Kindergarten had a Dino-Mite time at their before school event! Students had to solve different clues to end up at their final destination! They also got to see a special visitor along the way!

Palm Pointe Races to the Fair

Palm Pointe artists in grades kindergarten through eighth created a “Race to Greatness” display for the St. Lucie County fair. The artwork displayed captures our Rockets’ race to success through reaching our goals in reading, writing, math, science, history, and the arts.  Palm Pointe’s booth can be seen at the fair from February 24th through March 5th. Please stop by the fair school building to vote for our Race to Greatness booth.  The school building is located to the west of the rides past the stage and food.  Go Rockets!