CAST Spring Show Practice

CAST fifth graders in Dr. Irwin’s music class put on a rehearsal concert for kindergarten, first and second graders as they practice for their upcoming spring show. They performed “Fiesta,” “Crunchy, Crunchy, Crunchy” and “Party Rock Anthem.” We can’t wait to see them perform again!

PSLHS Car Wash

On Saturday, April 17th, cadets participated in a car wash fundraising event at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, who generously allowed the cadets to wash cars on their grounds. The fundraiser was very busy, and we served many customers.  Everything flowed well, as we made a system of getting cars through the washing and drying stations. The cadets were broken down into groups of five, rotating into washing, drying, and sign holding stations. This cadet-led event proved to be a huge success for the program.    

SGAET Mask Boy & Sanitizer Girl

Wow, what a process! Kicking off the 2020-2021 school year, Mr. Steward, our amazing K-5 Technology teacher, pitched to the students that he wanted them to write a children’s book to see their imaginations go to work on handling the new challenges we faced this year. With his experience in having illustrated and published two children’s books, he guided them through a seven step process from concept to finalized layout. While finalizing the illustrations in the book, we had the privilege to be introduced to Mervin Jenkins from Flocabulary to help create a song for the book. This song was … Read More

Cobra Secret Friends at FPC

  Fort Pierce Central has a unique program to offer support to co-workers.  The program is called Cobra Secret Friends. Co-workers are matched by drawing names with the Program Coordinator Sandra Rohn.  The secret is that only the coordinator knows who the secret friends are.  Once matched, group emails are exchanged so they can publicly thank their Secret Friends for little gifts, notes of encouragement, and snacks given once a week or so.  The big Secret Friend reveal will be held at the end of the year. Ms. Rohn, says “it has been a fun, feel good program.” For info … Read More

Hands on Learning at White City Elementary

First Graders at White City Elementary started a unit on living things and learned about the parts of a plant. Each student planted a seed and will observe their seed over the next couple of weeks.  Hands on learning is so much fun!

Potato Power at Oak Hammock K-8

Hakeem Mustfata, 6th Grade student at Oak Hammock K-8 was chosen to be a 2021 Broadcom nominee from the District for his science fair project called Potato Power. The project tested how much electricity could be produced along with the amount of time power was produced from cooked and uncooked potatoes. Hakeem’s science fair project was one of seven from the District to move on to the State’s Science Fair. Hakeem was the winner, out of 300 students, from the state of Florida, for the 2021 Broadcom MASTERS Math, Applied Science, Technology, and Engineering for Rising Stars, Junior Section. Congratulations … Read More

Assistant Principal Week – Mrs. Melissa Hutchings Mrs. Hutchings was honored each day by Ms. Faniel’s 2nd Grade class at West Gate K8.  Thursday was Red Carpet Day for Mrs. Hutchings.  We hope she will always remember how we spoke her name.  Mrs. Hutchings is Marvelous, Reliable, Supportive, Happy, Understanding, Thoughtful, Caring, Helpful, Innovative, Nice, Giving and Stylish.  We love our Assistant Principal.

SRE Student Council School Beautification

Mr. Lewis’s Student Council members from Savanna Ridge Elementary, met for two hours on Saturday morning to clean-up the campus they love. The three members along with Mr. Lewis walked the entire campus collecting trash. While they beautified the school campus, they discussed how much they enjoy nature and their future goals and aspirations for Middle School.

Gaines GEER Tutoring

Over the past few months, Samuel S. Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies was part of the district wide GEER Reading after school tutoring program. This program supported over 40 of our students on Monday-Friday afternoons. Our highly effective teachers: Ms. Brooks, Ms. M. Matos, Ms. Cordero, Ms. Young, Ms. Luna, Ms. Capre, Ms. Moore, Ms. Gleason, Ms. A, Matos, and Ms. Paul all supported our students at their individual reading levels and provided differentiated instruction with small class sizes. All students made significant gains with their reading development. Parents have even shared how much their children’s confidence in their reading … Read More

FPC Teams Make a Splash at Ocean Bowl!

Ft. Pierce Central High School participated in the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) Regional Manatee Bowl Competition on March 27, 2021, coached by Steven Shotola and Retta Rohm. Overall, the two Ft. Pierce Central teams placed 5th and 7th in this year’s Florida Manatee Bowl hosted by Harbor Branch. While this year’s regional competition was virtual due to COVID-19, last year’s competition was hosted by University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science in Febuary 2020 and the students competed head-to-head. Ft. Pierce Central has a long-standing history of participating in NOSB. Central’s Head Coach, Steve Shotola, holds … Read More

CAST & UF Virtual Nutrition Partnership

CAST kindergarten and first grade students attended a virtual presentation put on by UF’s Family Nutrition Program. The presentation was part of 6-week series focused on handwashing, healthy eating, and gardening. These lessons are a great complement to our own gardening outside!

College-Bound Twins Head Across the Country!

Twin Cobra Seniors, Grace and Emily Welby are academically inclined, incredibly focused, and college-bound!  Emily is heading to the University of Florida and Grace will be attending the University of Michigan. Mother and licensed psychologist for SLC, Shelley Welby says she is “so excited for them to start the next phase of their lives” and know the girls are “more than ready!”  Although Mrs. Welby admits that she is a mixed range of emotions, she trusts in their decisions-making and “prays for their safety.  They are really, really great kids – I got so lucky that they are secure in … Read More

Mamma Mia at Fort Pierce Central High School

Mr. Devon Goffman and his talented Cobra performers are excited to present Mamma Mia this month!  Originally opened on Broadway on October 18, 2001, Mamma Mia came at a time when the world had just dealt with the tragedy and pain of 9/11 in NYC.  Mamma Mia was exactly what NYC needed to bounce back. It was a huge success! It was hilarious, light, fun, and had tunes that everyone already loved! The end of the show IS a disco dance sing-a-long, and the audience ALWAYS joins the fun whole-heartedly. 20 years later…we have all been affected by the Covid-19 … Read More

Happy 35th Birthday Dear Northport!

Happy 35th birthday to our beloved Northport.  Northport Middle School first opened it’s doors in April 8, 1986. Northport has since become a K-8 school.  We hope the school’s long range goals are just as tenacious and filled with love as their first 35 years. So many memories 💙 Pictured are every Northport principal and Mrs. Lynne Gruszka, NP media specialist, who has taught at NP for all 35 years.  From left, Glenn Rustay, Gloria Johnson, John Townsend, Jane Summa, Lynne Gruszka and Eric Seymour. Best Wishes Dear Northport!