Gaines GEER Tutoring

Over the past few months, Samuel S. Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies was part of the district wide GEER Reading after school tutoring program. This program supported over 40 of our students on Monday-Friday afternoons. Our highly effective teachers: Ms. Brooks, Ms. M. Matos, Ms. Cordero, Ms. Young, Ms. Luna, Ms. Capre, Ms. Moore, Ms. Gleason, Ms. A, Matos, and Ms. Paul all supported our students at their individual reading levels and provided differentiated instruction with small class sizes. All students made significant gains with their reading development. Parents have even shared how much their children’s confidence in their reading ability has improved. Students are reading aloud at home! Classroom teachers have noted how students that participated in this tutoring increased in comprehension, LLI/BAS levels and overall strength as a Reader. We are very proud of our Colts!