SGAET Mask Boy & Sanitizer Girl

Wow, what a process! Kicking off the 2020-2021 school year, Mr. Steward, our amazing K-5 Technology teacher, pitched to the students that he wanted them to write a children’s book to see their imaginations go to work on handling the new challenges we faced this year.
With his experience in having illustrated and published two children’s books, he guided them through a seven step process from concept to finalized layout. While finalizing the illustrations in the book, we had the privilege to be introduced to Mervin Jenkins from Flocabulary to help create a song for the book. This song was done so well that it flows with the book as a read along. Each student was able to receive a “Digital Download” of their very own book, The Adventures of Mask Boy & Sanitizer Girl. Hope you enjoy the book as much as the students enjoyed the experience of producing it.