Robotics and Problem Solving Flourishing at Northport

Northstars students in Mr. Fess’ eighth grade STEM class continue to work on their robotics and problem-solving skills. This week, students designed, coded and built their own solutions to the problem of getting a small white ball into a bin several feet away. The students’ solutions varied from a claw moving the ball to a version of putt-putt golf. Their varied solutions are a testament to the creativity and engineering skills these students are developing.

Northport Writer Extraordinaire!

NPK8 is celebrating the award winning writer, Madison Tredor! ?✍️ In case you haven’t heard, this author was just announced as the 1st place winner of the Florida Retired Educators Association 5th grade essay contest for the state! (“State of FLORIDA!”, as Maddy would add.) She will be recognized at the FREA state conference next month and wins a cash prize! Also notable, this is her teacher, Mrs. Tredor’s 6th consecutive win for St. Lucie FREA and District 9 FREA, and second state win! #NPK8risingstars Northport Is so proud!

Happy 35th Birthday Dear Northport!

Happy 35th birthday to our beloved Northport.  Northport Middle School first opened it’s doors in April 8, 1986. Northport has since become a K-8 school.  We hope the school’s long range goals are just as tenacious and filled with love as their first 35 years. So many memories ? Pictured are every Northport principal and Mrs. Lynne Gruszka, NP media specialist, who has taught at NP for all 35 years.  From left, Glenn Rustay, Gloria Johnson, John Townsend, Jane Summa, Lynne Gruszka and Eric Seymour. Best Wishes Dear Northport!

Literacy Partnership Kicks Off NP Summer Reading Initiative

Thanks to our church community partners, Mrs. Gruszka and Mrs. Majors, our summer reading initiative has begun. Children across Northport are selecting great books donated by First United Methodist Church of PSL. Pictured is Ms. Black’s fourth grade class with their book selections. ? This will be an ongoing effort by Mrs. Gruszka and Mrs. Majors for the rest of the school year. ? ?

Women’s History Moves Northport Girls to Action!

Northport Northstar girls have been so moved by our Women’s History Month daily presentations on the morning announcements and in the classrooms that they decided to organize a mentoring task force to encourage young girls. These girls are great role models and are super excited to work with teachers to assist younger girls. Morning announcements included talks about Joan of Arc, Mary McCloud Bethune, Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Helen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mae Jemison, Amelia Earhart, Malala, Marie Curie, Anne Frank, Mother Teresa, Sacagawea and Zora Neale Hurston. It has been a month long learning experience for all students … Read More

Northport and First United Methodist of PSL Continue Partnership

Northport, along with community partners, First United Methodist Church of Port Saint Lucie,  are kicking off the Summer Reading initiative.  Delivery and organization of books has begun ? We love our partners in literacy.  ? 3640 books have been donated to the students @ Northport by the congregation? Thanks Church! Your partnership means the world to us.  The church also donated thousands of stuffed Easter eggs to the children of Northport. ?

Northport Works on Flight and Space

This IS Rocket Science! As part of their “Flight & Space” unit, students in Mr. Fess’ 7th grade Northstars STEM class constructed and launched model rockets. These students have been studying aerodynamics and propulsion systems in addition to the history and present state of rocketry and human spaceflight. Virtual students participated as well. Mr. Fess had previously delivered rockets to these students so they could build along with him virtually and come in to launch.

Northport Media Center Rocking Every Day!

Northport students have been selecting new books of their choice in the media center recently.  The school has hundreds of new books to offer.  The books are intriguing for all types of readers.   Student choice is one of the surest ways to assist children in literacy development. Students have also been listening to the story, “Puff the Magic Dragon” this week and learned the song together.  The students went ” live” on the Northport Facebook page for their parents to join in the singing.   It has been so much fun and a great week filled with activity.

Northport Volunteers Keep on Giving!

Northport gives a big shout out and THANK YOU to Priscilla Hall. Priscilla is a volunteer and friend to Northport. Priscilla’s grandchildren attended Northport. Recently, Priscilla dropped by the school to donate hundreds of pairs of plastic gloves to Sonja Simmons, the school nurse. Thanks again for your generosity ? !  

Northport Celebrates Awesome Crossing Guards

      Northport children and parents are just so lucky to have two awesome crossing guards posted at the main entrance to the school. One afternoon Cheri Portinga and Mr. Santa gave out special SMILE notes with messages to all walkers and biker riders heading east. Mr. Santa always charms the students at the holidays.   ? Many thanks to all of our Northport crossing and traffic guards.    

Kansas Corn Stem Visits Northport!

Talk about a corny guest speaker! Sixth-grade students in Mr. Fess’ Northstars STEM class received a virtual visit from Bill Johnston of “Kansas Corn STEM.” The students learned all about how Ethanol is made from corn and explored the benefits of using Ethanol when compared to traditional fossil fuels. These students are in the middle of their green-energy unit on Biomass. They are also working on designing and building their own Biomass demonstration projects.

Northport Celebrates Dr. Seuss

Happy Birthday to our dear Dr. Seuss ? ! Northport celebrated across the campus and virtually. The children in the library read The Lorax and learned all about environmentalism. It has been a GREAT DAY ?@ school. Children celebrated by reading Dr. Seuss books and dressing for the day.

Northport Robotics Program is Rocking this Year!

Racing to success! Eighth grade Northstars students in Mr. Fess’ STEM class have been working hard designing, constructing and coding their own racecars! The students built their designs using VEX robotics and coded them using Robot-C. This is one of many robotics projects these students will complete this year.

Northport SEL Night a SUCCESS!

Northport K-8 held its first SEL Virtual Parent Night. It was a Night of Family Learning (NFL) where students, teachers, and families experienced some of the engaging SEL activities that the children get to do each day! With 64 participants, the School-Home Connection was strengthened and fun was had by all! The event was sponsored by Chik-Fil-A and Sal’s Italian Ristorante, who provided door prizes. Northport K-8 provided a free book to all student participants! With virtual high fives and a virtual “wave” to end the session, everyone left with a smile. We are grateful to all of our participants and everyone … Read More

Northport Seventh Grader Invited to State Science Fair!

Anthony Mendoza, 7th grader from Mrs. Silva’s class won big at the science fair with his project called Quick Charge. His project category is systems software, and he was chosen to represent St. Lucie Public Schools at the 66th VIRTUAL SSEF (State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida). In the most difficult school year while the pandemic is still going on, Anthony has undertaken the challenge of participating in the Science Fair and earned the opportunity to compete at the State level.  Way to go Anthony and Mrs. Silva!  Congratulations to the entire family!

Northport Student Wins Retired Educator Essay Contest!

Congratulations to Madison Tredor from Mrs. Tredor’s Rising Stars class for winning the St Lucie County Florida Retired Educators Association essay contest! Fifth-grade students in St Lucie County were asked to write about a happy memory with a grandparent or other elderly person. Madison’s essay is an endearing story of cherished time spent with her grandmother, Lorraine. Her essay will be sent to the FREA District 9 competition. This is the sixth consecutive year that the winning essay has come from Mrs. Tredor’s Rising Stars class. Congratulations, and good luck, Madison!

Black History Projects Shine @ Northport

Mrs. Hughes’s 6th Grade ELA classes have been working hard on their Black History Month projects for a few weeks now. Students chose a historical figure to research and then wrote an essay about them the first week of study. The following week they made a project out of their person to share with their classmates. Students had the choice to do a poster, PowerPoint presentation, flip book, or song/rap. The projects turned out beautifully and some of the virtual students even shared their online presentations via Microsoft Teams with the traditional classes. There is a lot of learning going … Read More

Northport Student Displays Heroism!

Students at Northport continually learn the meaning of the word ” heroism” through guest speakers, stories, and video clips.  Integrity and heroism are part of the bedrock of what Northport has been built on through the years.  Today, one of our own students was honored for displaying courage above and beyond without thought for his own safety.  Sixth-grade student, Jacob Napoles was honored by both Saint Lucie County Sheriff and Martin County Sheriffs offices for saving his mother’s life. The celebration of heroism included Sheriff Mascara and Sheriff Snyder as well as several deputies and officers as well as Jacob’s … Read More

Northport Students Shared the Love for Valentine’s Day

Northport children in Ms. Apostolico’s 3rd grade class and Ms. Fox’s Kindergarten class shared Valentine’s with each other over TEAMS! Students need to feel connected and loved. What better way than to meet with your buddy and share kind words with them! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Port Saint Lucie Rotary Club Brings Holiday Cheer!

Many, many thanks to the Rotary Club of Port Saint Lucie Noon Club. Angela Hayle, a Rotarian and business leader from ACCH Insurance Agency, along with Northport K-5 guidance counselor, Diane Crumpton, gathered children together at Northport to offer each child a special bag of Christmas gifts. The Rotary Club usually hosts an Annual Children’s Christmas Party. This year, due to Covid, the club made a stop to the Northport Media Center. The club serves 17 SLPS and 150 SLC children at the holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the Port Saint Lucie Rotary Noon Club. ? ❤