Mariposa Elementary’s Gardening Scientists

At Mariposa Elementary, students in second grade got a chance to try out their observation skills by taking a trip to the school garden. Students used tools such as rulers and measuring tapes to measure the new sprouts. Then, they recorded their observations in their science journals. Great job Monarchs!!    

SRE 5th Graders Examine Physical and Chemical Changes

The following pictures are from Mr Lewis’ 5th grade Science Class. They observed 10 changes together and had to decipher whether it was a physical or chemical change, then elaborate on what evidence they found that supports their reasoning. In the pictures, you can see students mixing glue and activator to make slime. Students discussed two liquids coming together to make a solid and identified it as a chemical change. You can also see students observing the combination of dry ice and water reacting together. At first, students thought it was a chemical reaction due to bubbling, but a friendly … Read More

Culinary Arts Teachers Host Virtual Field Trip

Marianne Daly, Culinary Arts Instructor at Treasure Coast High hosted a virtual Field Trip to visit Chef Hillary Blasberg at Nordstrom’s in Tampa!  Students from culinary classrooms across St Lucie participate LIVE and recorded.  Level up CTE!  

SLWK8 3rd Graders Enjoy the Outdoors While Learning Math

Mrs. Schettini’s 3rd-grade class practiced their multiplication strategies outside with chalk. They drew arrays, made equal groups, skip counted and more! The weather was beautiful, and it was a perfect opportunity for some outside math fun! Engaging fun! Way to go Sharks!                                  

Oak Hammock K-8 Students Deliver A Powerful Message Against Bullying

Aligned with the Oak Hammock K-8 implementation of Love and Logic strategies and the Anti-Bullying campaign for October, four students from 5th – 8th Grade collaborated, to deliver a positive message displayed on the school fencing, visible to teachers, students and community members. The students were given a task to complete, they problem solved and demonstrated exemplary teamwork as they worked together to create a wonderful exhibit. In celebration of their efforts, drivers honked their horns as they passed by to demonstrate their support for the students’ act of kindness and unity. It was truly a proud moment for the … Read More

Learning by Doing: Exploring The Water Cycle at Oak Hammock K-8

Oak Hammock K-8 middle school students in Ms. Savanello Mcquay’s Science class, were engaged in learning how water flows from state to state throughout the earth, known as the water cycle. Through kinesthetic learning, students learned about the water cycle by creating a model that emulated the water cycle process. For the duration of the unit, each day during science, students observed their model for changes and discuss the changes as a class. Being able to learn hands-on is especially important for the students because they were able to explore and experiment with the water cycle, by gaining a rewarding … Read More

“The Best Part” of Palm Pointe Artists

Middle school artists were inspired by the book, The Best Part of Me by Wendy Ewald.  The artists discussed Ewalt’s photography project.  Artists were then asked to identify the part of themselves that represents the best of who they are.  Learning basic photography skills, artists took self portraits of the best part of them.  Diving deeper into their positive self- image, artists brainstormed reasons why this was their best part.  They added reasons to their self portraits using photo editing software.  The result is striking photography that makes the artist and the audience feel good.  This project helped shine a … Read More

Lincoln Park Academy Golfer Wins the Treasure Lakes Conference Championship

The Treasure Lakes Conference held their first championship of the year in golf this week.  Lincoln Park Academy’s Girls Golfer Angelica Holman shot a 35 and was crowned the Treasure Lakes Conference Champion.  Congratulations to Angelica and to 6th grader Jaden Peterson who was also attended the invitation only championship that day.

AR/VR Welding at Port St Lucie High School

Bruce Gardner, the Building Construction teacher at Port St Lucie High, is demonstrating welding to his students with the Miller AugmentedArc VR/AR welding kit. For beginner to advanced-level welding students, the AugmentedArc system simulates multiple welding processes (MIG, TIG and Stick), blending real-world and computer-generated images into a unique, augmented reality environment.

TCHS AFJROTC Cadets Volunteer at the Treasure Coast Food Bank

On October 6, Treasure Coast High School AFJROTC cadets volunteered at the Treasure Coast Food Bank. Cadets participated in a “drive up” distribution line to provide food to families and then worked in the Food Bank’s warehouse to sort and prepare food for future distribution. The cadets had a great time helping community members impacted by the pandemic and are proud to continue the unit’s legacy of community service while also adhering to all COVID protocols.

PSLHS Outstanding Cadet Board

On Wednesday, October 7th, selected cadets of the Port Saint Lucie Jaguar Battalion participated in the Outstanding Cadet Board (OCB). Two cadets from each company, a Let 1 and a Let 2 or 3, competed against each other on the OCB, in which cadets are awarded points for proficiency on what they have learned in the program. Although every individual may not qualify for outstanding cadet, all participants are still awarded and recognized for their initiative and confidence. In response to COVID guidelines, we had our MySchoool cadets conduct the board via TEAMS. There was a tie between the LET … Read More

Northport Celebrates Custodial Staff!

What an honor to celebrate some of Northport’s finest staff.  The custodial staff, under the management of Michael Washington, have accomplished superior work keeping the school clean, sanitized and ready to support the children, teachers and staff.  It is a pleasure to be able to work with such a friendly and accommodating group of professionals.  The Northport custodial group has definitely stepped up to the plate to work as a team.  Northport celebrated National Custodians Day on October 2, 2020.

Lakewood Park Elementary MySchool Students Participate in Writing Boot Camp

Lakewood Park Elementary virtual students are fully engaged during Writing Boot Camp. Fourth-grade students practiced writing an example of an introductory  paragraph. The students introduced a topic clearly and grouped related information in the introduction paragraph. Students are using the Top Score Writing program. Mrs. Garcia shared a picture of the students using the program on Facebook and the school won an Amazon gift card for being a Top Score Writing Star User.  

Port Saint Lucie High School Football Color Guard

On Friday, September 25, Port St. Lucie High School JROTC Jaguar Battalion’s Color Guard presented the colors at the first football game against John Carroll High School. With COVID-19 restrictions hindering a lot of our activities, the color guard was ecstatic to finally honor our country through a cadet led event. Commanding the Color Guard was National Flag Bearer Cadet Captain James Mikovsky accompanied by Cadet Captain Isaiah Hylton as State Flag Bearer, Cadet Captain Noah Cook as right Guard, and Cadet Captain Elijah Hylton as left Guard.  

Virtual Connections Across the U.S. at Morningside Elementary

Students in Mrs. Eibl and Mrs. Moore’s class joined a Teams virtual call with a third grade class in Washington state. Both classes read “A Fine, Fine School” and participated in a chat with each other about the similarities and differences among our schools and classrooms. What a great experience for our Blue Jays!  

CTE- Westwood Academy Students Engaged in Presentation by Epilepsy Florida

Fort Pierce Westwood students from Dr. Danielle Garcia’s Health Unit Coordinator program, participated in a virtual guest speaker presentation from Epilepsy Florida.  Students were very engaged and were able to apply the presentation content to their current lesson.  Students in Career and Technical Education programs are still connected to industry and business partners!

MySchool 2nd Grade Class at Oak Hammock K-8 Used Project Based Learning to Commemorate 9/11

Mrs. Aristide’s Second Grade MySchool students at Oak Hammock K-8, enhanced their understanding of Citizenship and Government through Project Based Learning (PBL) by honoring 9/11. Mrs. Aristide, encouraged the students to explore: What is the significance of American Symbols? Students researched, selected and gathered data about their American Symbol. This PBL assignment challenged students to ask, collect, visualize, and create independently. Students gained insight on the importance and historical significance of their American Symbol by creating and presenting a project board. Remembering 9/11: Iconic American Symbols

SLWK8 MySchool Kindergarten Students Learn About Freedom

Last week at St. Lucie West K-8 School, Mrs. Goldberg’s MySchool Kindergarten students studied American symbols and their relationship to freedom. For content, they used their feet and hands to make bald eagles. They also created a directive drawing of the Liberty Bell. Great Job Baby Sharks!