PSLHS Outstanding Cadet Board

On Wednesday, October 7th, selected cadets of the Port Saint Lucie Jaguar Battalion participated in the Outstanding Cadet Board (OCB). Two cadets from each company, a Let 1 and a Let 2 or 3, competed against each other on the OCB, in which cadets are awarded points for proficiency on what they have learned in the program. Although every individual may not qualify for outstanding cadet, all participants are still awarded and recognized for their initiative and confidence. In response to COVID guidelines, we had our MySchoool cadets conduct the board via TEAMS. There was a tie between the LET 1’s, Cadet Jacob Bunker and Cadet Hailey Johnston.  The Let 2 winner was c/SSG Gracie Morris. Overall the Outstanding Cadet Board was a huge success as every cadet demonstrated their knowledge of the JROTC curriculum.