Windmill Point Celebrates Aces for Kids at Hope Day

During the week of December 1st-5th, Windmill Point celebrated “ACES in our Lives”! ACES were honored by inviting these special people to have lunch with a student. As part of the Kids at Hope philosophy, Windmill Point believes that all children are successful when they have meaningful and sustainable relationships with adults. A letter went home with students describing the four ACES that are typically found in children’s lives, as well as a schedule for each grade level. Lunch was brought in or purchased through the school cafeteria.

Be the One: Kids at Hope Day at Oak Hammock

To celebrate Kids at Hope Day 2014, Oak Hammock K-8 School implemented an anti-bullying campaign from November through January that empowers all Treasure Hunters and students to find the treasures in all members of the school community. Our personal rendition of the 2014 Kids at Hope theme: “Everyone a Treasure Hunter: Be the ONE to Stand up to Bullying!” This campaign kicked off with a “Hats Off to You” fundraiser, where students and staff paid $1 to wear a hat on campus. Students were asked to identify their own talents, skills, and intelligence, as well as the treasures in their … Read More

Samuel S. Gaines Academy Celebrates Kids at Hope Day

Samuel S. Gaines Academy celebrated National Kids at Hope Day during the week of November 10th – 14th.  Staff and students proudly showed their Kids at Hope spirit by wearing Kids at Hope shirts or any blue and yellow shirts during the week. Each day, students discussed their Aces on the morning announcements. Students held up a poster-sized Ace card, described their Ace of Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades, and explained why they are important. A faculty member also gave a special “tip of the day,” focusing on the power of Aces in student’s lives. In addition, positive signs were posted … Read More

Northport Celebrates National Kids at Hope Day

Northport K8 School celebrated National Kids at Hope Day by infusing a Power of Aces mini-lesson into morning (elementary) or 1st period (middle) on November 12th. The suggested activity included a class discussion on students’ Ace of Hearts and Ace of Clubs and why these adults are important, followed by writing thank-you cards to these Aces. Lessons also incorporated this year’s school theme, “Kids in Wonderland.” During drop-off and pick-up, parents received an Ace of Clubs card with an explanation about this special caring adult, as well as a copy of the Treasure Hunter’s Pledge.

Weatherbee Celebrates Kids at Hope Day

Weatherbee Elementary School celebrated National Kids at Hope Day during student led conferences. Each student took a letter and sat with their parent(s) or other caring adult and wrote down why they are a Kid at Hope.  The letters were then posted outside of the individual teacher’s room spelling out “Kids at Hope, No Exceptions!” Teachers came out and took a picture with their classes, which were put together in one large poster to display on campus.

St. Lucie Public Schools Celebrates National Kids at Hope Day

This celebration kicked-off at the school board meeting on November 4th with an official proclamation read by Treasure Hunter and St. Lucie County Teacher of the Year, Heather Bolitho. The theme this year was “We Connect- The Power of Aces.” One of the Kids at Hope leading principles states that children succeed when they have meaningful, sustainable relationships with caring adults. These caring adults are called Aces. Just like in a deck of cards, there is an Ace of Hearts, Clubs, Spades, and Diamonds. The Ace of Hearts is a child’s parent/guardian. The Ace of Clubs is any other caring … Read More

Southport Middle School Presents Beauty and the Beast Jr.

The Performing Arts Department of Southport Middle School presented the Broadway Junior musical, Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast, Jr.” in four fantastic shows. This “tale as old as time” was filled with spectacular costumes, beautiful artwork, props, familiar songs, and dance. The cast and crew of over 75 students rehearsed for weeks to prepare. Pictured here are the students who played a part in the production. Many thanks to the additional students, volunteer crew of administrators, teachers, parents and high school students who made the show possible.

Donuts with Dad Celebrated at Palm Pointe Book Fair

Recently, the Palm Pointe Media Center was transformed into Sir Read-A-Lot’s Castle. One Tuesday morning, Donuts for Dad was the theme and Princess Paige Turner (Mrs. Garber, Media Specialist) and Sir Read-A-Lot (Mrs. Ferguson, Media Clerk) welcomed our Rockets and their male role models to a bountiful banquet of books. Almost 40 families participated to show our students that “Real Men Read.” This activity was held in conjunction with the district initiative to encourage men to be involved in our schools as well as our school-wide literacy focus this quarter. It was so rewarding to see our students and dads … Read More

Former Westgate Student Lends His Voice to Help Autism

Mozart Sobrinho stopped by his former school, West Gate K8, to perform a benefit concert for autism. Students in grades 3 through 8 were treated to a half hour concert which included his song “Stay with You” inspired by his former teacher and her autistic daughter. His performance allowed West Gate to raise over $500.00. The monies raised will help sponsor the April 11th, 2015 Walk for Autism Speaks.

Weatherbee Reads!

Weatherbee Elementary has just completed their book fair.  The name of every student who made a purchase, was put into a jar to draw for a series of free books.  The winners were: Dominick Baily, Ronald Cantarero, and Jyssel Nunez.

Learning Lunch

Elijah Bailey from Weatherbee’s VPK recently attended the Learning Lunch with his teacher Norma Miller and had a chance to speak with Ms. Yost!

West Point Visits Students at Palm Pointe

Recently at Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition two West Point people came to speak with eighth grade students that were interested in attending West Point in the future. Mr. Chris Slate is an alum and in charge of admissions in this area. A sophomore cadet, Madison Crum also came to speak with students about the program. A video was shown about West Point, information given to the students and a question and answer session at the end. The students at Palm Pointe were very interested in the program and appreciated them coming to enlighten them on the procedures. … Read More

Bingo for Books at Morningside Keeps Parents Informed

Morningside Elementary PBIS team hosted their very first Bingo for books to reward students with books and to inform parents about our behavior procedures for the classroom, hallway, cafeteria and playground.  Parents, grandparents and friends joined their children for an evening of fun, food, and at least two books per student.

Spherion Staffing Community Give Back Program

Richard and Sherry Kolleda presented a check of $500.00 from the Spherion Staffing Community Give Back Program to the St. Lucie County Education Foundation to provide scholarships and support to teachers. Pictured are, Dr. Kevin Perry, Carissa Zerga, Superintendent Genelle Yost, Board Chair Dr. Donna Mills, Richard Kolleda, Sherry Kolleda, and Vanessa Tillman.

The Kolledas Are Recognized For Their Support

The Education Foundation Board presented a plaque to Rich and Sherry Kolleda, owners of Spherion, for their dedication and continued support of the St. Lucie County Education Foundation on December 9, 2014. Pictured are, Board Chair Dr. Donna Mills, Education Foundation President Carissa Zerga, Rich and Sherry Kolleda, and Superintendent Genelle Yost.  

Northport Students Host School Board Member Deborah Hawley for Leadership Summit

Northport K-8 Media Services program held the student’s fifth monthly Leadership Summit recently in the school’s Media Center. The Leadership Summit is an opportunity for middle grades students to become aware of leadership skills, to learn about leadership style and to learn how to step forward and use the skills learned in their own lives. The Leadership Summit’s are progressively becoming more and more student- driven as children become more comfortable with the open format of learning and the ability to pose critical focus questions. The questions that students pose to community leaders are authentic and often times, hardball questions. … Read More

Thank you, Debbie Hawley

At the Board Meeting on December 9, 2014, Dr. Donna Mills, current Board Chair, presented Mrs. Debbie Hawley with two pictures as a “thank you” for her service as the Board Chair for the past two consecutive years. Pictured are, Debbie Hawley, and Board Chair Donna Mills.

Deborah Daly, Our STAR Recipient

Deborah Daly, Personnel Records Specialist, was presented the STAR (Special Thanks And Recognition) Award at the December 9th School Board Meeting. It is not everyday that our staff is recognized for the kind and thoughtful things they do on a daily basis. Debbie is a quiet and caring employee who works behind the scenes in Personnel. She is not one to draw attention to herself. She is a genuine caring and compassionate individual. Earlier in the school year, one morning before the district office opened for business, Debbie encountered a homeless man sleeping on the bench in the main entryway of the building. Prior to sending him on his … Read More

Helping a Family to Rebuild: A Fundraiser at Palm Pointe

As a way to help out a Palm Pointe family who recently lost their home due to an electrical fire an eighth grade teacher,Kris Demarais volunteered to have his head shaved. A school wide fundraiser was set up to help the family. Students were asked to bring in whatever money they had to give to the Lagrandeurs’. The classes in K-2, 3-5 and 6-8 with the highest donations would receive an ice cream party and would be able to go and watch Mr. Demarais get his head shaved. One student was randomly selected from each winning class to come up … Read More