Deborah Daly, Our STAR Recipient

Deborah Daly, Personnel Records Specialist, was presented the STAR (Special Thanks And Recognition) Award at the December 9th School Board Meeting. It is not everyday that our staff is recognized for the kind and thoughtful things they do on a daily basis. Debbie is a quiet and caring employee who works behind the scenes in Personnel. She is not one to draw attention to herself. She is a genuine caring and compassionate individual.

Earlier in the school year, one morning before the district office opened for business, Debbie encountered a homeless man sleeping on the bench in the main entryway of the building. Prior to sending him on his way, she gathered bottled water and other food items, creating a care package for the gentleman. The majority of those items came directly from her lunch she had packed for herself that day. She has since seen him around, although he is still experiencing a hardship, he’s looking better and remembers her act of kindness.

Pictured are, Superintendent Genelle Yost, (Our STAR) Deborah Daly, and Board Chair Dr. Donna Mills.