Samuel S. Gaines Academy Celebrates Kids at Hope Day

Samuel S. Gaines Academy celebrated National Kids at Hope Day during the week of November 10th – 14th.  Staff and students proudly showed their Kids at Hope spirit by wearing Kids at Hope shirts or any blue and yellow shirts during the week. Each day, students discussed their Aces on the morning announcements. Students held up a poster-sized Ace card, described their Ace of Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades, and explained why they are important. A faculty member also gave a special “tip of the day,” focusing on the power of Aces in student’s lives. In addition, positive signs were posted around the school, stating “Keep Calm. You’re a Kid at Hope.” During a school-wide parent event, a lollipop tree was used to encourage conversations between parents and children. Students picked a lollipop, brought it back to their parent, explained their talents, skills, goals and dreams. If they chose a lollipop with a blue or yellow sticker, they won a special Kids at Hope prize, such as a light or bracelet. Students who picked one without stickers were still praised for being winners. Parents then heard a presentation about Kids at Hope and students recited the Pledge. Parents were informed about activities and dialogue they can have with children at home to foster positive relationships and hope for the future.