St. Lucie Public Schools Celebrates National Kids at Hope Day

This celebration kicked-off at the school board meeting on November 4th with an official proclamation read by Treasure Hunter and St. Lucie County Teacher of the Year, Heather Bolitho.

The theme this year was “We Connect- The Power of Aces.” One of the Kids at Hope leading principles states that children succeed when they have meaningful, sustainable relationships with caring adults. These caring adults are called Aces. Just like in a deck of cards, there is an Ace of Hearts, Clubs, Spades, and Diamonds. The Ace of Hearts is a child’s parent/guardian. The Ace of Clubs is any other caring adult who knows the child’s talents or skills. The Ace of Spades has high expectations for children and believes in them sometimes even more than they believe in themselves. The Ace of Diamonds gives children opportunities to succeed, making them feel validated and appreciated.

Kids at Hope Schools uniquely incorporated this theme into events, activities, and lessons on November 12th or anytime during the month of November. Some schools even entered the National Kids at Hope Day Contest, with each entry receiving a certificate and a Four Aces poster.

We believe all children are capable of success, No Exceptions!