Interact Club Joins Effort to Stop Hunger Now

On November 1st, 2014 the Interact Club of Treasure Coast High School, the Rotary Clubs from the Treasure Coast and Fort Pierce Area, and other volunteers came together to Stop Hunger Now!  Treasure Coast Hospice hosted a meal-packaging event, which was an immensely fun, hands-on, and rewarding experience for everyone. The dedicated volunteers packaged 13,000 meals in just two hours! Stop Hunger Now created its meal packaging program in 2005. The program perfected the assembly process that combines rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables and a flavoring mix including 23 essential vitamins and minerals into small meal packets. The food stores easily, has a … Read More

F.K. Sweet Students Donate Items to Children in Haiti

Students at Frances K Sweet Magnet School donated items to help make Christmas more enjoyable in Haiti. Children in Haiti will be pleased to receive the gift boxes filled with toys and school supplies. We were able to contribute 15 filled gift boxes. Some of the students that were happy to help out are pictured, left to right back row, Alex Macias, Juan Escobedo, Sierrah Payne, and front row, Sarah Burkert, Joseph Richardson, and Ty’Shawn Moore.

Treasure Coast High School Student Wins Top Honors on Algebra Wall (and an iPad mini)

Students at Treasure Coast High School are making use of ‘Algebra Nation,’ an intensive, free, online learning Algebra End-of-Course (EOC) exam preparation resource. Triniti Wimbs won top honors on the Algebra Wall, an interactive discussion forum that allows students from around the state to ask algebra questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Study Experts monitor the wall and award students karma points when they help other students. Each month, the middle and high school student with the highest total number of karma points in the state wins an iPad mini. Triniti earned the award in October for … Read More

Morningside SHAPES Education with a Geometry Lesson

The Math Team for School Improvement joined with teachers of all grades to use geometry in a fun early release lesson.  Each grade level had an appropriate plan beginning with Kindergarten students using shapes to create fall and winter pictures and ending with the upper grades making monsters with specific parameters such as “if you own a pet your monsters legs should be intersecting” or ” if you are a girl your eyes are NOT a polygon.”                                           

Students Construct Solar Ovens at Savanna Ridge Elementary!

Fifth grade students at Savanna Ridge Elementary School enjoyed a day of STEM learning. Their task was to design, construct and test solar ovens to demonstrate the transformation of solar energy to thermal energy. After researching different designs, students were given materials to construct a solar oven from a pizza box. They tested their ovens first by melting a square of chocolate for three minutes. They returned to the lab to make adjustments to their designs before making s’mores. Through the STEM activity students reinforced content learned in the classroom and of course, the s’mores were enjoyed by all.

Kindergarten Students at Palm Pointe Learn about Bicycle Safety

Recently, the kindergarten students at Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition spent some time learning about how to be a good citizen, and about the importance of rules. To enhance the lesson, Mrs. Rubel’s Kindergarten class had a visit from Chief Pruitt of the Jupter Inlet Colony Police Department. Chief Pruitt spoke to the students about the importance of rules and how they keep citizens safe. Chief Pruitt also discussed various safety topics such as: stranger safety, gun safety, fire safety, and bicycle safety. Chief Pruitt finished his presentation by fitting each of the students in the class with … Read More

Lions International Peace Poster Contest

These students were part of the Lions International Peace Poster Contest with the Fort Pierce Lions Club. Ferlie Fabre (LPA), with her sister, took first place in the international Peace Poster Contest. Muabohn Dahn (LPA), with her father, won third place. A student from Southern Oaks, Emily Barkheimer, no pics, received second place. The First place entry will go on to represent our area in the regional portion of the competition. Teacher Judi Hueter hope that the wonderful accomplishments of her young artists will spark other St. Lucie students to participate in future events!  

Veterans Visit Lakewood Park Third Graders

A group of local Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 566 came to Lakewood Park Elementary School to speak with 7 third grade classes.  The Veterans also decorated a display case filled with metals, flags, helmets, books, dog tags, plaques, awards, hats of the different branches of the military, and old photos.  The group, spearheaded by Joe Lusardi, discussed the importance of freedom and about their parts they played in the Vietnam War.  The group of Vets also donated new American Flags to Lakewood Park Elementary School classrooms.  Principal Dianne Young presented the group with a plaque from Lakewood Park Elementary … Read More

Explosive Volcanoes at Mariposa Elementary

Fifth grade students, Heather Heath, Tuan Tran, Levi Gonzalez, and Sophia Lopez in Carla Bargeron’s Science resource class at Mariposa Elementary recently completed an exciting science unit.  Students first learned about landforms and volcanoes and then worked in teams to design and construct paper mache’ volcanos.  Students also learned about the steps in the scientific process and physical and chemical changes in matter.  Mrs. Sandra Bushby and the fifth grade students were thrilled as they conducted “explosive” experiments with their hand-made volcanoes and gooey “lava”. Aka jello chemical changes can be fun!

Lincoln Park Academy Represents the USA at the Panasonic KWN 25th Anniversary Global Awards Ceremony

The two teams from Lincoln Park Academy, under the guidance of master Adobe instructor Gena Harriman, won The Americas region in their respective categories! LPA’s World Hunger team and civic documentary moved on as one of seven finalists with other regional winning teams from the Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Panama, and Thailand. They also won another similarly action packed 5-day trip to NYC with the addition of a cultural exchange and a brand new studio quality Panasonic video camera! At the KWN 25th Anniversary Global Contest, their Fighting World Hunger video won the Best Concept Award and another … Read More

SLW Centennial Teacher Recognized by College Board Advanced Placement Program

Congratulations Pamela Kaiser. Mrs. Kaiser has been recognized by the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program for her contributions as an AP reader. In June 2014, 607 high school AP English Literature teachers joined forces with college faculty who teach in the same discipline to score 399,220 exams in Louisville, KY. Ms. Kaiser has been recognized for her hard work, her dedication, and her expertise. This was her fifth year participating as an AP Reader. Thank you Ms. Kaiser for your dedication to our students.

Westgate Loves Our Volunteers!

Mrs. Kawa, a retired 2nd grade teacher, volunteers each week for Ms. Schumacher’s class. She is reading one of her favorite read a-louds, Charlotte’s Way by E.B  White. The students look forward to her visits each week with excitement, and can’t wait to work with her during small groups. Mrs. Kawa works with all students to deepen their knowledge on the targeted skill for the unit. she also does reteach and enrichment groups.

Northport Middle Grades Students Participate in Mentors Clubs!

Northport K-8 School has taken a leap forward by engaging students in a community atmosphere where growth, development, social mores and guidance are the focus. Many students experience difficulty making the transition to becoming productive and achievement oriented individuals with positive goals and dreams. Boys and girls in the middle grades often times succumb to peer pressure and make decisions that can be long lasting and counter productive. At Northport, two groups, “Girls To Women” and “Boys To Men” assist and guide selected students in a three prong approach to address issues academically, behaviorally and socially. The students meet with … Read More

Allapattah Flats Students Lead Conferences

All students at Flats K-8 recently led conferences with their parents and other caring adults. They shared things they have learned, things they still need help on and what kind of learning helps them most. In addition, they shared their Kids at Hope destinations and goals for this year and the future with their caring adults. Pictured:  Mrs. Bowen and Abishai Ambrose

Storybook Character Parade Held at Palm Pointe

Kindergarten students and teachers at Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition participated in the annual Storybook Character Parade. Students chose a book that they had read and dressed up like that character. Parents were invited to come and watch the parade. The parade route went around the school as the excited students waved to everyone. This event was awesome! Pictured from the front is teacher Cheryl Petrino, her paraprofessional B-J Gallo, and teacher Heather Knapp along with students from both of their classes.

Students Receive Instruments from Bluebird Foundation

The Bluebird Educational Foundation has provided many educational musical trainings and performances to students over the years. In the most recent years, they have started a program called “Recycling in the Key of E.” Donations of old instruments are collected and the instruments are refurbished by a musical partner and then given to a student who is interested in playing in the band at middle school or high school. To date, Bluebird has donated some 50 instruments totaling approximately $20,000 to our students. Darryl Bey, Chairman of Bluebird Educational Foundation and Terry Davis, Principal of Forest Grove Middle School presented … Read More

Clerk of Courts presents check to Education Foundation

At the November 18th School Board Meeting, Mr. Joseph Smith, St. Lucie County Clerk of Courts, presented the St. Lucie County Education Foundation a check for $1,500 for the Adopt-A-Class campaign. Their support has helped over 20 classrooms. Pictured are Joseph Abreu, Joann Baker, Board Chair Donna Mills, Joseph Smith, Superintendent Genelle Yost, Elizabeth Mallonee, James McKenzie, and Vanessa Tillman.  

F.K. Sweet Kindergarten Families Getting Together for Thanksgiving

Kindergarten students at F.K.Sweet Magnet School invited their families to school for a Thanksgiving breakfast.  The students sang songs, brought in food to share, and dressed up like Pilgrims and Native Americans. Charlotte Sellers from Morgan Haupt’s class was joined by her parents, grandparents and sisters for the special event.

Lakewood Park Elementary Principal Dianne Young Carves Thanksgiving Turkey

Lakewood Park Elementary Principal Dianne Young had the honor to carve the first turkey for the students’ lunch while E’mon Thomas-Yasmin got to taste the first piece. Besides turkey the students enjoyed dressing, mash potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, salad and much more. Mrs. Andrea Pierson, cafeteria manager, asked questions to students about the first Thanksgiving dinner such as these and more: What types of food was served at the first Thanksgiving dinner? How many Pilgrims and Indians were at the dinner? What kind of animals did the Indians hunt to contribute to the meal? How many days did the first … Read More