Weatherbee’s Peer Leadership Program

Once a month, Weatherbee Elementary will host guest speakers who are positive and  powerful role models to come in and speak for one hour to students who will benefit from this event. We started October 30th with Dr. Perry as our first guest speaker!

Weatherbee’s Dads Take Your Child to School Day!

Weatherbee Elementary invited fathers and male caregivers to come back to school! On September 30, fathers and male caregivers were encouraged to take their child to school, sign a pledge of involvement, and demonstrate the value of being involved in their child’s education.  It was a BANNER DAY at Weatherbee!  Pictured are Jahson Nelson and his grandfather.

Weatherbee Bowling for Kids’ Sake

On September 26, 2015 , a good time was had by all at the Superplay USA!  The teams put on their neon attire and did some cosmic bowling, all in good fun to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Weatherbee Celebrates Other Caring Adults!

In recognition of the many contributions our families make to children, Weatherbee Elementary opened its doors to welcome grandparents, family members, and friends for our Kids at Hope Celebration on September 10th and 11th. Jahson Nelson and his special friend share lunch at Weatherbee’s Other Caring Adults Luncheon last week.  

Weatherbee VPK Field Trip

On April 27th, Weatherbee’s VPK classes were able to go on one of three field trips to the Children’s Museum in Jensen Beach.  It was a wonderful experience for our students to be able to share and learn with other children.  They were able to dress up and look towards what future might await them.  We had some doctor’s, nurses, fire-fighters, mechanics and grocery store clerks, we also had artists, architects and many other community little helpers present.  We are a Kids at hope school so the trip only reinforced many of the conversations that we have daily with our … Read More

Weatherbee’s April Peer Leadership

Students in the Peer Leadership Program at Weatherbee Elementary had the honor of meeting Mr. John Arnett, a former Marine, police officer, and teacher.  He encouraged the students by sharing how he grew up, fought in Vietnam, and then served as a police officer in various states before retiring.  He told students not to get involved in gangs and to keep their noses in the books!  Every month, the students get together at lunch and are motivated by successful African American male role models.  Featured with Mr. Arnett are Weatherbee’s Administration and the two young women responsible for the program,  … Read More

Weatherbee Math Olympics

Recently Weatherbee hosted our first annual “Math Olympics!”  This exciting event was planned for students who passed a math facts fluency test.  Every student who showed proficiency on these quizzes was able to play Giant JENGA on the stage in the cafeteria and also invited to our outdoor Olympic event.  Students participated in the High Jump, Long Jump, Hula-hoop Hopscotch, and the Hula-Hoop Tire Challenge.  With over three hundred student in attendance, this was a very successful event.  All students and staff had a fabulous time and we can’t wait to start planning for next year!  

Mr. Larry Lee Jr. Brings Excitement to Weatherbee Elementary

For the month of February, the students in the Peer Leadership Program at Weatherbee Elementary had the privilege to meet with State Representative Mr. Larry Lee Jr. This program targeting male African American students is one of the PBS strategies used at Weatherbee Elementary. Each month a male role model from the community comes to address these students in need of extrinsic motivation. This month, Mr. Larry Lee Jr. brought a lot of excitement in the air when he offered $5 dollars to any students who answered his questions correctly. In addition, he promised a $5 incentive to all students … Read More

Literacy Week at Weatherbee Elementary

Literacy Week was a huge success at Weatherbee Elementary.  We had several planned events that helped promote literacy and get the students excited about reading.  To start the week off, students participated in the “Million Minute Marathon” where WBE read 17,421 minutes!  Another powerful activity was the “Buddy Reading” between different grade levels.  It was great to see the older students teaching the younger ones and the little ones sharing their fluency with older students who they look up to.  The week ended with our wonderful community members sharing their favorite book with the students.  The students really enjoyed hearing from … Read More

Weatherbee’s Peer Leadership Luncheon

For 36 male students at Weatherbee Elementary, It was an exciting lunch. Indeed, Commissioner Kim Johnson was the guest of honor at the Peer Leadership Luncheon. This luncheon is special program targeting African American male students with low reading proficiency or social/emotional challenges. Every month, these students get together for lunch as they are being motivated by successful African American males from the community. For the month of January, Commissioner Kim Johnson exceeded all expectations as he used his life story to inspire our Peer Leaders.  Before he was elected Commissioner of district 5 in St Lucie County, Mr. Kim … Read More

Weatherbee Reads!

Weatherbee Elementary has just completed their book fair.  The name of every student who made a purchase, was put into a jar to draw for a series of free books.  The winners were: Dominick Baily, Ronald Cantarero, and Jyssel Nunez.

Learning Lunch

Elijah Bailey from Weatherbee’s VPK recently attended the Learning Lunch with his teacher Norma Miller and had a chance to speak with Ms. Yost!

Literacy Is A Family Affair at Weatherbee

Weatherbee Elementary hosted a “Families Building Better Readers Night”  to teach parents how to help their child become the best reader they can be.  The VPK started things off with a performance of songs and dance.  Later, the parents rotated through sessions on how to help their child become a better reader, while students rotated through some engaging activities to help them become excited about reading.

Dental Screenings for Weatherbee

Weatherbee was visited by Ervin Valcin RHD and Patricia Johnson DA, who did a fabulous job seeing our VPK-2nd grade students for a dental screening.  Each year we are fortunate to be able to offer dental screenings to our VPK-2nd grade students at Weatherbee.  Just one more reason to be proud to be a Kids at Hope School! In the picture is Ervin Valcin RDH, John Taylor, a VPK student and Chris Talley LPN.  John’s screening is going great!

Weatherbee ALS Ice Bucket Reading Challenge

Weatherbee collected a dollar from each participant for “Jeans Day”.  All the donations will go to the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association (when the messages from our brains that tell our bodies to move do not get to our muscles).  Along with the fundraiser, the school had an Ice Bucket Reading Challenge! Top readers in each class got to dump a bucket of ice water on a teacher or staff member chosen from a special list.  The top overall readers in the school got to earn the privilege of dumping buckets of ice water on Mr. Hitsman and Ms. Avellino.  The … Read More

Weatherbee Student Led Conferences

On October 23rd and 24th parents and other caring adults were given the opportunity to listen to their student express their academic and behavioral goals and give encouragement as they learn to monitor their own progress and feel  a sense of accomplishment.  We thank all parents and caring adults for their participation and support!  While Asst. Principal Jennifer Avellino looks on Coast Guard Representative, Gary Bowerman and first grade student, Damion Chavez discuss his goals.