Helping a Family to Rebuild: A Fundraiser at Palm Pointe

As a way to help out a Palm Pointe family who recently lost their home due to an electrical fire an eighth grade teacher,Kris Demarais volunteered to have his head shaved. A school wide fundraiser was set up to help the family. Students were asked to bring in whatever money they had to give to the Lagrandeurs’. The classes in K-2, 3-5 and 6-8 with the highest donations would receive an ice cream party and would be able to go and watch Mr. Demarais get his head shaved. One student was randomly selected from each winning class to come up and cut a pony tail from Mr. Demarais head. Great Clips hair saloon came and finished shaving it so that it looked perfect. The pony tails are being donated to Locks of Love. All the funds collected for the family will go to help them rebuild. Along with the fundraiser, household items and clothes were collected and donated for the entire family.  Pictured from left is Olivia Scott, Jessica Lee, Emily Williams, Nick Stagg, Olivia Donnelly, Kris Demarais and Osee Lagrandeur.