MSE Celebrates!

Morningside Elementary congratulates our Teacher of the Year Janice Elmasian-Therrien; First Year Teacher Michael Alvarez; Minority Teacher Sarah Williams; and School Related Employee Diana Crosdale.

We are blessed to have staff that loves children and gives their all to helping them become the best they can be as people.


Morningside Elementary Title I Superhero Literacy Night

The Morningside Elementary Title I Superhero Literacy Night was a huge success! Students and families were encouraged to wear superhero costumes or shirts when they attended the fun-filled event. Families rotated through superhero stations that featured reading skills while integrating science, math, and writing.  The attendees also were treated to delicious pizza from Little Caesars…

Family Care Council Presents at MSE

Melody Hearn of the Family Care Council presented information to our Morningside Elementary students on Wednesday, October 26, 2016.  She discussed the challenges and daily struggles of children and adults with Down Syndrome.  To help educate the students, Melody had some hands-on demonstrations to show them how difficult it is to talk, play, write, and…

Students Lead the Way at MSE

Morningside Elementary’s fifth grade student-led conferences received high marks on evaluation forms.  Write-in comments included feedback such as “very informative” and “it was great.”  During the 30-minute conference, parents and students were shown how to access the St. Lucie Public Schools website; the MSE website; the Skyward site; and lastly, the 5th grade 2017 t-shirt,…

MSE Grandparents Celebrated

Morningside Elementary’s grandparents were invited to have lunch with their grandchildren to celebrate Grandparents Day.  Grandparents and family members filled the stage and front of the cafeteria throughout the last three days to celebrate the integral part that family has as part of the team that makes students well-rounded and successful.

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HS Graduates Revisit the Nest at MSE

MSE Blue Jay High School Seniors come back to the nest for a last visit!  From left to right they are Julia Theiss, Syia Hill, Nicole Hernandez, Jessica Smith, Rachel Jones, and Maddie Sands.  Syia, Nicole, Rachel, and Maddie were all in Ms. Williams-Johnson’s 5th grade class.  Ricky Estrada joined them shortly after the picture.…