100 Book Challenge Celebration

Averi Sams-Wilson and Micaela Goulet  from Mr. Zakrajsek’s kindergarten class reached their winter reading goal for the 100 Book Challenge.  Five hundred sixty-eight students from Allapattah Flats celebrated reaching their goals with hot chocolate, cookies, and a movie.  Students also received bracelets to mark their steps.

Books and Blankets a Success at APF

Allapattah Flats K8 hosted a fun-filled literacy event called Books and Blankets, January 15th. Reading stations included the integration of math and science. Families rotated through stations led by teachers and staff. Some stations were set up outside and teachers read to students with flashlights and lanterns. We also had a visit from some nocturnal animals. Families enjoyed reading under the stars, making crafts, and gazing into the sky with telescopes.

5th Graders at APF Make STEAM

Fifth grade students, Jaden Finch, Levi Jackson and Liliana Rivera, worked together as a group to complete their STEAM design challenge. Their goal was to create a water slide that was tall and safe by bringing a marble to the bottom and landing in a cup. In this design challenge the students incorporated their knowledge of force, motion, friction, building, measuring and creating prototypes!

APF Students Love Santas Pancake Breakfast

​The K-2 Elementary Chorus performed on Saturday, December 6th at the Santa Pancake Breakfast. Students sang a variety of songs from Feliz Navidad to Let it Go. The APF Chorus wowed the audience with their stellar movements and beautiful singing. The 3-5 Advanced Chorus performed as well including an original holiday song to the music of “Royals” by Lorde. Both groups worked extremely hard and their dedication showed in their amazing performance.

Allapattah Flats Students Lead Conferences

All students at Flats K-8 recently led conferences with their parents and other caring adults. They shared things they have learned, things they still need help on and what kind of learning helps them most. In addition, they shared their Kids at Hope destinations and goals for this year and the future with their caring adults. Pictured:  Mrs. Bowen and Abishai Ambrose

Allapattah Flats 8th Graders Attend College

Allapattah Flats’ eighth grade students recently went on a tour of IRSC. They were able to speak to advisors, college professors, and even were given a planetarium show. It was an motivational and eye opening experience for aspiring college students.

Allapattah Flats Steam Challenge

Second Grade students, Anthony Smith , Judith Tellez Cruz, Jeilin Hernandez, Corby Henderson, at Allapattah Flats K8 School are engaged in the hands-on learning of animal needs and habitats during their recent STEM Challenge. The students enjoyed the activity of building a sanctuary habitat for a group of displaced sloths. The students were able to explore the challenge of being a zoo builder and architect as they learned about the needs and habitat requirements for a sloth.

4th Grade is Magnetic at APF

Chandler Snowden, Wyatt Clayton, and Cory Rendell are future Electric Engineers who are trying to determine how to effectively increase the strength of an electromagnet at Allapattah Flats.

Allapattah Flats VPK Learns About Librarians

VPK visited the library and heard a wonderful story from media specialist Ms. Cutchens. She helped them learn about what a librarian does. VPK is so excited about visiting the library again for the book fair.

Allapattah Flats helping with Indian River Lagoon Restoration

Seventh grade students at Allapattah Flats K-8 have been given the opportunity to participate in an Indian River Lagoon restoration project through 4H.  Students have been studying the effects of runoff water on the lagoon and have learned about various biological controls such as oyster beds.  Students attended a field trip in which they were able to participate in four stations that each taught them an important part of Indian River Lagoon preservation.  The first station allowed them to observe specimens of the various types of sea life present in the lagoon.  In the next they completed a data collection … Read More