Kindergarten Students at Palm Pointe Learn about Bicycle Safety

Recently, the kindergarten students at Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition spent some time learning about how to be a good citizen, and about the importance of rules. To enhance the lesson, Mrs. Rubel’s Kindergarten class had a visit from Chief Pruitt of the Jupter Inlet Colony Police Department. Chief Pruitt spoke to the students about the importance of rules and how they keep citizens safe. Chief Pruitt also discussed various safety topics such as: stranger safety, gun safety, fire safety, and bicycle safety. Chief Pruitt finished his presentation by fitting each of the students in the class with their own bicycle helmets that the students were able to take home. The class received many safety related items and materials all from a grant funded program. After Chief Pruitt’s visit, the kindergarten students in Mrs. Rubel’s class at Palm Pointe now feel even more prepared to be safe citizens!