FGMS: Mrs. Brick’s Science Class is Rolling Marbles

At Forest Grove Middle School, Mrs. Brick’s sixth-grade students are finding the average speed of a marble as it rolls from different levels of height while measuring the distance each marble has traveled. Once they collect all of their data they will graph it and analyze their findings.  

FGMS: Mr. Parkinson’s Geometry Class Learns “Math Real” World Style

Several weeks ago Forest Grove Middle School geometry students went on an amazing field trip. Below is Mr. Parkinson’s summary of this project and field trip. The artwork of MC Escher has been the real-world model that I have used to educate geometry students about transformations and tessellations since I started teaching. To find out that the Vero Beach Museum of Art is currently hosting the world’s largest traveling Escher exhibit only meant one thing for my students and me – FIELD TRIP!!!! In preparation for the visit, students completed an activity that consisted of researching and interpreting nine select … Read More

FGMS: In Mrs. Proctor’s Class, Learning Math is Sweet!

At Forest Grove Middle School, Mrs. Proctors’ 6th grade math classes had an exciting day, filled with learning fun. Students were practicing ratios with Skittles! Students sorted their skittles by color, compared part to part and part to whole, and wrote the ratios three different ways! The students were ecstatic to learn about ratios in a new way!  

Forest Grove Middle School Teachers are Celebrating Excellence in Math

Forest Grove Middle School’s Math Department has begun a new initiative this year. Our math teachers are creating a culture of celebration while building a positive relationship with their students. Each week teachers are nominating students for portraying Excellence in math. These students persevere through challenging equations, never give up, maintain a positive attitude, and always try their best!