NPK-8 3rd Graders Lead the Way with Team Building Activities

The first week of school can be hectic. Kids forget their backpacks, how they are getting home, and even how to get to their classroom. Somehow teachers manage to keep them learning and on task from the very start. The secret? Building relationships.

Rosa Apostolico, a third-grade teacher at Northport K-8, knows the importance of starting students off on the right track to help set the tone for the rest of the school year. Part of her method is for students to build relationships through teamwork.

The project was called the “No Peeking” challenge. This challenge was performed behind their backs and encouraged students to trust their partner’s directions when it came to building a tower out of plastic cups without the person building it seeing what they are building.

“I got the idea after researching different STEM icebreaker activities,” said Apostolico. “This one caught my eye because it required students to put trust into their classmates, even though they only knew them for a few days.”

Exposing kids to team building when they are young can instill key skills they’ll need much later in life, but also helps them learn how to create relationships and trust in their peers.

“I received some students that were brand new to the school and felt this would be a great activity for them to create that trust not only with their peers but in the classroom itself,” said Apostolico. “Additionally, exposing them to building skills that require teamwork can be carried with them in all aspects of their life.”


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