Palm Pointe morning show crew delivers the daily news

The morning show crew at Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition does a great job each morning letting the students and staff know what is happening around campus.  Each student on the crew has a specific job such as an anchor position, weather/special events/script, mixer/director, sound board, teleprompter, studio cameras, minidv/dvdplayer, and chyron graphics. The students do a great job with all the equipment and delivering the news to the school. Maurizio Apostolico is the teacher that teaches them how to use all the different equipment. Pictured, from left, back, are Marissa Abbott, Stephan Lepore, Charity Bell, Max the Puppet, Anthony Ceglio, … Read More

Port St. Lucie High cadets present color guard for DAR meeting

Port Saint Lucie High School JROTC presented the colors for the Daughters of the American Revolution annual meeting recently. Cadet Captain Devynn Rhodes led the Color Guard presenting the U.S. flag, cadet Staff Sergeant Andrea Harrell presented the state flag, and cadet Corporal Lily Durst and cadet Lieutenant Colonel Amanda Mabry were the guards. Each of the students on the Color Guard were asked to tell the Daughters of the American Revolution what their roles in JROTC are and what their plans are after they graduate from high school. The Jaguar Battalion cadets appreciated the opportunity and were honored to … Read More

Fairlawn Elementary students send treats to troops

Students in Shirley Helton’s fifth grade class at Fairlawn Elementary School are corresponding with U.S. military troops stationed in Afghanistan. They write letters and send treats to the troops to boost morale, and also enjoy receiving news from the soldiers. The troops have sent books, pictures and other artifacts from Afghanistan. The students enjoy their community efforts to help our soldiers abroad.

Students present anti-tobacco campaign update at school board meeting

Members of the St. Lucie County Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) team presented an update on their tobacco prevention efforts in local schools at the December 11, 2012, St. Lucie School Board meeting. Students also provided local data from the 2012 Florida Youth Tobacco Survey. Pictured at back, far left, is School Board chairman Debbie Hawley, and at back, far right, Superintendent Michael Lannon, with the students and their sponsors.

Local student honored as Sunshine State Scholar nominee

William Barr, a junior from Treasure Coast High School (TCHS), has been nominated to the Florida Department of Education as the Sunshine State Scholar for St. Lucie County. Students are nominated based on their success in high level math and science courses, and the intent to major in those subjects in college. William also scored the highest PSAT score in TCHS history! William and his parents were recognized at the December 11, 2012, St. Lucie County School Board meeting. Pictured, from left, are School Board chairman Debbie Hawley, TCHS assistant principal Nikki Poole, William and his parents Bill and Nancy, … Read More

Palm Pointe celebrates annual holiday event

Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition recently held its annual Breakfast with Santa. Over 500 breakfasts were sold with pancakes, eggs, sausage and coffee or juice. The students had so much fun with the different holiday crafts that were available. There was face painting along with raffles, and, of course, pictures with Santa. Santa made his entrance aboard a fire truck which was so exciting for the kids. Dean Debborah Estrada brought her keyboard player and sang throughout the event. The event was so memorable and everyone had a fantastic time! Pictured is the Casey Family as they all came to the event to enjoy the day together.

Port St. Lucie High cadets visit Palm Beach Atlantic University

Cadets from the Port Saint Lucie High School JROTC program visited Palm Beach Atlantic University recently for their ROTC Leadership Day. The cadets participated in a scavenger hunt that helped them learn all about the campus, and leadership activities that were led by PBAU students. A PBAU administrator informed the students about enrollment criteria, grants, scholarships, and what PBAU has to offer them. There was also a panel of Vietnam veterans, ranging from a general to a junior enlisted, who told of their experience in the military followed by a question and answer session. The students felt that this was … Read More

Northport students make unique commercials

Northport K-8 School sixth grade students in Georgia Stone’s class learned the six types of persuasive techniques and put each to good use making their own commercials in the classroom. Students created commercials selling items such as a magic Santa hat that grants wishes to a “spectacular sponge,” and an “extreme latreme” face cream that keeps users young and beautiful. Students portrayed techniques such as testimonials, repetition, bandwagon, snob appeal and name calling in the unique lesson. Students learned the techniques, viewed examples of the different techniques, then made the commercials. The lesson was very effective and extremely engaging! Pictured at left is Mrs. Stone … Read More

Gaines Academy students perform contraction surgery

Second grade students Victoria Shiver and Gonzalo Villaltafrom in Ashley Steward’s class at Samuel Gaines Academy show off their successful contraction “surgery.” Students worked in pairs to perform “surgery” on words. The students started with two words and had to create one contraction by correctly cutting the words apart and adding a band aid (apostrophe) in the precise spot.

Windmill Point students demonstrate musical articulation

Fifth grade students in Kim Terpening’s music class at Windmill Point Elementary used their bodies and scarves to describe what they hear in music. As students work to reach their learning goal of understanding notation and being able to read and notate music, each student was given a scarf to demonstrate their understanding of staccatos and legatos. Students used the scarves and their bodies to distinguish between these two forms of musical articulation as they listened to “The Syncopated Clock” by Leroy Anderson.

Northport third graders enjoy unit interactive unit of study

Northport K-8 School third grade students in Melanie Polascak’s and Glenda Taylor’s classes have been working on a combined unit of study to determine learning data and to evaluate the effectiveness of class rotations on the study of Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Students and instructors used a variety of resources to bring the unit of study full circle. Culminating activities to bring resolution to the unit occured recently in the teachers’ classrooms such as making pinatas from Mexico, making moose antlers from Canada and learning to play dominos and how to do the limbo from the Caribbean. Students also enjoyed a variety … Read More

Northport students enjoy annual re-enactment

Northport K-8 school’s entire fifth grade team as well as seventh and eighth grade students from three teams attended the 12th annual Raid on Ft. Pierce at the Savannas Recreation Area. Northport students have attended the re-enactment for 11 of the past 12 years. Students, under the direction of classroom teachers and Social Studies chair Bob Burdge witnessed first-hand the life of a soldier in the 1860s. Students learned about weaponry, outdoor cooking, clothing making and blacksmithing as well as a number of other Civil War memorabilia. It was thrilling for the students to experience a re-enactment of a primary source of information. Over … Read More

Northport volunteer of the year receives special congratulations

Northport K-8 Volunteer of the Year Suzi Scott, pictured, received a very special congratulations for all her efforts and hard work on behalf of the teachers and students of Northport K8 School recently. The letter, from Florida State Senator Joe Negron, congratulated Mrs. Scott for being a “vital thread in the fabric of our community!” Negron thanked Mrs. Scott for her dedication and commitment to the students and teachers and he expressed a shared pride with her family, friends and everyone at Northport.  Mrs. Scott is diligent in her work on behalf of all children at the school and she is … Read More

Allapattah Flats students get hands on physics lessons

Students at Allapattah Flats K8 students received enjoyed a scientific as well as fun special visitor recently. District Science Curriculum Coordinator Steve Shotola came to work with eighth grade students in Joseph Kline’s class with his amazing golf ball launcher. Students calculated the speed, velocity, and time it took for golf balls to be launched from the high powered launcher. The students had a great time as well as using math and science in a hands on and real world scenario. This is one lesson they won’t soon forget.

Allapattah K8 girls volleyball takes first place in county tournament

Congratulations to the Allapattah Flats girls volleyball team for winning the county tournament. The girls devoted the past eight weeks preparing and competing for this tournament. Allapattah went 4-0 at the tournament and won in Gator fashion in the championship game 2-0. This is the first county title for the girls volleyball team at Allapattah. Pictured standing, from left, are Assistant Principal Casandra Flores, Coach Amy Franklin, Danielle Rosenthal, Maria Hernandez, Ashley Kinberger, Taylor Brennan, Gracie Jimenez, Coach Justin Allen, and Assistant Principal Ana Rodriguez. Kneeling are, from left, Tori Braessler, Kali Hartman, and Danya Lenoir.

Windmill Point students enjoy veteran’s visit

In honoring Veterans, Retired Master Chief Eugene Sereg of the United States Navy visited Windmill Point Elementary students recently. Master Chief Sereg shared his experiences and his accomplishments in the Navy. Pictured with Sereg is fifth grade teacher Elizabeth Guanchez, who volunteered to model a real-life soldier’s uniform during war time. Students loved when Master Chief played his bugle.

Mosaic Digital Academy students learn physics at the golf course

Mosaic Digital Academy’s first STEM field experience proved to be a very STEM-ulating day on the golf course. Mosaic students and teachers met at the PGA Golf Training Center in Port St. Lucie to learn the basics of physics and how this science discipline relates to the real-world skills needed in the sport of golf. Steve Shotola, St. Lucie School District Science Curriculum Supervisor, kicked off the day with participants in the computer lab to demonstrate how gravity affects acceleration, free fall, projectile motion, and relative motion. Then it was onto the golf course to put this learning into practical … Read More

Mariposa Elementary students master math multiplication tables

Students in Ashley Thomas’ class at Mariposa Elementary were rewarded with an ice cream party for rocketing into mastering their multiplication facts through the nines. Each day Ms. Thomas quizzed students with 40 multiplication facts until all facts were mastered within a three-minute timeframe. Once students completed the different sets of facts, math coach Theresa MacInnes gave students a four-minute, 80-question facts test to complete. Pictured are Dasha Behrens, Taj Clyde, Khani Ellison, Kayla Green, Carter Heffley, Michael Hunter, Chyna Martinez, Rebecca Mosier, Jessica Sullivan, Anthony Torres, Thomas Duffy, Johann Vianna, Sara Westbrook, Trinity Hardy, and Brooklyn Parks. Other students who … Read More

Mariposa Elementary students use real world process for observations

Students in Maria Nunez’s fourth grade class at Mariposa Elementary have been conducting oxidation experiments for their science Fair project.  The problem statement was, “Which liquids (distilled water, oil, vinegar, alcohol, milk, or soda) causes oxidation to occur the fastest?” Students were enthralled while observing the process and were using the same principles as scientists in the real world. These future scientists had to use critical thinking to determine the reasons why some liquids oxidize more quickly than others. The experimentation will continue just as real scientists conduct experiments at various times to validate their conclusions. Pictured, from left, are Jacob Guerrero, resource … Read More