Northport students cultivate learning relationships

Northport K-8 students in Susan Matteson’s eighth grade reading class and young students in Lorri Lamm’s second grade class have been cultivating learning relationships to benefit each learning level and style. Students and teachers have been meeting twice a month since the beginning of the school year to bond and integrate learning systems. Students recently met to select words from second grade student lists, review the definitions and pronunciations and then to make costumes to portray the meaning of the words selected. Students will participate in a vocabulary roundup parade in January. Pictured are learning buddies from both classes, from left, Karla Montoya, … Read More

Northport celebrates holiday tradition

Northport K-8 community of teachers, staff, administration, parents and students recently celebrated the schools’ traditional Breakfast With Santa on an early Saturday morning. The PTO-sponsored event featured a homestyle breakfast, children in holiday pj’s and Santa Claus. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate community and to thrill children. Other Northport PTO-sponsored pending events include a Stevie B’s school fundraiser family dinner and a catered holiday luncheon for teachers and staff in the media center. The Northport K-8 School PTO is an integral piece of the school pie and the group offers strong support to the instructors and students at the school.

Parents engaged in special day at C. A. Moore Elementary

Parents rarely have the opportunity to sit with their student in class. Administrators and staff at C.A. Moore Elementary recently invited parents to Take Your Parent to School Day. The first Take Your Parent to School Day focused on reading. This time the parents were engaged in math activities spending 10 minutes in whole group instruction led by the teacher, 10 minutes in group work, and 10 minutes participating in a math game. The parents were engaged and challenged in the lesson, they were not there as observers. This is the second Take Your Parent to School Day at C.A. … Read More

Mariposa Elementary students learn about Pilgrims

The students in Elizabeth Forbes’ class at Mariposa Elementary learned about the Pilgrims in the month of November. The students read books and poems that described the Pilgrims’ exciting journey to their new land and wrote about how it would have felt to have been a Pilgrim child. The overwhelming consensus was that they would have missed electricity! Each student told one or more things for which they are thankful  at the end of the activity. Pictured, from left, are Michael Anderson-Cline, Louisa Davila, Angelee Amperez-Jorge and Aiden Busch.

Allapattah Flats stands up to bullying

Students and teachers at Allapattah Flats K-8 recently participated in the “Stand Out to Stand Up” district event. The whole school turned pink as everyone wore pink shirts to show that they do not tolerate bullying. Students  also made posters and short skits to show how to handle bullying and ways to prevent it. Dean Renee Adderly-Clark took the lead on this event, promoting students’ involvement and helping them put together presentations shown throughout lunch periods for students at all grade levels. 

Weatherbee Elementary School supports Jump Rope for Heart

Thank you to all the students, teacher and staff that participated in the recent Jump Rope for Heart event at Weatherbee Elementary School. All students had the opportunity to participate in this community service learning program of the American Heart Association. This was an excellent way to promote knowledge in the importance of developing heart-healthy habits; that being physically active can be fun; that raising funds to support cardiovascular research and education helps save lives in the community and across the country. Way to go Weatherbee Mariners!

Allapattah Flats K8 holds student led conferences

Allapattah Flats K8 recently held student led conferences with every child on campus in kindergarten through eighth grade. Parents attended conferences where the students had the opportunity to take the lead. Students presented their academic data as well as goals they set for themselves throughout the semester. They shared work samples, projects, and assessments that allowed parents to see what they do in class as well as track their progress over the course of the nine weeks. Students were able to discuss their strengths and weaknesses and present their goals for the upcoming semester. All students spent time going over their portfolio with either parents or … Read More

Northport students stand up to stand out

Northport K-8 students joined Treasure Coast High School senior Rebecca Cowan and empowered each other against the harmful effects of bullying recently. Students in grades K-5 read stories, discussed bullying issues and worked in activity books designed by Rebecca. Students in all grades worked together to bring the powerful message by wearing the color pink! Students donned pink shirts, pink headbands, pink jewelry, pink socks and pink ribbons to show their support for the special project. Rebecca joined all the Northport 8th grade girls in the media center for a discussion and an open and frank talk about the effects of bullying and … Read More

Windmill Point students and staff support worthy cause

Students and staff at Windmill Point Elementary School recently put on their hats and dressed in pink to show their support for two worthy causes. As part of the district-wide Stand Up to Stand Out anti-bullying campaign, everyone pulled out their pink attire and wore it proudly to proclaim that bullying is not tolerated on our campus. As a Community Outreach effort, students and staff made contributions to United Way and held their heads high with their favorite hats. Community Outreach is a school support committee which works to give back to the community and show outhe school’s compassion for others. 

Combined high school color guard has community presentation

The Port St. Lucie High School Jaguar Battalion recently conducted a combined Color Guard with the Treasure Coast High School Air Force JROTC. The Color Guard was led by Port Saint Lucie High School’s Cadet Captain Rhodes who presented the U.S. flag. Bearing the state flag was Cadet Pollino. The guards to follow were Cadet Lynn and Cadet Hopkins. Treasure Coast High School’s cadets Gillman, Shoemaker, Crewse and Love presented the POW/MIA flag and the service flags. The Port St. Lucie High School Color Guard and Treasure Coast High School Color Guard did a phenomenal presentation to remember veterans.

Port St. Lucie High cadets teach elementary students about flag protocol

The Port St. Lucie High School Jaguar Battalion Color Guard performed a flag folding ceremony at Mariposa Elementary School recently. The Color Guard Team was led by Cadet Major Mason Propst presenting the U.S. flag with Cadet Byron Cruz presenting the state flag. Guarding the colors were Cadet Amanda Mabry and Cadet William Benagh. They presented and posted the colors, followed by a demonstration on the ceremonial folding of the national flag while explaining the meaning of each of the thirteen folds. The Jaguar Battalion concluded the ceremony with a question and answer session by the Color Guard Team for … Read More

Windmill Point students earn PBS game hour

Students in Mandy Farrell’s third grade class at Windmill Point Elementary School were recently awarded a PBS game hour for their good behavior. Students paid $20 Wildcat Cash to spend one hour playing games with their friends.Pictured, from left, are Marshall Domond, Conner Henderson, and Daniel Etumnu.

Student-led conferences are a success at Windmill Point

Student-led conferences are family discussions where the student leads a discussion of his/her work. In this format, the teacher becomes the facilitator while students lead their families in conversations that require them to reflect on and evaluate their work. Students in first through fifth grades recently invited their parents in to share with them their academic progress from the first nine weeks. Pictured, at left, Principal Jonetha Maness conferences with a student while Erick Lopez conferences with his dad, Ray Lopez.

Palm Pointe fourth graders learn about melodic notation

Fourth grade students at Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition learn to write their own melodies and then play them on their recorders! Christine Hill, music director, helped her students create a rhythm and then put the melodic pitches to them. The last step was to put the whole melody on the musical staff. Pictured, from left, are Breana Lamothe, Noah James, Alexandra Sessa and Harlem Lilly.

Floresta Elementary hosts a successful Family Learning Night

Floresta Elementary School recently hosted its monthly Title I Family Learning Night. November’s focus was on FCAT testing, and how families can help support their child’s success on this important test. While parents spent time in the school’s Media Center, children were given opportunities to read and discuss literature, and answer a variety of questions relating to reading, math, and science. For each correct response, students earned a token, which they could use to compete against others in a friendly game of cards. Dealers at each card table kept track of the winnings, and provided each winner a gift bag … Read More

Northport instructors implement gardening for grades program

Northport K-8 School middle grades instructors Amanda Sartain and Kalyn Nova received an innovative and exciting grant from Lowe’s Toolbox For Education called Gardening For Grades. The students and teachers are beginning the garden at the school using the Florida Ag program which provides a positive learning experience for students to develop leadership skills, responsibility and community pride through organized gardening activities. The program is designed to incorporate science, math, language arts, geography and a plethora of other subject area disciplines. Students will experience growth observation from seed,  measurement of growth, design experimentation and growing plants found in historic novels. Research has … Read More

Kindergarten students pow-wow at Palm Pointe

The kindergarten students at Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition had an old fashioned Indian Pow- Wow. Students and teachers dressed in Indian attire and went outside to do many activities. They played their handmade drums, they learned an Indian dance and participated in other centers while outside. Pictured are students listening to an Indian story which was one of the centers.

Northport students enrich community connections

Northport K-8 students from all grade levels participated in a district wide initiative called “Movers For The Military” just in time for Thanksgiving! Students and their parents collected nine moving boxes filled with new items for the kitchen and bathroom, blankets, new pillows, new sheets, clothing, personal care items and even a brand new prosthetic leg to fit a homeless veteran. Northport K-8 School partnered with local moving company, Two Men and a Truck to collect the items benefiting Big Hearts Homeless Shelter in Ft. Pierce. The drive for the homeless veterans instilled in students the knowledge that they have the … Read More

Post St. Lucie High cadets help honor veterans

The Port Saint Lucie High School Jaguar Battalion recently participated in a Dreamfest held by Discovery Church at the Port Saint Lucie Civic Center. As part of the ceremony, the church honored veterans by having the cadet Color Guard present the national flag while members of the church sang the National Anthem and America the Beautiful. The four cadets that presented the colors were Cadet First Sergeant Arlene Mabry pictured holding the national flag, Cadet Staff Sergeant Tyler Lynn holding the state flag, and Cadet Staff Sergeant Robert Hopkins and Cadet Sergeant First Class Jose Cumba standing as the guards. … Read More

Northport kindergartners participate in descriptive lesson

Northport K-8 kindergarten students in Melody Nieves class recently participated in an impressive lesson using the story, “The Legend Of The Indian Paintbrush!” The kindergarteners listened to the story and then talked about describing words. Each student identified a list of words that described characteristics about themselves and created a Native American name for themselves using their describing characteristics. Each then made a special headband with their Indian name enscribed on the band. Students proudly wore the bands all day long and called each other by their Indian names. The lesson engaged the kindergartners and provided each with an opportunity to share information about … Read More