Mariposa Elementary students present animal research projects

Students from Janet Balletta’s class at Mariposa Elementary recently presented their animal research projects for their parents and classmates. Students researched their favorite animals and created innovative animal projects out of cereal boxes integrating language arts, technology, and oral language skills. The culminating activity was the students giving an oral presentation of their projects. Students were recognized for their participation, and celebrated their success with their family and peers. Neisha Caldwell, left, and Shane Spellacy, right, won first and second prize for the most original and unique animal projects.

Mariposa Elementary has event to raise funds for field trip

Mariposa Elementary School recently held its Spirit Night at Chick-Fil-A of the Treasure Coast Mall. Chick-Fil-A helped the third grade team raise funds for their upcoming field trip to Legoland. Thank you to Mr. Kiedis of Chick-Fil-A and to all the families who came out and supported the event. Pictured are third grade teachers Monica Almeida, from left, Judy Graham, and Theresa Delancy who manned the Spin-A-Prize booth at the event.

Unusual guests highlight Family Reading Night at Mariposa Elementary

Mariposa Elementary School recently held another Read to Succeed Night. Families came and participated in the activities. Special guest for the night was Bruce Shwedick of the Reptile Discovery Program. He brought with him a 15 pound yellow shelled tortoise from Brazil, a 25-pound Alligator snapping turtle, a nine-foot long reticulated python, and Banana Girl (a 16-foot albino python!), among others. Everyone learned from the information Mr. Shwedick shared about these awesome reptiles! Pictured is Alanna Rivera bravely touching Banana Girl!

Mariposa Elementary has workshop for parents

Mariposa Elementary School recently held its third Read to Succeed Night. To begin the night, third grade families participated in a workshop that provided them with tips and strategies that would help them better prepare their children for the upcoming FCAT tests. After the workshop, everyone played Word Bingo, with winners receiving books as prizes. No one went home empty-handed! To cap the evening, refreshments were served to all. Pictured are Quotaysha Jones, standing right, and Judy Graham presenting FCAT information and strategies to parents.

Mariposa Elementary kindergartners show seasons in art

Kindergarten students at Mariposa Elementary were awarded Awesome Artist awards for outstanding work on their fall mosaics. Students first learned about the change of seasons in a science lesson in Carla Bargeron’s resource class.  Then the students learned about mosaic art techniques. Pictured, from left, are Abigayle Conner, Brenelly Rodriguez-Guerrera, Jade Mayberry and Noah Corsiglia.

Mariposa Elementary students learn US geography

Brandan Cooper in Rose Caraballo’s class aat Mariposa Elementary School demonstrates his knowledge of the United States geography by completing his map quiz in the Media Center. Third grade students have been working hard to learn the states by their shape and location as they complete a digital timed map quiz.

Mariposa Elementary students join in annual fundraising event for heart health

Jump Rope for Heart is an event that takes place at Mariposa Elementary School’s PE field each year as a fund raiser for the American Heart Association. The program was formed to educate students and the community of the importance of a healthy heart free from cardiovascular diseases and strokes. Pictured, from left, are Kervens Saintil, Javon Clarke and Connor Bagnall participating in the fundraising event.

Mariposa Elementary second graders practice spelling skills

Students in Patricia Dale’s second grade class at Mariposa Elementary School practice spelling skills by playing a game of Bunny Bingo. The game encourages students to memorize their new vocabulary words in a fun and innovative way. Students use bunnies and ducks on a game board instead of chips while a student calls the words for the student players. Pictured, from left, are Mya Bent, Jessie Balderas and Genevieve Bone.

Mariposa Elementary students learn math and measuring through baking

In fourth grade to practice learning about fractions, students in Michele Graci’s class at Mariposa Elementary decided to do some real world application. This project was helpful for the class to be able to answer the question fractions’ purpose. The students each got a chance to make a cake mix and end up with cake pops to eat at the end of their experiment. The class was put into four groups, and each afternoon a different group was put to the test. They were given a cake mix box and all the ingredients and tools they would need. It was then their … Read More

Mariposa Elementary students combine reading, writing and art

Fourth grade students in the After School Tutoring Program at Mariposa Elementary are enthralled making paper mache characters or scenes from books they have read. The project is to connect reading, writing, and art. Students are learning characterization, setting, plot and finding facts from text. Not only are they learning but having a ball constructing their projects. Pictured, from left, are Kailey Oullette, Aivi Lang, Kanson Paul, Adriana Perez, and Arianna White.

Mariposa Elementary kindergartners get lesson in dental health

Kindergartners at Mariposa Elementary enjoyed a hands-on presentation about how to care for their teeth. They were shown the importance of flossing and the correct way to floss, discussed foods that make their teeth happy and foods that make their teeth sad. They also were shown how to brush their teeth properly to make sure they removed the plaque. Every student left with a tooth brushing kit that included all the tools they needed to ensure successful brushing. Pictured, from left, are Jamarion Riggins, Sabrina Swayne, Kaitlin Taylor, Abigayle Conner, Analisa Bermudez, Maria Roman, Jade  Mayberry, Lillian Baber, and Khaleel … Read More

Mariposa Elementary music teacher earns grant for outdoor amphitheater

Mariposa Elementary music teacher Mary McCartney received a $5,000 grant from Lowe’s Toolbox for Education. This grant will be used to create an outdoor amphitheater to be used by teachers and parents to enjoy student generated performances of all kinds. The staff, PTO and chorus members will collaborate in the design and building of the amphitheater.

Mariposa Elementary students learn about marine animals

Mariposa’s first grade students studied marine biology on a recent field trip to the Manatee Center in Fort Pierce. The students were engaged in a presentation on Florida’s manatees hosted by the center’s educational coordinator. Students learned fascinating facts about manatees and other marine animals like sea turtles, tropical fish, and eels. After the presentation, the students got to walk around the observatory deck to search for manatees, take photographs, and purchase souvenirs in the gift shop. Students, parents, and teachers had a wonderful time in spite of the rainy conditions that prevailed. Pictured, from left, are A. J. Cummings, Remington Jones, Tatiana Negron, Nicholas … Read More

Mariposa Elementary students learn hands-on about nature

Mariposa Elementary School fourth grade students were enthralled with a Hobe Sound Nature Center presentation about raptors, also known as birds of prey. Staff from the Center brought in a rescued owl and hawk.  After learning about these amazing creatures, students role-played being scientists. They needed to find out what owls had eaten from an owl pellet. They broke the owl pellet in half, then used tools such as tweezers to pull apart the fur, and find the bones that could not be digested by the owl. Students took home the bones and fur and were asked to re-create what the animal looked like … Read More

Mariposa Elementary students celebrate holidays with gingerbread man activities

Students in Janet Balletta’s first grade class at Mariposa Elementary recently hosted a Gingerbread Man Celebration. The first grade students read several versions of the Gingerbread Man, performed a Gingerbread Man readers’ theater, and created their own Gingerbread Houses. Several parents participated in the festivities by donating treats, helping students build Gingerbread houses, and engaging students in a special read aloud of the Gingerbread Man. Special thanks go to Carl Nimal, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Caldwell, and Mrs. Baksh for joining in the holiday cheer! Pictured is Mike Caldwell reading to the students.

Mariposa Elementary students create timelines of their lives

Students Allison Pozo’s class at Mariposa Elementary created timelines comparing and contrasting the past, present, and future of their own lives. The students used words and phrases related to chronology while making personal connections to the social studies content. Pictured, back row, Nicole Cifuentes, left, and Lina Rodriguez. Middle row, from left, Julona Garber, Natalie Pineda, David Lemus and Kevin Ferdinand, and in front, Riley O’Dowd.

Mariposa Elementary students perform holiday special

The Mariposa Elementary School band and chorus put on a musical performance during the month of December titled “Santa Goes Green” under the direction of Linda McCartney. The students worked hard for months to prepare for the performance. The audience was able to see the students dance, sing, and play various musical instruments. DVDs were created to help earn money for the N.E.E.D program that includes a trip to Washington DC. Pictured, from left, are Alexandria Perry, Nichole Ledoux, Dylan Brook and Sydney Garcon.

Mariposa Elementary students honor Swedish tradition

For Saint Lucia Day, students in Alicia Swink’s second grade class at Mariposa Elementary dressed up in Swedish traditional headdress and costume. The students delivered gingerbread cookies to all the second grade classes while reciting the St. Lucia Day song as part of their activity.

Mariposa second graders get up close to animals

As part of the second grade science unit on animals, students at Mariposa Elementary enjoyed a visit from the WildLife Teaching Team from the Hobe Sound Nature Center, a private, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting an environmental awareness in people of all ages. The center offers a variety of environmental education presentations to schools and organizations. The students enjoy the opportunity to see live animals up close. They viewed an osprey, and an owl, and were allowed to pet a baby alligator, a baby crocodile, and an albino snake. Pictured, from left, are Kindman Inniccherri, Esmeralda Cruz, and Jessica Simko.