Mariposa Elementary students master math multiplication tables

Students in Ashley Thomas’ class at Mariposa Elementary were rewarded with an ice cream party for rocketing into mastering their multiplication facts through the nines. Each day Ms. Thomas quizzed students with 40 multiplication facts until all facts were mastered within a three-minute timeframe. Once students completed the different sets of facts, math coach Theresa MacInnes gave students a four-minute, 80-question facts test to complete. Pictured are Dasha Behrens, Taj Clyde, Khani Ellison, Kayla Green, Carter Heffley, Michael Hunter, Chyna Martinez, Rebecca Mosier, Jessica Sullivan, Anthony Torres, Thomas Duffy, Johann Vianna, Sara Westbrook, Trinity Hardy, and Brooklyn Parks. Other students who mastered their multiplication facts but not pictured are Anthony Borno and Amira Castillo. These students were motivated to work hard and had a great support from home to make this possible. Whether it was listening to multiplication raps, playing around the world, or drill and practice these students made the effort.