Mosaic Digital Academy students learn physics at the golf course

Mosaic Digital Academy’s first STEM field experience proved to be a very STEM-ulating day on the golf course. Mosaic students and teachers met at the PGA Golf Training Center in Port St. Lucie to learn the basics of physics and how this science discipline relates to the real-world skills needed in the sport of golf. Steve Shotola, St. Lucie School District Science Curriculum Supervisor, kicked off the day with participants in the computer lab to demonstrate how gravity affects acceleration, free fall, projectile motion, and relative motion. Then it was onto the golf course to put this learning into practical terms. Students learned the basics of golf, while Mark Drenga, the technology specialist/golf instructor, helped make the connections between the basic physics they learned in the classroom to the skills needed in the sport. Students left from this experience with a new interest in the sport of golf, but more importantly, they now have a foundation in physics! STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These four disciplines are vital in contributing to success in post-secondary institutions and businesses. Most jobs will require at least basic STEM skills. Students who are exposed to STEM field experiences can learn to be problem solvers, innovators, inventors, and logical thinkers. Mosaic’s goal is to provide STEM-infused field experiences for our students throughout their education with us to ensure they have every opportunity to excel in these four disciplines. Pictured is eighth grade Mosaic student Thomas Nikakis.