Veterans pay a special visit to Windmill Point Elementary

It was another fun-filled, Kids at Hope day at Windmill Point Elementary as students welcomed local veterans to celebrate Veterans Day with students and staff. The special day began with a warm and enthusiastic tunnel that honored the veterans. They were truly touched by the decorated main hall and the many students waving flags and posters thanking them for their service. The special guests visited every class and spoke about the meaning of freedom and their experiences in the military. Students learned just how fortunate it is to live in a country in which freedom is valued and how the veterans have allowed … Read More

Windmill Point art students use their science skills

Mrs. Miller’s 5th grade art students discovered the Elements of Art using science observation skills.  Each pair of students were given a hand lens and set of leaves and asked questions that they then answered using their senses and observation skills.  Using team work, they then compared their observations and charted them to help the students understand the elements found in all art.  Shown in the photo is Cassandra Lembo.

Windmill Point welcomes back students with Tunnel of Hope!

Students at Windmill Point Elementary were welcomed back to school with a Tunnel of Hope by our community, staff and parents!  We are proud to be a Kids at Hope school and believe that ALL children are indeed, capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS! Pictured are Daniel Solorzano, 5th grader, and Isabella Solorzano, 3rd grader.

Windmill Point students enjoy Kids at Hope Day

Windmill Point Elementary celebrated its first school-wide Kids at Hope Day recently. The day centered on mental time traveling, which involved exploring students’ future life in the following four destinations: career and education, home and family, hobbies and recreation, and community service. Many thanks go to St. Lucie County School Board member Carol Hilson, pictured, who spoke to fourth grade students, not only about her career choices, but also about believing in oneself and setting goals to reach one’s dreams, and to all of the guest parent and community speakers. Windmill Point Elementary students, staff, and parents believe the Kids … Read More

Two Windmill Point students earn awards in DAR contest

Students in Caryol-Lynn Hallahan’s second grade class at Windmill Point Elementary participated in the National Society DAR Junior American Citizens contest. This year’s theme was “Invest in America’s Future.” The students were able to create a poster or write a short story depicting the theme. The local Cora Stockney Harper Chapter submitted two entries for judging by the state organization, and Efrain Pellot’s entry received a second place award for his short story from the Florida State Society and Anthony Phillip’s entry received a third place award for his poster category from the state. Pictured are Efrain, left, and Anthony.

Windmill Point students enjoy field day

Fifth grade students at Windmill Point Elementary School recently enjoyed competing in the events at Field Day. Spirits were high along with the competition. Students remarked that they have a “blast” at Field Day, which shows students how much fun physical activities can be working together. Pictured are Joey Cerbone, left, and Peyton Mertz demonstrating teamwork is the key to success!!

Windmill Point students visit St. Augustine

Students from from Nikki Rodriguez’s class at Windmill Point Elementary School listen intently to their guide during a recent trip to St. Augustine. Windmill Point’s fourth grade classes went to St. Augustine to deepen their knowledge about Florida history. They visited the Castillo de San Marcos, the Old Jail Museum, the Old Store Museum, and went on a narrated trolley ride around the Oldest City.

Windmill Point students use comic strips for Young Authors books

Students in Kelita Singleton’s third grade class at Windmill Point Elementary created their own comic strip “storyboard” to help them sequence and summarize information for their Young Author’s book. In addition, the students utilize the comic strips to determine appropriate transitional words to enhance their stories. Pictured, from left, are Adrian Colon Coss, Meraaz Mahmud and Marlee Wells.

Windmill Point students work with shapes

Students in Jackie Davis’s second grade class at Windmill Point Elementary enjoyed collaborating with their peers in making a tree map on two-D and three-D shapes. Pictured are Rusty Nersesian, right, and Elijah Johnson enjoying learning about shapes and their different attributes.

Windmill Point students learn about energy

Fourth graders in Joanna Toto’s class at Windmill Point Elementary School are learning about energy. As they progress through the unit, they are creating an “Energy Flip Book” with all of the information they are learning about mechanical, sound, electrical, light, solar, heat and thermal energy. It is a great reference tool while giving the students a hands-on activity they can use in the future. Pictured, from left, are Andre Gomes-Lopez and Donald Harris.

“Gallon pals” arrive at Windmill Point!

Windmill Point Elementary second graders in Caryol-Lynn Hallahan’s class created their own “gallon pals” to help them learn capacity and equivalents in math. Each student made their own pal beginning with a gallon body, accompanied by quart arms and legs, pint hands and feet, and cup fingers and toes to help them visualize how our customary system of measurement works. Pictured are Efrain Pellot and Christopher Skrabak.

Windmill Point students learn about money through circle maps

The students in Erin Cook’s and Melissa Lucrezia’s second grade classes at Windmill Pointe Elementary synergize as they create a circle map. The students’ learning goal to will understand money. Through Common Core curriculum, students are required to show a deep understanding of money. The students are showing all the different ways to make 88 cents through different coin combinations. Pictured are Dylan Charan, left, and Elijah Steckler.

Windmill Point students celebrate Black History Month

First grade students at Windmill Point Elementary enjoyed a Black History presentation. Students participated in African American dance, listened to African folktales, and got up close and personal with artifacts brought from Africa. As students listened to a poem about famous African Americans, they got a feel for what their daily life would be like without inventions created by many of those influential people. Pictured are students in Allison Weicheck’s class as they explore the African wood artifacts.

Windmill Point kindergartners explore shapes

Students in Carmela Innamorato’s kindergarten class at Windmill Point are exploring 3-dimensional shapes in their math class. Pictured, from left, Maria Suarez and Brennen Rausch couldn’t wait to enhance their learning about three-dimensional shapes by using marshmallows and pretzel sticks to compose real world objects.

Windmill Point students have fun while developing skills

Windmill Point Elementary students in Sherry Spires’ physical education classes are having fun while engaging in exciting, individual and dual manipulative skills development. The development of these skills prepares students for an introduction to team sports activities.

Windmill Point kindergartners learn while enjoying a snack

Students in Carmela Innamorato’s kindergarten class at Windmill Point had a delectable time learning about the night sky! Students used Oreos as they explored how the stars and moon are in the night sky. The cookies helped students to see why the phases of the moon make the moon look different each night. Pictured, from left, are Zavant Scott-McEwan and Donovan Tripodi.

Windmill Point students enjoy a boating field trip

Windmill Point fifth grade students investigated the St. Lucie River’s ecosystem on the River Lilly Eco Boat Cruise. They enjoyed seeing the river that is so wild it was used in the James Bond film “Moonraker” to represent a tributary of the Amazon. It is on the same waters used by early settlers and Native Americans. Pictured are students from Laura Young’s class who enjoyed seeing alligators, turtles and lots of native birds.

Windmill Point students practice writing skills

Students in Jeannine Lockart’s fourth grade class at Windmill Point Elementary are eager to learn new writing strategies and improve their writing. Pictured, from left, are Lauren Bishop, Jazmym Figueroa, Madison Koza, and Sadie Richmond who are working cooperatively to peer edit and practice writing strategies as they strengthen their skills.

Windmill Point kindergartners celebrate 100 days

Windmill Point Elementary kindergartners enjoyed their 100th day of school with special learning activities!  Emili Jones, pictured, left, and Zavant Scott McEwan, students from Carmela Innamorato’s class, are using their mathematical skills — and Fruit Loops — to complete their 100th day of school assignment.  All of the students thoroughly enjoyed this special day!

Windmill Point students enjoy special visit from a furry friend

Windmill Point students in Dan Butts’ and Sherri Neri’s classes were treated to a visit from Mr. Neri and his dog, Princess. Fifth grade students have been studying plant and animal adaptations. Princess is a Siberian Huskie and Malmute mix. Mr. Neri explained how Princess has adapted to life in Florida. She has less thickness of hair because it doesn’t get as cold here. She loses hair but not as much as if she was up north. One of the children asked how she dealt with the heat, and Mr. Neri laughed and said the same as we do — she … Read More