Riverside Community Theatre Presents to Floresta Elementary for PBIS

On May 8, as part of Floresta Elementary’s Positive Behavior Intervention Support Program, Riverside Community Theatre presented to all grade 2-5 students, the performance entitled “The Wolf and Its Shadows.” Based on Aesop’s fable “The Dog and the Wolf,” the play weaves together stories about wolves, dogs, and humans, and includes tales from Russian, Tlingit, English, Inuit and German folklore. The message, according to some students was, “Don’t be influenced by the opinions of others.” For other students, the message was, “Freedom is worth more than being served as royalty.”   Alexandria Howlett stated that she liked the play and thought … Read More

Magician Mesmerizes the Students of Floresta

Students at Floresta Elementary were truly awestruck by the captivating and mesmerizing tricks performed by the Magician Jamie Porter as part of the school’s Positive Behavior Intervention & Support. Students were charged 15 Dolphin Dollars to participate in the magic show which was held in the school’s cafeteria, on Friday, May 17. The magician performed amazing card tricks and tricks with bags and ribbons that boggled students’ minds.  Some students described the event as entertaining and exciting, while others said that the magician was very funny.  All in all, the magic show was a refreshing and delightful experience for the students at Floresta Elementary School. Written by Norda Clarke and Suzanne … Read More

Floresta Students Participate in Annual Field Day

It’s that time of year again! Field day at Floresta Elementary kicked off on Monday, May 12, 2014. Students from all grades participated in a half-day of friendly, yet challenging competitions. The fourth grade students participated in eight events consisting of baton-relay racing, scooter relays, basketball-dribbling relays, paired beach ball relay, sponge relay, tug-of-war, and 50-yard dash. The competition was friendly and hard fought with Mrs. Diaz edging out Mrs. Clarke, Ms. Pagliughi, and Mrs. Burkett. Many parents were in attendance to support their child’s class and to celebrate good sportsmanship. Our very thoughtful and supportive Floresta Elementary PTO provided a … Read More

Riverside Theatre Entertains the Students of Floresta

On May 8, as part of Floresta Elementary’s Positive Behavior Intervention Support Program, Riverside Community Theatre presented to all grade 2-5 students, the performance entitled “The Wolf and It’s Shadows.” Based on Aesop’s fable “The Dog and the Wolf,” the play weaves together stories about wolves, dogs, and humans, and includes tales from Russian, Tlingit, English, Inuit and German folklore. The message, according to some students was, “Don’t be influenced by the opinions of others.” For other students, the message was, “Freedom is worth more than being served as royalty.”   Alexandria Howlett stated that she liked the play and thought … Read More

Floresta Students Participate in Tunnel of Encouragement

On Friday, April 11, students at Floresta Elementary participated in their annual Tunnel of Encouragement.  Students in grades K-2 formed the tunnel, and waved balloons, banners, and pompoms, while chanting “Do Your Best on The Test,” as students in grades 3-5 filed into the cafeteria.  Once in the cafeteria, students received insightful and inspiring words from Principal, Ms. Floyd and Assistant Principal, Mrs. Menikheim.  Third grade teachers performed a skit incorporating test taking tips and a motivational song.  Fourth grade teachers shared words of advice and encouragement, followed by a video collage of students hard at work taken over the … Read More

Floresta Elementary families enjoy Math Night

Floresta Elementary School recently hosted Family Math Nights. Kindergarten through second grade and third grade through fifth grade students and parents attended two special presentations explaining the new Common Core State Standards along with an overview of what students are expected to become fluent in with regards to mathematics. Parents and students participated in math tutorials that included double-digit multiplication using partial product and long division using partial quotient. Parents learned math games to use at home with their students as well as tricks and tips on how to talk with their children about math. Family Math Night at Floresta … Read More

Floresta Elementary student wins cabbage growing contest

Congratulations to Floresta Elementary fourth grade student Dominic Kelly in Suzanne Diaz’s class, who was selected as the state of Florida winner in Bonnie’s Plants’ cabbage growing contest program. In a surprise assembly to recognize Dominic for his mammoth 38 lb cabbage, Erica Der, the Education Liaison from the Department of Agriculture presented Dominic with a certificate from the State of Florida. Jonathan Shepherd, representative for Bonnie’s Plants, presented Dominic with a $1,000 savings bond, which could double by maturity to be worth nearly $2,000. Bonnie’s Plants has sponsored the contest for the last 15 years for any third grade teacher who … Read More

Floresta Elementary School teachers train for enhancing student achievment

Floresta Elementary School teachers kicked off the New Year by participating in a full day of Professional Development. Teachers worked together in grade group teams to develop and map out engaging and focused plans designed to further support student achievement on upcoming assessments. Fourth grade teachers created a specific plan to individualize their writing instruction, targeting specific student needs with creative activities and real world writing opportunities. All grade levels, K-5, worked together in the core subject areas of reading, writing, math, and science. As we enter the second half of the school year with renewed enthusiasm and collaborative spirit, we are … Read More

Floresta Elementary thespians delight audience with holiday musical

“Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus!” proclaimed the students at Floresta Elementary School during their winter musical. The cast of “Yes Virginia” put on a spectacular performance for parents, teachers, and community members before the winter break. The cast, comprised of fourth, fifth and one first grade students were hard at work since early September preparing for vocal and speaking auditions and learn their lines, songs and dances to put on the show.  It was clear that Floresta Elementary has some very talented singers and actors. Thanks to a very generous gift of $1,000.00 from Macy’s, school staff was able … Read More

Floresta Elementary collects food for local families

Students, faculty, and staff at Floresta Elementary School recently pulled together for a worthwhile cause — to collect and distribute food and related items to local needy families. Pictured are members of the student council, who performed the groundwork necessary to collect the donations each morning for two weeks prior to Thanksgiving. A great deal of appreciation is due these students, and the families, faculty and staff who contributed through donations or effort. Written by Suzanne Diaz.

Floresta Elementary top earner for Bowl for Kids’ Sake

Floresta Elementary School took top honors this year as the school that collected the most donations for the 2013 Bowl for Kids Sake event held in September. Floresta Elementary raised $1,775.00 this year, made possible through the concerted efforts of individuals who are passionate about a cause. Bowl for Kids’ Sake is the nation’s largest bowling event that raises critical funds to support the mentoring relationships of Big Brothers, Big Sisters (BBBS). Floresta Elementary School has stood strong in its commitment to be a part of the important work BBBS continues to do for children in the area. Over the last ten years, … Read More

Floresta Elementary students participate in character education program

Students at Floresta Elementary School recently participated in a 45 minute character education assembly. The NED show, a motivational program, promotes building a positive attitude and encourages students to support others and to never give up as they strive to always do their best. The show was presented in an engaging storytelling format where the guest speaker used a variety of skills and tricks with the yo-yo as a storytelling prop. Students and teachers enjoyed the presentation and students were able to purchase their own yo-yo from a variety of yo-yos for sale after the show. Pictured, left, is student Yerel Alejo … Read More

Floresta Elementary students rally for FCAT

As a motivational kick-off to this year’s FCAT testing, students at Floresta Elementary School participated in the second annual “Tunnel of Encouragement.” Kindergarten through second grade students lined the main hallway, holding up colorful pom poms and creative signs and posters, while heartily chanting “Do your best on the test!” Students in third through fifth grade filed past this positive and energizing tribute from the younger students, to the cafetorium where they were provided inspiring words of encouragement from Principal Iseman, Assistant Principal Menikheim, and a very special video guest from the Miami Heat. It was an exciting event especially … Read More

Sheriff’s detectives provide internet safety guidance to Floresta Elementary parents

St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office detectives spoke to parents at Floresta Elementary School recently about internet safety. Risky internet decisions while utilizing social media include socializing, downloading, posting photos, music, and games were discussed. Parents were made aware of the dangers of unknown friending, posting personal information, embarrassing or harassing people, sending provocative images, sharing passwords, or clicking on pop-ups. Attendees were shown a presentation and videos focusing on internet safety. Warning signs include receiving gifts, making calls to unknown numbers, turning away from friends and family, or exhibiting extreme emotional behavior when they have no access to the internet. … Read More

Floresta Elementary hosts first CSI Night

Floresta Elementary School recently hosted its first CSI night to help solve the riddle of who removed the ice cream freezer from the cafeteria. Throughout the week prior to the event, students were informed of the curious incident, and were given information each day on the morning announcements. This information allowed them to formulate a hypothesis regarding who would do such a thing, and why. The suspects were coach Adam Schwimer, music teacher Jaclyn Kraus, media specialist Gerri Wills, media clerk Cemera Clancy, and custodial services’ Doug Abbhul. Pictured, from left, are Jaclyn Kraus, Adam Schwimer, Doug Abbuhl, Cemera Clancy, … Read More

Floresta Elementary tutoring program aligns with student interests

Floresta’s after-school tutorial clubs are off to a great start, thanks to the organized and creative leadership of media teacher Geraldine Wills and math coach Vicki Pease. They have put together a wide variety of project-based learning opportunities that align with students’ interests and state standards, and in some cases, provide students opportunities to experience new and different interests. Since students are expected to begin making career choices as early as middle school, what better way to help them make the right choices than to introduce them to career fields and “hands on” experiences in areas not previously explored. Students … Read More

Floresta Elementary hosts family night

Floresta Elementary hosted its Title I Family Night “Bingo for Books” recently in the school’s cafeteria. Parents and students who arrived early were awarded two free bingo cards and a free snack ticket, and additional bingo cards were available for purchase throughout the evening, and Floresta’s very supportive PTO provided snacks for a small fee. Distinguished guest and official caller was Superintendent Michael Lannon. Winners were awarded prizes of books and a variety of other educational materials. For a portion of the evening, fourth grade teachers Elish Mancuso and Sandy Pagliughi presented important information to families about the upcoming FCAT Writes writing … Read More

Floresta Elementary student sets up charitable web site

Floresta Elementary School second grade student Jaime Rosenberg took to heart the spirit of giving this holiday season. As she wrote her yearly letter to Santa, she included some of her own money with a request for it to be sent to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. But her efforts didn’t stop there. With the help of her mom, she created a website to invite her family and friends to contribute to the American Red Cross directly. Her website has reached over $500 in online donations to date!  In an effort to assist her with her idea, Floresta Elementary students and staff … Read More

Floresta Elementary hosts a successful Family Learning Night

Floresta Elementary School recently hosted its monthly Title I Family Learning Night. November’s focus was on FCAT testing, and how families can help support their child’s success on this important test. While parents spent time in the school’s Media Center, children were given opportunities to read and discuss literature, and answer a variety of questions relating to reading, math, and science. For each correct response, students earned a token, which they could use to compete against others in a friendly game of cards. Dealers at each card table kept track of the winnings, and provided each winner a gift bag … Read More