Riverside Community Theatre Presents to Floresta Elementary for PBIS

On May 8, as part of Floresta Elementary’s Positive Behavior Intervention Support Program, Riverside Community Theatre presented to all grade 2-5 students, the performance entitled “The Wolf and Its Shadows.” Based on Aesop’s fable “The Dog and the Wolf,” the play weaves together stories about wolves, dogs, and humans, and includes tales from Russian, Tlingit, English, Inuit and German folklore. The message, according to some students was, “Don’t be influenced by the opinions of others.” For other students, the message was, “Freedom is worth more than being served as royalty.”   Alexandria Howlett stated that she liked the play and thought that while it was funny at times, it had an important message. Seth Excellent said it was entertaining, hilarious, and he hopes to see more plays like that one performed at the school. Alanzandria Delphin feels that it was a very worthwhile event. True to their mission, the Riverside Community Theatre remains steadfast in their commitment to providing a total theatre arts experience that entertains, challenges, and educates both adults and children.

Written by Suzanne Diaz