Floresta Students Participate in Annual Field Day

It’s that time of year again! Field day at Floresta Elementary kicked off on Monday, May 12, 2014. Students from all grades participated in a half-day of friendly, yet challenging competitions. The fourth grade students participated in eight events consisting of baton-relay racing, scooter relays, basketball-dribbling relays, paired beach ball relay, sponge relay, tug-of-war, and 50-yard dash. The competition was friendly and hard fought with Mrs. Diaz edging out Mrs. Clarke, Ms. Pagliughi, and Mrs. Burkett. Many parents were in attendance to support their child’s class and to celebrate good sportsmanship. Our very thoughtful and supportive Floresta Elementary PTO provided a variety of icy cold refreshments.

Similar field days were held for other grade levels. The grade level champions were:

1st grade – Miss Browning’s class

2nd grade – Mrs. Gray’s class

3rd grade – Mrs. Moore

4th grade – Mrs. Diaz

5th grade – Mr. Lehman


Written by Sandy Pagliughi and Suzanne Diaz

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Gilooly